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Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:15:33 PM »
Truly volumes of medical science revelation, as well as other humanitarian science unknown to man has been received by Ron, transmitted by the likes of Rayson, Magisiterial Son and Science Officer for Urantia , and Dr. Mendoza, and Dr. Edgar Cayce on Mansions World 4, and Others.   So much medical revelations has been given it's enough to write a book -- make that two books (Ron).  Why?  Because They are caring personalities, and it's time.  It is needed now on Urantia.  I think there is a point of diminishing returns on Urantia and Spirit knows when needs to step in..  Take, for example, Autism.  I recall not too many years ago the incident of an autistic children birthed was 1 in 38.  As bad as that was, today it is 1 in 14 or something like that.  We are told by Spirit by 2020 the number may well be 1 in 6.  Another example is this:  There are 38 million humans on Urantia infected with the H.I.V. virus and last year 1.1 million people died from that disease.  Now we are being told by Spirit that a new round of AIDS cases is about to begin around the world starting in Africa. Sometimes Spirit needs to step in because They care too much to lose so many, especially the young.

Yes, Spirit's caring does speak volumes.  But I would like speak to a single word of medical advise that I was given at our third day of the Commissioner's meetings in March, just two weeks ago.  It was on March 13, I believe, when Ron was transmitting from Michael of Nebadon some of the medical needs that Michael needed to address with and about Ron.  One of the minor issues that was brought up included the fact that Ron had a leaky artery.  I remember thinking with all the medical problems Ron has, now this? And then Ron turned his head to me and said that Michael is telling him that I too have a leaky artery.  Ron described to me that it was in my neck and at the position about 2 inches below my right earlobe.  I put my finger on that spot and Michael said that I had my finger right on it.  He recommended I get a heat compress and apply it to that spot for a duration of 15 minutes for 5 days.  Well, after the meeting for the day concluded, Dominick and I drove to a drugstore and I bought a heat compress and followed the instructions for the 5 days, which ended on the last day of the meetings.  When I got home I wondered, "How will I know if the "skin" had grown around the leak and sealed it?  I got my answer a few days ago when I noticed that the underside of my right arm was red and somewhat bruised from almost the wrist to the elbow.  I new that that was where the blood had settled because years ago I had a stent put in a blocked up artery and the cardiologist went in to repair it from the groin area. That night in the hospital I had some leaky complications and the same thing happened, when the leaky blood settled in the lower area of my right thigh, and all the way down to my right ankle and foot.  That took a month or more to finally dissolve.  This recent episode was a lessened leak and every day my right arm is fading with the discoloration and almost completely gone. 

I tell you this story because I wanted to share my thanks to Michael of Nebadon with all of you.  All of us can be thankful that He IS the way, the truth and the life.  Pause...


"Steven, it shows you the power of transmission. and receiving. You were with Ron and the medical message to you was made easy by the abilities that Ron has.  But know that you all have these abilities to receive Our transmissions, especially now and in the times soon to come.  It is imperative that you, in particular, Steven, practice often each day.  The Commissioners as well as all the members on the discussion forum must know that We are with you almost anytime you call.  The problem for you, Steven, is that you look to Ron and others to transmit the latest news, advise, and revelation.  Soon the times to rely on others will cease.  To save your life you would obey the signs, wouldn't you?  Mother Spirit and I wish you and everyone the very best."

Thank you, Michael for both the health you have given me and the strong advise to obey the signs.  Thanks for caring so much. 


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Re: Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2019, 06:01:32 AM »
According to a recent article, on the 14th March 2019,  it seems that ‘‘ after a second case of full remission from HIV was recorded last week, worldwide hope for a cure for the disease was rekindled ’’, but that same article adds that ‘‘ the complexity of this breakthrough – which involved bone marrow transplant rather than medication – calls for restraint in the hope for a generalised cure to this deadly virus which still kills a million people a year worldwide ’’ It is also specified that the second remission, referred to as the « London patient » comes ten years after the first confirmed one, the « Berlin patient ». Yes, it is time to publish Ron’s book about this epidemic disease, which I am sure will blow out the science realm. The time is NOW. Domtia
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Re: Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2019, 06:49:43 PM »
Thank you for sharing this with us!!  It is most encouraging to see their love for us in action.

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Re: Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« Reply #3 on: June 30, 2019, 07:32:35 PM »
THANK YOU RAZ.  Members may now safely contemplate this thread as it should be.  Ron Besser
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