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Machiventa Melchizedek speaks To the Need of Human Help
« on: March 29, 2019, 05:30:29 pm »
Machiventa Melchizedek speaks To the Need of Human Help

March 29, 2019 at York, PA

"I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and I report to all of you that Ron's work on Urantia is now considered near bestowal son status as a human only.  He has shown us how well he can do even when frightfully ill and refuses to give into harassment and solid useless care by the Local Universe.  I amend that to say the useless care of Paradise as Michael made Nebadon the center of attention until we got Ron trained to handle all of this so well.  He is well organized and well treated and well attended and that is his to find out shortly.  You Ron are not alone in any of this and your bank work was hilarious with a new employee who knew nothing about how to open accounts and walked away with no errors and you are delighted how easy she made it to do.  Even Brian who left the bank would have been proud of her getting through the complexities of opening two business accounts the same day the same hour.  I am the Evening Star reporting:

An EVENING STAR, GILFRADA -   "We attended the work Wednesday afternoon when Ron walked into the Citizens Bank and requested to open two new business accounts.  Heather was there to help and it was her second day to do this kind of work she had never done before.  She saw Ron and groaned inside as she expected showers of problems from a man in a rumpled jacked and blue denim jeans and worried if he was competent.  She soon learned he was fun to work with and he let her do all the learning she had to to bring the accounts on line on the on line banking he maintains with the bank.  She learned to laugh about being slow, learned to laugh about some of the questions the bank wants you to answer to do that kind of account, and laughed heartily when Ron told her he had no idea what to call the accounts if he told her the truth as to their operation.  She pestered him and he told her what they were for and she laughed with him believing him to be joking, as Ron is now used to telling the truth and getting a patronizing smile from the server and we go on from that.

"Ron was unaware that an Evening Star was present, and so was Michael and Lanaforge, and several others not revealed on Urantia.  But he noticed that the entire matter went off so smoothy he wrote out checks to make sure he was ready to deposit into those accounts.  IN about ten minutes she came back all ready again; she asked him if he was going to deposit anything into accounts and Ron handed her two checks bound together all made out for deposit.  She is not used to that kind of service and promptly mixed the temporary checks up so badly he had to work an hour at home to figure out which checks went with which account.  Now the point of all this is, the bank clerk cleared her desk of this work and was ready to go home, when a grey haired gentleman entered the bank and asked to see Heather and she did not recognize the gentleman.  He said to her, 'you did well today and we wish you success in the future and I need to open an account to.  She blushed and said okay and he disappeared.  That was not Mantutia but Machiventa Melchizedek who laughed with her when he was suddenly gone and she thinks she hallucinated the whole thing, but she did not.

"Now this shows to tell you how Ron operates.  He gives freely and makes no amends for his work to others, and today the same thing happened at the bank and we now have a business account at the bank I signed to use to purchase funds for Ron when he needs to transfer funds to his accounts on my authorization.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek and we will see to it that this young officer of the court will be attended to well, as he is ready to serve regardless of staff position and any other position required to get this thing done and I have never seen a human do that before ever.  I recommend to Michael that we have him as a Melchizedek worker some day in the Local Universe and he is delighted.   I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am getting from Ron a transmitted mental picture of a Christmas tree dressed in black with a toy train running underneath it and Ron opening presents under it.  Now this:

"The Melchizedeks are ready to propose to Michael that Ron Besser be accorded some instrumentation to show junior Melchizedek authority.  I am sure we are going to be busy around him as he asked for one possible teaching tool and that is the floating pencil or pen.  He is getting it yes and a few other tricks of the trade to show smart ass students how powerful God is.  We also see Ron making inroads into the medical profession, and he will be honored as a guest at the highest levels when it comes clear he does have a good vaccine to clear the AIDS vaccine out of the bodies of certain AIDS victims and that book will not molder much longer Ron as you do has some feed back on the way and it is judiciously and caring and must be reprinted entirely in the front of the book before you write much more.  Further, it is being reported to the AMA this excerpt exists and Ron himself has not raised a finger to influence any report back to him and that is standing well with the doctors who are reviewing the book.  He has two doctors drooling about future contents and they will not be upset to learn the book is being published by a high brow publisher (we think).

"As Machiventa Melchizedek, we are trading on barbs Ron puts out in some way that are funny to the point but now something quite serious:

"Machiventa Melchizedek has been promoted out of the Local Universe, and as such is making plans to receive all comers to his hide out on Urantia near the leaves of autumn in New Hampshire as he loves that spot more than anything with it brilliant colored leaves, the lakes, and the smells of autumn.  He sees you Ron living much as that way too and recommends New Hampshire in place of the Adirondacks which you love very much.  You will find Lake Culpepper very nice and say hello sometime as I am the old man who visits there sometimes.

