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Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« on: June 06, 2019, 11:56:51 pm »
Hi Everyone,
NICHAEL OF NEBADON mentioned in Ron's recording today our lack of participation on this forum.  I have been struggling with finding anything to say at this time.  I have not been getting transmissions, even though I asked.  Everything seems to be quiet for me as I continue to get personal issues tied up to free myself to be able to work on the mission if needed.  I want to be able to be free to respond if called upon and that is my goal for now.  Progress is being made, but its slower than I would like.  

The news about the new organization with Orion has still got my brain turning as I struggle to understand just what is all means.  I am still here.  I usually check in daily and look forward to reading all of your posts.  Its almost as if it the calm before the 'storm'.  Let us all continue to ask for the transmissions to come and keep our minds responsive to whatever we get.  I keep looking for subtle signs that the Mission has begun.  

Blessings to all of you,

kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2019, 08:20:11 am »
Ms. Amethyst, I, too could have written you response almost verbatim just as you have written here.   When you write.... " I have been struggling with finding anything to say at this time.  I have not been getting transmissions, even though I asked.  Everything seems to be quiet for me as I continue to get personal issues tied up to free myself to be able to work on the mission if needed.  I want to be able to be free to respond if called upon and that is my goal for now.  Progress is being made, but its slower than I would like. "

Actually everyone of your words in your entire response  might well express where many of us are right now or at least in the past few weeks.

We all well  know that most of the  current plans, proposals, and projects  of the  Missions are being done behind the scenes for now and consequently and sadly  well out of our immediate purview and that seems to be  resulting in our current state of affairs regarding this lack of current posts on the forum since that creates uncertainty.    We go through these "quiet" times occasionally yet we continue to hope and pray and hold fast in our hearts and minds for the visible incarnations and announcements and the many predictions that continue to be made to become the actual reality on Urantia  for our planet and  all of civilization for all to see, accept,  and participate in.

The hard part is, of course, and without doubt, the waiting...the waiting for that big "something"  that big "anything" to occur to alert humanity that a Divine Intervention has, in fact and in our physical and material  reality, been initiated.  This waiting is a bit maddening! BUT wait we must... it's all timing, timing, timing and that timing rests with Spirit and in particular, the Father, Michael/Jesus, Serara, and Monjoronson.  Many of us are prepared to move to York, to take up and don the mantle of Michael in short order.   We await the funding, we await the release and distribution of the new Book of Revelations, we await the announcement of Jesus, Serara and Monjoronson.   However this waiting does not mean that we can not nor should not contribute here and continue to be engaged with our participation, studies, our spiritual growth, faith, and journeys as we are the " ascending" sons of God.
Anyway, Ms Amethyst, thanks for your well expressive post.   Let us all "keep the faith".


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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #2 on: June 07, 2019, 10:03:49 am »
Very important for this moment, Larry's intervention, commenting on the last post of Amethyst. That is why Sai Baba's statement is so valid when he says: "Patience is all the strength we need in life"
Meanwhile I've been thinking that Ron Besser deserves a name that highlights his height in that extraordinary role he plays as the critical interface between mortals and celestials; I imagine that in those dimensions, it must be known by another name. And it is that for us in Spanish "RON" is Rum, and although he certainly at times ecstatic us with his dissertations, I would like to start calling him with a non-mortal name. I would like to hear everyone's opinion on this matter. Thanks

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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2019, 12:47:00 pm »
It does not matter so much whether you are all message connected or not right now, but that YOU KICK UP SOME DUST HERE.

The problem with non participation is that it is catching.  We, remember, are still of the animal nature, and the herd instinct is not to break the trend the heard experiences in routines of their daily lives.  I am not braying like a donkey or are you, but thought should be expressed even if it is with a shrug as to the meaning of what may come.   But this silence of the lambs you are is deafening to the best and good intentions to keep us alive while the cave we are in seems so dark and useless at this time.  Stand together.  Think and speak.  It may be mundane but stomp the ground here to let each other know you are here and not lost from the rest of us.

