Author Topic: 06 June 19 Contact Commission Mtg tape 7 minues  (Read 157 times)

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06 June 19 Contact Commission Mtg tape 7 minues
« on: June 06, 2019, 10:09:57 PM »
The Contact Commission members met in a conference call once again tonight here in York via a conference call.  A small portion of the meeting was recorded as Michael of Nebadon awarded us a glimpse into the House of Windsor, perhaps useful perhaps not, and that the Contact Commission must reauthorize its essential being in an Oath to be Sworn to the Magisterial Sons, SERARA and MONJORONSON.  Michael also noted the absence of posts again on the web site and made his cautionary remarks for you to hear.

The tape is at the bottom of this post in fine print.  Just click on it and your audio playing software should come up for you to hear what was said from Micheal of Nebadon.   Thank you.  Ron
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Re: 06 June 19 Contact Commission Mtg tape 7 minues
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 08:08:14 AM »
Well thank you Ron and Michael of Nebadon for this tape. I have to admit I have not given astrology much study as Ron appears to have (impressive too Ron!) and the more I look at the lesson on The Quality Of Time I see more as I read over it in more depth.If I am right to think it, the lesson appears more geopolitical in its portrayal of Nation States, yet has also some personal events that is mentioned. In particular, in naming the members of the Royal family. And in the tape it is now told that the statement of abdication for the reason of the appearance of Jesus is naturally understandable given the nature of the true head of the English Church and, for that matter, the entire Christian faith hood. Very interesting indeed. And the “T-Square” is one to watch out for what this amounts to in the coming few months ahead. Nice to know. Yet I am puzzled as to how Prince Charles is forecast to be a “single man”(what, how does this happen?! :o) perhaps this speaks of different scenarios as to how that may come about? I would have thought it implied he is “single” in his new life in the mansion worlds and Camilla remains with the title to hold if at all possible? Let us remember, they are in their senior years and it remains to be seen how long one can live. Anyhow, Our Queen of England has managed to live as long as she has is truly amazing, given the enormity of challenges she faced over this time during the Second World War and onwards through the ups and downs of life as a Monarch, it is good to know how she may take Jesus(Joshua ben Joseph) when he does make his presence known to her and to us all.

In all, I take it on the chin about the fact of too much absence from discussions and so on ::), on the Forum, although like Amethyst, it has been quiet too, although I do get some weird dreams of late that seem so foreboding(e.g. A wildfire on the crest of the hill threatening all life below it) for me to dwell on, but one to tell me to be on the watch.  I have daily checked in to follow its progress in my daily busy working life and have contributed when I can. To be frank, I think we all have felt a bit lost and weathered like a floundering boat lost at sea when things look so murky at best. Dear Father Michael, please forgive us and me. May you help each one of us, I pray thee, to give more in the manner in which you seek. I am ever in your grace Father.  Thank you so much for your loving understanding in our struggles through these differing terrains in which we have maneuvered over so many days, weeks, months and years in following the august day for these Missions to be so well placed for the benefit of all. I trust you have your plans well placed and that Serara, You, Mother Spirit and all the Team will have good progress in the days ahead. I also pray for our dear brothers Ron and Steven for their health to mend soon enough and may they gain strength and vigor to do Thy work oh Father.

I remain steadfast, prayerful and confident that good will come out of this God forsaken earth. And thank you Father Micheal of Nebadon and Mother Spirit for all that you do. Amen. ;)