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« on: March 28, 2019, 02:14:54 PM »
This is what I received in my e-mail box this morning, which I just want to share with you, without the intention to start a discussion, but only to savour the idea of ‘imagining’, eventhough there are some points that may seem ambivalent. All in all, the image is attractive in certain aspects, particularly the one where it is mentioned to imagine ‘Revelations distributed through music, plays, television programs and full length movies as well as print media in all languages to all of humanity’. I like to imagine its concretization, don’t you ? Domtia
Imagine the Revelations of how we are to heal and find our way home to our Heavenly Parents have now been given to us by High Level Spirits.
Imagine the major errors and omissions within the New Testament of the Bible are addressed and revealed.
Imagine feeling healing with Divine Love is the way of life and pathway to Paradise – to our Heavenly Mother and Father.
Imagine by living true to ourself, true to out feelings, we are living true to God. It’s that simple.
Imagine living by the Golden Rule : that one must always honour another’s will as one honours one’s own.
Imagine women came to understand their True Libération is through the Truth of their feelings.
Imagine that our Healing is through our longing to know the truth behind our feelings, both good and bad ; and then express that to a friend !
Imagine we each have two Nature Spirits, two Angels, two Spirit Guides, one Indwelling Spirit of God and the Spirits of Truth who are personally involved with us at all times.
Imagine feeling healing (with Divine Love being Soul Healing) opening-up the opportunity to personally interact with our very own Nature Spirits.
Imagine feeling healing with Divine Love opening-up the opportunity to interact with our very own Celestial Spirit Guides.
Imagine parents understood they were to encourage their children themselves, never denying their child the freedom to express all of their feelings.
Imagine if parents began to understand that we cause all the issues in our childdren through childhood répression and suppression.
Imagine society understands parents cause a child’s illness even in embryo.
Imagine a society that began to engage in feeling healing and parents were bringing-up children free of the imposts of their own injuries.
Imagine if we were allowed to fully express our true personality.
Imagine people communicating with each other again !
Imagine humanity living feelings first and embracing feeling healing.
Imagine that humanity understood what the Rebellion and Default did to us !
Imagine if all levels of control, that we are subjected to, recognised they are all doing the begging of the Evil Ones – Lucifer and his partners.
Imagine parents, education systems, religious institutions, employers and governments relinguished their controlling ways and dictates.
Imagine the world’s scientists whole heartedly began to live through their feelings – break throughs would occur daily ! (Imagine all the crap they would have to get rid of and admit to !)
Imagine through engaging your soul based feelings that nothing is hidden !
Imagine children being conceived to parents who are free from childhood suppression and répression.
Imagine if students were able to determine what they actually wanted to learn.
Imagine a health system that recognised the underlying cause of all illness is childhood suppression and répression.
Imagine – believe it or not – Feeling Healing is a cost free health process !
Imagine we can commence our Feeling Healing even while in junior school.
Imagine bottom up democracy where no one is disenfranchised and people elect true professional representation and may directly frame and pass legislation.
Imagine a judicial system that is free to engage in Feeling Healing in its deliberations of truth and remedies
Imagine that we begin to recognise and accept that our true heritage is our Heavenly Mother and Father and is not our family line going back many generations – we are Their children !
Imagine that the resources to conduct war were aligned for the benefit of all humanity and nature.
Imagine if the Zionists were forced to surrender their financial claims or pay income tax like everyone else.
Imagine this will be the commencement of rebuilding the global financial structures.
Imagine that we recognise our true life partner is our soulmate who is always of the opposite sex and we can only come to recognise our soulmate once we have fully healed ouselves
Imagine that the Revelations and the ending of the Rebellion and Default are distributed through music, plays, television programs and full length movies as well as the print media in all languages to all of humanity.
Imagine when all the aspects of the Change come into play that not one facet of our life will continue in the manner we have grown accustomed to !
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.