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Morbid question
« on: November 21, 2018, 05:34:47 PM »
Hello everyone,
 I have this session saved on my computer since 2006.
Now, as the cataclysm is approaching, I would like to share with the forum.
The question is:

 Monjoronson – Model for Sustainability – Dec. 17, 2006 - NOCO 95
 Northern Colorado Teaching Mission, #95
 Boulder, Colorado
 Teacher: Monjoronson
 TR: Daniel Raphael
 December 17, 2006
 Student: This is a rather morbid question, but one that I feel we need to have a plan for. When the huge decimation comes, what will be the best way to dispose of the bodies in order to prevent further spread of disease? All methods currently practiced on our world would have drawbacks when dealing with billions of bodies, even if all methods were employed?

MONJORONSON: You will use many methods for the disposal of bodies, but the sheer magnitude of this problem, will make it difficult, if not impossible, to reclaim all the deceased by those who remain. Moreover, it would be advisable for those who remain, to protect themselves from infection, or from whatever physical cataclysm may be about. If these cannot be collected within a few days, it would be best to leave them, to let the elements of time and air and ultra-violet rays, if available, clean these bodies where they lie. Yes, there will literally be hundreds of thousands, if not millions, who will remain in their homes where they come to rest. This will make the era after the cataclysm most difficult for those who remain. They will see themselves as scavengers, as vultures, as thieves of the deceased, and truly, this is not the case, for their souls have gone on to reconstruction in the halls of resurrection.
 Your question is an earnest one, and appreciated. It is very similar to us issuing these announcements of the cataclysm that will decimate your planet. We say these things matter-of-factly, without trying to cause any alarm in you, or anyone else. Truly, the question you ask is one that all those who read these transcripts will ask themselves. Your question is appreciated. (Thank you very much. You gave me one option I hadn’t considered.)
 Always, in the future, you will be apprised of the developments of your world, on the physical and the spiritual levels. As well, we provide educational support and services to you, individually, directly, and to the groups of you who meet. You are not forgotten, individually or in the churches where you worship. You are not forgotten in your communities or on your world; you are not forgotten in any aspect. Our efforts are provided to you to become aware, effective, and as you are capable of doing to overcome your fears, and to aid you to diminish the power of ego to aggrandize or injure your true standing in God’s Grand Universe. We wish you to grow to the fullest extent that you are capable, as children of God, as children of Christ Michael, inhabitants who are no longer in quarantine. Good day. (Group gives thanks.)
 The whole session is:
I´m an old member of this forum, but always as a guest; UB student far more than 15 years and assiduous reader of Serara Forum.
Vito Lanfranchi – Sao Paulo – Brazil

Domtia, VitoLan