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4th Day of Meetings Contact Commission, York, PA
« on: March 14, 2019, 10:17:44 PM »
4th Day of the Contact Commission. Thursday 14 March 2019, York, PA.
This day is hard to summarize mainly because it was a practice session more than anything to learn how to Chair meetings like this as leaders of other meetings held in the interest of the Contact Commission, or Commissioners, themselves.

We are learning from the spirits of God that since the Contact Commission is not only going to produce periodic and epochal revelation for future publishing, we also represent the functional interests to selected municipal governments as to precisely what plans the Magisterial Mission will foster that will have some effect on the government involved.

These concerns result in two major ways for the Magisterial Mission to reach out to various levels of community government from the State level down to the small village or Borough level, not only in Pennsylvania but with surrounding States and perhaps nationally depending on the need.  The requirement to be able to conduct our own meetings as invitation to communities must also be consider as outreach to the public for educational purposes.  This requires that all members of the Contact Commission be capable of production of business like meetings with or without the Robert's Rules of Order  is essential.

Today's meeting at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, used the exchange of moving the chairmanship to various members of the Commission and to actually run the Commission meeting up to one hour with divine instructions to do that.  I must say every member who was trialed with that assignment surprised me as to how well they did with really good natural talent to do it and transmitted some instructions to the group I learned from as well.

In addition to these sessions for future uses of Contact Commission members how to learn to chair a meeting, we used the time as well to learn who was going to fill what position to get the Magisterial Mission move in actual walk in offices in York.  further, it was revealed today to the Commission which members will take charge of what function for human participation in the Magisterial Mission.  Briefly, it was provisionally shown that:

Steven Gitz will be chief of the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation, and act as co-chair inside the Rayson Corporation for human assignments to the factory that will fabricate new machine with new technologies for world use of clean water and sewage plant building and output; t o provide machinery for the technologies of air transportation and fuels for the use of non carbon fuels to power their engines.  Seven Gits is a high powered graduate of the Louisiana college system as a nontechnical engineer as well as an entrepreneur in various self-employed businesses, providing him an excellent resume to take this on for the Magisterial Son, Rayson.

Larry Gossett is provisionally assigned to work in the office of Social Responsibility and Issues and is well known to the Magisterial Sons to provide solutions disagreements both in the work place in the political issues of the day.  His work is headquartered in York but he will be used to represent the Magisterial Mission in other countries as well on the same problems we face here in the States.

Ron Besser is potentially going to be used for national government offices on the Federal level and will head some diplomatic representations to heads of governments on issues of Magisterial Programs on debt reduction and reissuing their Reserve Banks to reopen without debt as a gift of the Magisterial Missions toward a world currency.  I am also to be involved with the other Commissioners in providing at least one more book the will presage the Sixth Epoch Revelation to the world,

In addition to all of the work done today, Michael of Nebadon has promised that our physical office building will be operational at least by May 5, 2019.  That is less than two months from now ladies and gentlemen.

Resources. (i.e. money and other value object finds such as gold reserves) will be available through Magisterial Foundation, which I may draw upon for these functional actions is now available for check cashing shortly.  This release of money to come  will probably allow the transfer the personnel around distant places to York for assignments to the functional offices noted above for each of the Commission members who head them.

I was appointed to be the Chief of Staff to the Magisterial Sons of Serara and Monjoronson, and elected to remain Chairman of the Contact Commission and to serve at the final pleasure of Michael of Nebadon.  In practical terms that means I am human resources chief and deal with every individual to be hired as staff members in the York offices of the Magisterial Mission.

Readers must realize I cannot hold that title forever since the employment figure for York alone is estimated to be four to five hundred people (humans) on the payroll to manufacture machines and engines in the Pre-Particle plant, and world wide in about ten years (a decade) to be about 14,000 employees in Europe, the United States and Canada.  Eventually employees will number, easily, over 100,000--  if we can find that many as the world will slip into rebellion in places and in other case have a catastrophic weather change and it remains a prediction that the tectonic plates will buckle in places and the jet stream will deviate in places creating deserts where once crops easily grew.

Thank you.

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Re: 4th Day of Meetings Contact Commission, York, PA
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2019, 06:02:54 PM »
Greetings Mr. Contact Commission Chairman, I am in a celebratory mood as I  read the 4th day update. I thank you kindly for these updates and ask that you continue to do so. The value is immense as we stand at the threshold of the MM doors opening to human eyes in May 2019.

On a personal level, I am doing further studies on the outworking of the MM towards the early stages of stability and sustainability from micro to macro. Much work ahead. Wendy