Author Topic: We just cant get enough!! We just cant thank enough!!  (Read 559 times)

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We just cant get enough!! We just cant thank enough!!
« on: December 09, 2018, 08:32:46 AM »
Dear God, beloved Gods, cherished Deities, and esteemed forum; Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We want to express that we just cant get enough!! We are so trilled and exited by everything that has come our way. We are so greatfull for TUB that came into our lives and all the personalities who were involved in its making. We are delighted and thrilled at the opportunity to get a glimps of the periodic revelation to the book as well as the epocal revelation in some years to come (of course if we have the grace to be around by then!).  We (my wife, daughter and I) have just recently fixed our computer and immidiately starting downloading all the transmitions we could from the archive website. I even heard Ron's voice transmiting a lesson from Rayson on ultimatons!! That made me feel a little closer him even though i have never physically meet him. I am so phyched to be able to hear Jerry Lane's voice as he eloquantly transmits Father Michael, and Mother Spirit Nebadonia who directly introduced me to these new teachings through his book 'The Adventure Of Being Human' (thank you also Byron Belitsos for editing and publishing the work and all your utube conferences!)

Thank you forum for all the lessons you transmit and for all the expiriences and opinions you convey day to day. We feel stuck like glue to these websites and feel becoming more attached day by day to the people and the mission before us. Thank you Steve Gitz for reaching out to welcome us and sharing a part of your expirience trying to share TUB. We too bought a number of books of TUB to give away and only one got read. But hey, one better that none!! 
Thank you Lemuel for the daily dose of love and wisedom we recieve drom you.

Most of all, thank you God for all that is, all we had the opportunity to expirience, and of course all the exitment of all that will be!! Thank you Lords for all the work and dedication you are giving this little blue planet. I even thank the rebellion and all its mishaps for the oportunity to better ourselves as a planet, and as individuals so we can become stronger and more resiliant agondonters to serve our hevenly father and our celestial family in whichever manner is demeed appropriate.

Yours truly,
Andres, Carmin, and Sabina.
Peace be with us all!