I have this to share with you this morning:

Jesus is on Urantia.  I keep hearing his intense reassurance to me to keep a lid on my personal problems and just let things flow.  You each have the same thing going on in your lives too.  I ache and harm no one with those complaints but my goodness it gets so quiet here there is no internet response either to your aligning to the will of God, and so it becomes a depression instead of just a silence for the forum to exist and not be used at all.

I would propose, and this is really a suggestion from Jesus this morning, we all take a deep breath and post our personal views that need not be a transmission.  Amethyst did just that and that is truly helpful Amethyst and thank you very much. 

A small item that is not spiritual: you may have noticed that "the karma feature" disappeared off the site.  I cleaned the database 49 hours ago to keep the site working and not slowing down easily.  That cleared the feature and I do not go looking for the software that made it possible in the first place since admin work has to dig that stuff out of the embedding features and I do not find it.  Always something, but I do not think most of us miss it anyhow.  

JESUS SPEAKS - "I see Ron lose nothing by forgetting "karma" exists not and some do wonder how that works.  It does not.  Thanks to a style of software that is hard to use in some cases, and unworkable in other cases.  Nonetheless, some of you used it to let others know of your good will and thoughts for this site and it was greatly appreciated by all they got a vote of confidence now and then too.  I will ask Ron to search some more to see if he can resurrect it.  Thank you.  Jesus."

Finally, as admin in this conglomeration of thought and speaking, I thank all for trying to say something but just nothing squeaks out to produce a post.  I am a noisy one because I must be so in order to be some of the glue that operates to hold together while this system of checks and balances from spirit is now in a check mode, and that affects YOU by not pressing any issue enough to have it burning on your mind to speak it.  I do ask you, at least through this quiet period, to speak up and throw something into the air and it does not have to be a transmission, but just what is on your mind with or without spiritual significance.

Thanks to you three this morning getting some posts on to the viewable pages to read.  Great!

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I see Jesus took an interest in all of this too.  Ron is too ill to make a lot contributions but he does hold his end up well enough you have something a little to read fresh each day.

"We on high are quiet do to a lot of shuffling of t he cards.  Last nights Contact Commission meeting had three tapes produced of which only one was released for you to hear and listen my complaint to them how quiet things were here.  They are pleased to also to announce that they are requested to have a meeting in York before the end of this month.  But as Ron says they have no money left for travel and he, Ron, has no idea how to get a get together in York work at all at this time.

"We, the truth of the matter is, money is the root of all travel too, and we are asking them to hold a meeting before June 30th.  That is not problem to any of them but every time Steven travels to York, there goes easily another $1600. and the same for Dominick and the same for Ron for other reasons of cost.  After doing this six times and no reimbursement, it is now prohibitive.  we intend then to make it up somehow someway but not now.  As a result of these deliberations today, Machiventa Melchizedek will enter the picture to advise just how the travel expenses can be mitigated for the proposed meeting near the end of June soon.

"Finally, last night's meeting turned up the interesting fact that Dominick was contacted by ADAM as he was driving to work recently.  Last night, Ron was contacted by ADAM as well to explain to him that  these contacts are starting up again, and that he and Dominick and many of the rest of you are on their list of contacts to provide information back to them just where you stand to be teachers in the schools they are still being asked to put together to instruct the uneducated public about reforming Urantia and blessing it with epochal revelation for a change.  Trump's "fake news" will tumble to an end and the entire process of education for the Urantia public becomes revised for the truth to be explained in all matters of public life of government and sociability.

I AM ADAM OF ADAM AND EVE -  "We are now deciding who gets a chance to teach and who will be asked later if at all.

"Amethyst you are high on the list.  So is Ron. So is Lemuel and Wendy Winter and so on.  But we must now rely on the teacher Melchizedeks to help out too, as many who could have made the cut also quit.  No reason given but they are gone.  We are left with sixty (60) teacher hires and five humans and the rest are likely Melchizedeks and Midwayers to fill in the spots for now.  

