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While things are bumpy and gloomy for so long for so many, let me pull out of my hat an old past time I used to do for the fun of it.  I am going to use the old astrological tool to tell you what the Quality of Time is like for June of 2019.

Pardon me a moment while I switch hats and put on the dunce cap printed in sky blue and lots of yellow stars on it.  The Urantia Book says astrology is arcane and useless.  I say yes too. HOWEVER, The Urantia Book agrees with me, that a good astrologer uses spiritual input to highlight what is otherwise meaningless but trends it into meaning if done well with spirit.  I am well connected with certain instruments of spirit and so let me to astrologically, JUNE 2019: THE QUALITY OF TIME for this month.

the current quality of time, June 2019

Did you know that the United States has a sun sign of Cancer?  Home loving, do not get involved with the neighbors and mind your own business as you are the family care giver and never mind keeping up with everybody who wants nothing but trouble if you get too friendly with them.  Sound familiar and our often national trend to disallow President Washington’s farewell speech, no “foreign entanglements.”  Hitler almost got away with it until the United States got hit with Germany’s main ally, Japan, who bomber Pearl Harbor, just as the sun sign Gemini was experiencing a transit of war on America’s rising sign of Gemini. 

Now most of you know what a sun sign is.  Most of you do not know what the rising sign is.  It is the sun sign rising on your dawn horizon on the east side of your chart.  A rising sun sign controls how sociable you are.  The United States has Gemini rising as we star people call it, and when Gemini rises, the entity that has it is very sociable and caring and gives lots of charity out and never asks for payment in return.  Our ally Great Britain in WWII is a Gemini nation with the rising sigh of Cancer!  The exact turn around of America being a Cancer nation with sociable Gemini rising.  We cannot do enough for each other as nations and that is still true today.

Today, the stars beckon a Quality of Time for America just full of opportunity to do the right thing.  Great Britain is in the same boat with the American astrological desire to do the “right thing” too.  But we have a nasty T square starting up over both nations.  A T square is three planets together who are 90 degrees apart (a square) and force each other, astrologically, to make the plain truth known.

What three planets are in a T Square over Great Britain and the United States that will control national destinies for at least the next coming SIX monts?

Why they are:

Sun, Neptune and Jupiter.  That all shows up on June 10th.  That might indicate that you as a person who experiences this in your individual nations, will tend to hope for a lot of serious and better changes for the world, but are truly stuck in dreaming the wrong dream.

How come?

In Astrology, the sun represents the solid truth about the nature of the being born under that sun sign.  The US is Cancer.  Great Britain is Gemini.  There is great attraction between the ideals of both nations, but Great Britain is slow to recognize it has lost a battle over Brexit, and will never clear itself of that mistake until the charitable giving of the United States stakes out a position with Great Britain to watch its back and not allow it any failure over Brexit in its own national life.

The big thing with this T Square coming along to hang over us like a mean cross of purposes for the United States and even Great Britain, is that both nations feel beat to death but do-gooders around the world that have no idea what the word “peace” or “wealth” really means.  Neptune is the big heavy meaning of the spiritual life, yet it is today showing up as a difficult relationship to our national being.  Spirit Neptune challenges the Cancer and Gemini sun signs now to put away illusion and start listening to truth.  Truth to America is a safe homeland.  Listen to Trump and the wall!  Listen to Great Britain decrying immigration laws from the EU are ruining its sense of safe good will as England will always be England.  Today its population doubts that if they are forced to take one more immigrant from Somalia.  In astrology that is the effect of these transits and worse, the United States agrees not with England on the EU, but with England and its immigration policy almost identical to the American view that Central America is trying to colonize it and that is war!

Let us peek at the future with what Jupiter in the middle of this T Square.  Jupiter is truth but is like a two edged sword because Jupiter can make a nation extravagant and so false in its sense of pride and delivery of its promised help to a world like Urantia, it causes war instead of peace.  Watch out for Mars this last week of June, as it will pass through the T Square and ignite conflict with our own ideals and England may wind up with a new Prime Minister who lasts but sixty days and has to run for his life as Parliament in Great Britain suddenly recognizes they have been had by “friendly: EU courtesy and has been cut off from trade and even normal diplomatic relations with France, and Germany, and the rest of the EU, over an American war call over Asian conflicts that include an already heating up trade war and nuclear missiles in North Korea.

Funny thing about T Squares though: They suddenly end!  That is the nature of astrological change.

Here is a peek of what that remotion of the T Square in September in 2019 might mean to you and me.

As we live, most of us in the United States on this forum, but Great Britain is represented by our Australian members and friends and so on, it will break apart on about September 5th.  Jupiter will tend to stand alone in Capricorn, the house of business.  Jupiter moves from Sagittarius where it is today.  That tends to force people out of travel modes if sun signs are angular (squares in particular) and many are changing travel plans as this works out.  But Jupiter ends the T Square exact on September 3rd this year, and that will release a surge of energy in the United States that calls for an end to the Gulf incursion of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and India confabulations.  Iran will tend t o run the other way and never get involved with the US again however much we pay them, and so on.  The release of Jupiter at that time ends a nasty dispute between Mexico and the US too, as Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius in astrology, and rulers tend to leave a heavy charge of responsibility on anything they touch including people.  Mexico is a sun sign of Sagittarius, and the present T square developing as we speak shows no sign by Cancer US to step back and let bygones be bygones, but astrologically, that squaring off at each other ends sometime in September of this coming year.

Fully explained, this T Square now encroach on all of us around the world, suggests we have opposition from almost anybody when it comes to our own needs as the American nation.

Further, this T Square suggests that America is belligerent and ugly when challenges over its most important aspect: the safety of the American homeland.