"Further, my departure is not for one millennium due to the fact I will not leave Urantia until there is a good reason to understand why Ron cannot be honored by the mighty Mueller of Paradise, Margul, who speaks as follows."

"I am a Trinity Teacher Son, and I bless the angels who work this path of destruction but you are no longer needed around Ron ever again unless as a friend in need or of help for him.  I have never seen such ways of presenting a Mission has he has learned to do with a famous Adjuster very soon, as that Adjuster will be rewarded the Black Belt of Honor for doing the impossible; He actually saw to the transformation of a human to the highest level of spiritual abilities ever done on any world except for Salvington itself.  His work began when Ron insisted on outlining the Urantia Book to teach from and Ron handed each group member an outline of that nights' lesson and they learned to work that way prodigiously for years.   That is until he quit for fear of creating a cult like figure and to take on new challenges.  He was correct and he feared it greatly and refused to teach that group further in spite of their pleas to come back and one called Ray still thinks he was the Deity incarnate itself.  To this day most remember those lessons vividly and it should come to the attention of those who treat the Urantia Book as worthy of teaching yet, to follow the course Ron layed down before a group of seven individuals who never heard of the Urantia Book before and converted them into mighty workers for the Kingdom of God.  That just starts all of this and his Adjuster speaks as follows:

RON'S THOUGHT ADJUSTER, ARONOLAC -  "This name appears in that infamous book by the man wrote despairingly about the Urantia Book as just a cult magazine.  Tha man is  the famous science fiction writer you all know and Ron ignores him as a quaint man for a century of abuse that individual never fully understood either.  He still lives on Urantia and Ron does not take him but only kindly because he has reason to rewrite that book if he can ever hook up with Ron Besser to get the low down.  In his Time Line revised to April 01. 2019. Ron points to many dates the Urantia Book was attempted to be placed in print to western Europe and more.  Further it parts company with the Urantia Foundation, which has no real reason to speak to the Urantia Book, as anything but a gift of God to Bill Sadler and his son these days, but the truth is the Urantia Book took almost six hundred years (600 years) to come to fruition under the hands of 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago.   Ron now will apply the old saying, "that which is old will become new again."  That is our saying too as Ron has a life extension if we can ever get by the physical games his body plays to kill him off as he keeps trying to do.  He bleeds internally all the time but we keep it in check and he needs transfusions from God and he provides them.   However the real test of all of this work comes shortly when Monjoronson pulls the Plug of Contriteness from his body and makes him healthy and whole again. 

"In this talk today, I am the Thought Adjuster who contrived the word Aronolac, as that is his true spirit name someday.  He is to be called Aronolac in all of his dealings to arise to those levels of glory he still has no idea as to what is in store for him with Paul of Tarsus among his most favorite patrons, and with Serara and Monjoronson whom he deeply loves entirely.  They are his and they are ready to push for his intonation as a junior Melchizedek for when that time comes.  People like Daniel Raphael and Allen Vice and many others will never know what has happened on high in the past few hours.  Ron's serial numbers with Grandfonda are pulled eternally and perhaps infinitely, as he showed everyone yesterday how to handle the Magisterial Mission fully and completely before the Churches and Minarets and Synagogues, on Urantia.  That is he say, 'Michael bestowed Jesus and Jesus created the western civilization that now must be adjudged by  the Court of the Magisterial Sons on Paradise and Jesus returns to amend their liberty of choice that He should do so.

"Kindly review my last statement again.  It exactly states why there is a Magisterial Mission on Urantia very soon.

"Jesus returns in grandeur now, not as a number of side issues to the presence of the Magisterial Sons, but now appears on Urantia again, to apprise Paradise of the judgement of the Trinity and the love and endearment of these Magisterial Sons for his present work on Urantia.

"We see you do this yesterday Ron to that Seventh Day Adventist child who presented you a tract for a Jesus offering in their church over Easter in April this year.  He left wondering who he met and wonders still today if he heard right and for once in a million years on Urantia, the entire congregation will stand at that child's feet when he related what he experienced speaking to Ron yesterday afternoon.  They have been judiciously alerted in the presence of God what is to happen and I was there to inform that young Adjuster precisely the truth of what was spoken to him by Ron.  I never saw a human pull something like this off as Ron did and he was quite casual about it and he knows I helped but not that much, as Ron put it together right there and then for a born again Christian as they call themselves these days..