"We also lament the fact that our work today is in contacting each of you for information we wish to learn from you and will ask you questions to which you must reply verbally or the pad we write on will not show your response.  Get used to the idea you MUST SPEAK WHEN ASKED A QUESTION! Amethyst you do fine with it,  Lemuel you do fine with it.  Wendy you are a lead sinker any more and cannot be depended on to work with anyone until you are done with your funk of mind over issues not having to do with these spirit Missions.

"Finally, we are now taking down the idea of Melchizedek schools for good.  The final decision is to allow the Adam and Eve, their children born on earth, to be the teachers and codifiers of what schools on Urantia will be for lessons on the divine choices you each have regarding your ascension careers and your work on high to consider as your training into perfection soon enough. Good day.  Adam."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron never has a problem not having transmissions, although we have been quiet to him over a day or so at times, but seldom.  That is because he practices daily and uses us as a teaching tool for the rest of you.  Several more of you have quite the site over petulant demands that Ron conforms to various syntax issues that bedevil you.  White Stone quite again this time over an astrological whim Ron had to speak through a different voice.  What White Stone does not realize is the truth of what Ron says that whatever the venue to deliver information to you, if the divine is involved, it the venue, becomes quite useful. Ron used it to change the language just a little here and finds people like White Stone unhappy all the time on how spirit can deliver a perfectly good message in any way the human mind can configure the way to do it.

"I also see Amethyst dust off her hat as teacher again and that is good.  Just remember Amethyst, no one gets to be a teacher in the Adam and Eve schools without being fused or at least a fusion candidate.  You are indeed fused but do not feel it all, nor does Ron, or anyone else for that matter, but you are and that makes a huge difference to the schools Adam and Eve wish to bring to Urantia almost immediately.

"And this:  Ron is fused with the Creator Son totally and so is he with Mother Spirit, but he has liaison problems with God the Supreme over issues he does not discuss.  As a matter of fact, the Supreme has removed what little fusion he has with the Supreme since the fusion aspect is no longer valid for Urantia anyhow.  And this:

"Urantia has been bumped into the lowest classification of an inhabited planet there can be and still be considered to be an inhabited planet.  It is now on aboriginal status once more, and that is be because has been so denigrated on Urantia, that is hardly matters anymore.  That clears the spirit to work on it in very small ways as well as big ways and we intend to do both.  Let it be known that Ron has been cleared of Leukemia shortly and he will walk again easily.  It takes a lot of time to get that all together and he will feel and immense difference in a few moments of time shortly.  You all have your aches and pains too but this time stay tuned if you are a genuinely accrued helper to  these Missions, you too will feel a physical difference as well.

"I close with this:  All of you are learning to be quiet but that is not what we want when it comes to the discussion forum as it must remain active and spoken to in order to keep it alive in our minds and in your minds too.  Ron hates silence you provide day in and day out, and Clency, it is not as bad as you are making it out to be when Ron results back to Astrology to give you a lesson in spirit that is spoken through the Urantia traditions.  He did you all a service by looking at the silence at the moment as an astrological forecast, and frankly, he finds that language most helpful when trying to reach the rank and file of people on Urantia, as almost all read their astrological forecast in the newspaper daily.  why waste the ability to speak to it then?  He has used it as such many times and it works like a charm.  

"Be assured White Stone, Ron holds no disfavor for you or anyone when you object to certain tactics, but he )Ron) experiments all the time to see what works, and is convinced that when we use the disused astrology tool, some will find that easy to follow and learn spirituality very well through it.  I cannot make it work for all of you but for Ron he knows enough to trail me to place truth into it while he looks at the different conditions in the sky today.  He never says that works unless spirit supplies the fulcrum of truth into it momentarily.  Michael."

MOTHER SPIRIT = "You all catch the idea of speak up!  Do so!  The place needs activity and even just speaking a point of view is fine.  Do not let this place die for it is the one place we get to show the momentary truth of t he day as it approaches one day into the next.  It can vary, the truth, but when functional, the list here provides you the up to day instrumentation of our  thoughts for now.