Great Britain will allow nothing to be heard from the EU until its own house is in order for the Queen of England happens to be a Gemini sun sign although she think she is a Cancer sun sign but both signs mesh so well for her Majesty, it hardly matters at all in any chart to look at.  She is tried and ready for a new life above, as she has served well and elegantly.  Her life is nearing an end as her husband, Prince Phillip, is nearly 100 years of age and is failing quickly even with the best medical possible in the entire world.  Let us pray that the monarchy holds when Charles ascends the throne and all of the family problems do not create a loss of face for Charles and his wife.  They are truly good people and they need support from the national institutions but the Conservatives will have it over ideas of Camilla being Queen and so on.  I have no idea looking at this T Square just what that does for that monarchical pair, but Charles is not easily persuaded the world has it right about him and he may just hit back and let the chips fall where they may.  September of this year is a final fluke of fortune for Great Britain because when this T Square breaks up, Camilla will have a true crush on John the Baptist, because it appears that John the Baptist, still alive and kicking at heaven’s gate far above us, likes Camilla in particular because he loves a woman who can dance around so much power and still have a great sense of humor over all of it.

We who think that spirit is producing a Magisterial Mission are in for one lucky surprise this summer when the oppositions of this T Square end.  Camilla may well become Queen!   Charles may well become a single man again!  That is how confusing this break up can mean so watch out for the boat to rock in a lot of places when summer is over and we look forward to the fall of Rome in the EU, which is also possible, given that the EU is sick and tired of supporting Italy and Greece which are perennially penniless.

Finally, the Magisterial Mission is subsumed under the planet Neptune, and one we have not spoken to but is a real wild card operating in September.  That happens to be the planet Uranus.  Uranus in astrology represents sudden change, irrepressible energy for reform especially when associated in aspect with Pluto, which is the planet of epochal revelation.  I have Pluto in my birth chart in Leo.  That is my sixth house of meanings concerning the future for mankind.  Even so, my Pluto is close to a Mars conjunction with Pluto and that arouses in anyone who has that configuration to work fully and healthfully with epochal revelation.  But Mars in September will be conjunct Pluto in today/s chart and that triggers in my chart the ability to present epochal revelation to the public.  I never could have predicted that twenty years ago, but then I could never have predicted that our Queen of England will survive the end to the T Square, only to succumb to the Mars Pluto conjunction in early September.  Uranus is sitting right in the middle of the Queen’s forehead, and it can cause abdication!  Uranus: sudden and perturb ale change never expected, never anticipated, but possible when these powerful forces enter the national and personal life of a monarch. 

September 25th: Astrologically so important you cannot name is well enough.  It appears the appearance of Uranus moving through the busted up T Square of this month. Explosions in the presence of fiery Mars conjunct Pluto, and we may well see the incarnation of God at this point.  It is only an astrological prediction, so let us sit back and be reasonable and calm to see what really happens.

Ron Besser, now takes off his star covered and sky blue pointy hat and sits back down with the reality of a Crown Prince of Nebadon, Michael of Nebadon, for the elucidation of another to speak to my analysis about the quality of Time to come.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “Ron has pulled out all the stops and sat down to do the analysis of two national charts for the coming months of June, July to September of this year.  He does such a smashing job of it I work inside him to keep it clear to you readers how he comes up with these time predictions based on hoary astrological computations which he uses precisely to do it.

“I happen to agree with his sense of what he calls that big, fat, ugly. T Square, but he is a little too fanciful to predict a Magisterial Mission based on those calculations alone.  What he needs to hear from me is to tell him that SERARA is already busy at work on Urantia.  The desire of the planet Uranus to cause sudden and irrevocable change in lives and planets is amazing, for it so happens that SERARA is of a sun sign when he enters the planet to works, he will be called an Aquarius figure, and that is ruled by Uranus.  Ron’s ascending sign in the east of his chart happens to Aquarius as well.  Amazing coincidence for a science that has no reputation in the Urantia Book and for good reason: Unless God enters into interpretation of those calculations, it is indeed meaningless.  Ron happens to be fused with the Father, a little bit of God the Supreme, and with Me and Mother Spirit almost completely.   He qualifies for having connections; now let us see if they mean anything shortly. Thank you. Michael of Nebadon.”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Thank you Michael of Nebadon, I look forward to those connections. Just as I thought I was at a fortune tellers stallwith Ron's take on astrology as confusing as these can be but  it occurs to me it is going to be quite a Summer in the Northern Hemisphere and a rocky boat the next few months with September being so well placed for our attention. Welcome Serara!

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Thanks Ron and Michael of Nebadon for that input. I use to dabble in astrology then I read TUB and start calling it Astro-Analysis then I quit altogether. I have a similar chart as the U.S. My sun sign is Cancer and my rising is 0 degrees Gemini with moon in Libra. I learn to understand people better and I always remember their birthday and birth sign without trying. I had lots of books until I sold them all back to the Bohdi Tree Bookstore.

The one thing I remember and I'll never forget is the so-called God force for each sign:

Aries               I AM
Taurus             I HAVE
Gemini            I THINK
Cancer             I FEEL
Leo                  I WILL
Virgo               I ANALYZE
Libra                I BALANCE
Scorpio            I DESIRE
Sagittarius       I SEE
Capricorn        I USE
Aquarius         I KNOW
Pisces              I BELIEVE

That formula help me to get to know people better but it was a time when everybody was asking you what sign you were and I wasn't well verse with the Father's Fragment, personality and freewill in the 70's so I gave it up.


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The USA is Cancer, and it has the tropic of Cancer on it, and might be the first nation to cure cancer. Hahah, so much for a Crab like nation!