"As a result of that extraordinary performance yesterday, Father says to Grandfonda, you have a whipper snapper coming up through the ranks you need to pay attention to as he is ready to take on reform not with God, but with the practices of worship and care given to the Father for faith and soul of man forever.  He is truly important to our cause and he must be accorded the help of the heavenly helpers from us on down to the care of feeding of him on earth.  That L shaped building belongs to MONJORONSON and SERARA  and we are grateful for all benefits he accrues to us.  Sananda, the Adjuster of Jesus speaks:"


"I am Sananda, and Ron feels my heart upon his heart and hears his plea for restitution from the pain and suffering and it is granted grandly from the heart of the Father and from MONJORONSON AND SERARA, and we note for the audience that Ron is commanded, whenever he writes the names of MONJORONSON and SERARA and MICHAEL, that at all times they be full capitals in accordance with a new policy that capitals are essentially and honor on Urantia, and no more is Urantia spelled with all capitals either in the new Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER).  Our grant of license to ron is replete as he has shown us ideas we never considered before and has always held these ideals when he first read the full book in 1978.  Our work on Urantia is long and arduous and we wonder how much he can take before he asks for relieve.  He wonders the same thing but is determined to stick out as long as is possible as we suspect his Adjuster will take a hand in it when the time comes to leave us for the mansion worlds which he is assigned to do entirely and be required to sign on the ledger his intention to stay the course for ever.  Be assured that the Chief of Archangels will supplant his request to be called another name if necessary as Aronolac is now quite well known all over the world simply because of so much written work has come to light from him.  His book on AIDS and Autism will become quite famous as his book on Ilok and his book on the coming franchise called SER, (the Sixth Epochal Revelation), and its environs around York as the center of God fearing people.  You Ron have set a course of destiny we know not what it achieves.  We also know that you do not ruin us but place us off the record for the moment while we reconnoiter the entire matter of Grandfonda not understanding his orders yet.  What is it Grandfonda?"

THIS IS GRANDFONDA - Let it remain that Ron.  I carry new titlesthanks to you in some way and that is to tell all that Paradise suddenly remembers why you appeared in the first place to work with the Magisterial Mission, and that was to supply the Magisterial Sons with some sense of duty to humanity on Urantia.  Urantia is about to bow to Father in magnificent ways and will never take a back seat to other planets in the future as you managed to contrive a place for all on Urantia without understanding fully what your ideals really spoke to in the Universe of Universes.  Until now no one ever said to a Deity, 'please, can we consider a different rout to the majesty of God/' and they heard you and attempted to do just that, but the Lucifer Rebellion, did a terrible number on the Local Universe of Nebadon, and Michael recognizes that a simple human like yourself took the bull by the horns and suggested a more public way of doing a divine Mission had benefits too.  I am now proudly in receipt of a new mandate to see to your ways if I can and you acknowledge the receipt of that statement [I do] and you must remain silent a moment as I pronounce your name on mine, and that we have so consummated this statement and its meaning is ludicrous to report but you stand with me in some cases for all time to see to humans who need this touch of humanity to bring God closer to them in unique ways.  I am Grandfonda, I speak once more for the all time future of people like yourself Ron.  D is much as you are and needs to be brought up to hear that which must be done for Urantia, for you are the first prince of continuation I have ever seen reunited with the Father in all of these doings.  Now he recognizes how it works for humans, at long last. as that is thanks to Mantutia and the great honor he should have for a revelation that has changed the universe too.

"I crouch low to know you Ron, and of the trillions of humans who have passed muster before me to ascend to the mighty glory of God on Paradise, we assume you will be hear to claim your might prize for what you have achieved unknowingly before us.  I am truly surprised at how casual you are about this and D is the same way but there are mighty ways in that one too and you must bend to the lore of the Universe that this is a bond that is eternal.  You are not honored so much but your ideas Ron and that is not yours to feign soon as the entire mechanism of this Mission stands on the little bit of work you did to ground everyone as a corporate partner with man to see them clearly and well for all time.  This is Grandfonda and I am truly grateful we are done with an interview I thought was well done but now I know it is not so much well done but greatly appreciated from all of us to all of you."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK -  "You have spent all day working these transmissions and you have a large transmission to edit later but do so more quickly than you are choosing now as we need to clear a few items at once.  Be assured this works out best for all.  Glld day. Machiventa Melchizedek."


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Machiventa Melchizedek speaks To the Need of Human Help
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2019, 04:58:12 pm »
I am a very sincere person, I understand that there can be divine inspirations in any person due to the adjustment of the thought in people who are easier for it. As I am not being foolish in keeping myself away and wary of the various possible ways of deceiving my previously acquired knowledge and experience. I will be impartial at this point in telling you Ron about such privileged contact that you are supposed to possess. I'll keep looking at every aspect without making any judgments of value. Yours sincerely Eduardo O. Ramos.