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Wait Not To Do Good
« on: January 04, 2019, 11:18:57 AM »
Andromadeus- Wait Not  To Do Good - Larry Gossett  - Florida -  4 January 2019
Speaker: Andromadeus
Subject: Wait Not to Do Good
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida  - 4 January 2019  -  11:15 AM  EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
This is Andromadeus, I am sorry that you lost our first reception for today but no matter we will  continue on just as if it didn’t happen.  You did well in not getting all beside yourself  in anger or any petty annoyance that often comes when these troubles far too prevalently occur.   It was not of your doing and there are those that find a dark fun and amusement in doing this kind of malicious mischief everywhere around this web.    You can rest assured that in the future, this is one of the many problems that will be addressed and resolved for this world.   These hackers are without goodness and without any common decency that many strive to  bring into their way of life.  Just be ready  to move past all of this kind of interference when it happens. And know that their days are numbered and their names and purposes are known and they will be held responsible for the machinations that they cause.    Now enough about that and lets move forward without further ado.
I am Andromadeus, and as many of you know and for those who do not, I hail from the Constellation of Norlatiadek  and from it’s Headaquarter’s Sphere of Edentia.  Recently I have been assigned temporary status for some time as your Planetary Prince and am known as one of The Most Highs.  This Order of the Most Highs has caused some long held confusion on Urantia due to misunderstanding in the early days when your early forefathers of ages long past assigned erroneous ideas and concepts to different appellations of Celestials and Deity Personalities and Beings.   This is not at all uncommon in the early stages of the spiritual evolution and  beginnings of mankind’s approach and discovery in his spiritual quest and search for God.     In your Urantia Book,  Paper 30, listing the Personalities, Beings, and Orders  of the Grand Universe, is, dear readers and member, an education in and of it’self and would, if read and studied, clear up much as to these very long held confusions  about God, Deity,  Beings and Personalities  that make up all life.   As you ascend and as you continually progress in your ascension careers,  many of the names and personalities will slowly but most assuredly  be made better known to all of you.
 So many of you, dear ones, are stuck in that debilitating place of “waiting” and this is not nor should be your posture at this  time.  Yes there are constant changes being made and many of you sit by idle in your thoughts and even more seriously idle in your action rather than take this time to continue reading and study of your Urantia Books.   Jesus demonstrated to each of you and to each who has only the minimum of  knowledge and awareness of His Life and Teachings that as He lived it,  He consecrated  His human life, above all else, to His dedication to the doing of the Father’s Will, exclusiviely… and that he went about DOING GOOD… this is your mandate as well… all of you.  There is never a time when you do not have the opportunity to do good works for the Father.   As the Mantel of Michael is placed upon your shoulders in this great time of thought and action, use this time not in waiting and speculation, not in idle thinking, but in action and doing these good works for the Father.
   As has been stated to you and especially those who are fused and those are are nearing the completion of their circles which  is one of the gateways qualifications and requirements of fusion, many , but not enough are nearing this exalted place of fusions with that gift from the Father of a fragment of the Father Himself.
These fusions with your Thought Adjuster are one of the highest goals to obtain and secure in your long and illustrious journey with Spirit and becoming,  by and through experience,  to that level of becoming a Spirit Being.
You all know this well enough and now is the time to be about the Father’s Business.  I confirm for each of you this day, read, study, review, assess, and let your good thoughts lead into action and service.   You have been given a rare and treasured gift that few on this world have been given and that is this union and fusion with your Thought  Adjuster, this attainment and rare achievement while still on your first life as a human on this your native home world of Urantia.  Do you really understand and accept the glory of such an achievement?
Many times, many of you have stated how much more you learn from rereading your Urantia Book., or rereading the posts and messages that come through those who have the courage to transmit.  How each time a passage is reread, it gives you a deeper understanding, a different view, an enlarged perspective and a more insightful discernment of these lessons and teachings of truth beauty and goodness.   This continued search for truth, this continual doing good and continued reading and reach and search for truth is what not only led you here but which sustains and promote soul growth and gives you the very experience that you were put here to gain.
I am Now your planetary Prince and I bid you to wait not in the wings but get out and take what you are learning and be about your wanting world and do good.  Never has there been such a world that is such need of love and good works.   Speculate not for it is idleness in so doing for the opportunity is here for all of you to seize this time when the people of Urantia are in such need and you carry the ways and means in your desires and choices to be of service.
In Steven’s short reception, was given a very important point and that is that you, each of you are the representatives of the Policies of Spirit.  This is an excellent distinction for you to realize. 
Know as well, there is no significant progress in simply waiting.
I know that some of you here have great aspirations and interest in all that We in Spirit do and propose to do, and I know of your love and affection for Me, as your Most High and now as your Planetary Prince,  especially as it relates to  “ruling in the world of men” as was said  in times long past and that you, and others  have high hopes someday achieving in the field Spiritual Diplomacy that may one day be open to  you as this work comes to all world Governments on Urantia.   And these are admirable goals and ideals to have and share and know that so much is open and waiting for each of you in the Service to the Father.  There are dreams yet to be dreamt that you don’t even know yet that are yours to experience.
I close this wonderful  conversation and opportunity with all of you and thank you for your invitation to join with you.  I know that you hold Me in the highest regard and we shall talk again.   Like all in Spirit, we welcome your invitations to share what we can with you, even when there is so much going on that cannot yet be revealed.   I bid you good day.

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Re: Wait Not To Do Good
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 12:08:01 PM »
Again here, although it seems that there are those who do not like to see the same "authors" appear. I feel privileged to my years, to have been able to learn patience, and because I do not doubt even one iota in those who are leading this portal of exclusive spiritual news, it is much easier for me to wait even though in that wait I spend all my life here on this beloved planet.
It was to thank Larry for that transmission of Andromadeus, our planetary prince who speaks in that direction, why wait to do good always and also Lemuel's message about why we tire by waiting for the future if we can always do good here and now, even with our thoughts and prayers. Pray for the health and success in the work (or works) of Ron who is our indisputable leader in this great company of Love and Light. Thanks