"Ron, in his astrological forecast,

is willing to step wide of the usual mark of such work by letting your see the prophetic quality it can provide.  We happen to agree with his forecasts, but that is all they are, and all who read astrology should keep in mind even the best minds on Urantia stumble on how time really brings conditions to end or to start.  Just keep that in mind but also keep in mind the prophecy he uses is based on the meaning of a T Square as he calls it that is now in charge over Urantia and it is a mean one this time.

"I also wish to hail Occerpa for speaking up.  He gets inundated at home to work any of it and it should be recorded he gets hit sideways by many in the household to listen to Ron at all.  Ron represents the best of humanity in the midst of woeful situations that does and will kill him if he cannot get free of t he malacy of human disease of the circulatory system.  But that is being addressed now we think and that is ours to lament if they cannot get overcontrol to rid the body of leukemia.  In any case, it is a noble cause you fight too Occerpa and you are reminded that few humans ever fathom what you have learned here over the last years of working this site to understand the parallels in your religion with what is being produced here thanks to the forecasting ability of Michael of Nebadon and our little human mess, Ron Besser.

"I am Mother Spirit and wish you all a good day. The Creative Spirit of Nebadon."

LANAFORGE - "You are mostly tired of the drill, but all drills have a purpose and Ron is unsettled as you are over all the fancy footwork we do up here to clear the way for Missions.

"We now see Adam and Eve present themselves to Dominick and others and why are you not spoken to as well?

"The answer lies in how dynamic you are.  If you sit back passive and quiet then spirit blows over you as you are not even seen when you insist on doing that.  Be proactive and you will have the messages.  Yes Amethyst and Larry both ask for transmissions, but they are not asking loud or insistent enough like Ron always does to get our juices flowing into the channels of good information to share.

"Lately, we must be quiet too as the planet has changed status in the eyes of God.  It has lost ground again and is as close to being aboriginal as one can g et and still be an inhabited planet.  Be assure the difference between a Ron and even some of you fused one is dramatically different and he holds so many awards we are not sure his vest can hold them all when he gets to the true morontial spheres above his and your heads too.  Be assured we do not pat him on the back as he has constant worries to make things a little workable because this web site is traditionally the news outlet but it stumbles around now because so many of you just care enough to be on it at times but not to contribute thought.

"Therefore, we must amend this talk just a little to let all of you know that we are losing no battle but beefing up the army that must invade Urantia to get these Missions together once more into the visible realm for each of you to see and participate in.

"Ron has been told to hold a meeting in York at the end of June, but there is no ravel money anymore for anyone and so it must sit back and let things happen without them directly involved either.  Such is the plight on Urantia.  Ron can fund the Contact Commission with his own money if he sells the book he wrote on AIDS and Autism, but even that is a long drawn out process that goes beyond June of this year and it is June we need to meet.  Ron you look into the future and see a static date and that means there is no spirit energy available to make ti work and you are not wrong, but that may change abruptly if Michael forces the situation again.  Be assured you look well at the moment.  I am Lanaforge and one last thing:

"Do not expect Ron to always know beforehand what is happening.  He simply is kept at a distance from the planners so he does not steal their thinking as he can do that easily if he is near them as no circuit is kept from him at all.  Now this too:  I Lanaforge am in charge of getting "The Origin of AIDS and Autism" book into publication.  we see a daunting spanking line to get through to do it but Steven Gitz is putting pieces together to make it workable with a sizeable publisher too.  Be assured it gets royal treatment once it is read and fathomed to be quite a produce of mind and spirit.  We rest our case for the moment.  Good day. Lanaforge."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #4 on: June 07, 2019, 02:08:46 pm »
Hi all!

 Everything that happens in the forum in terms of new transmissions that arrive and the information that they contain is the fuel that keeps us readers who visited the discussion forum and the same goes for the members.
 Once I was someone who published almost daily, but due to circumstances I was falling to not publish anything.  It is difficult to overcome personal problems, which can be very minimal compared to those faced by Ron in his personal life, and still;  He is always there.
 Now, as for Astrology that used in this way to predict the future, or read the present state of the nations, we can not but accept that it is of higher order its use by authorized persons like Ron with the help of Michael of Nebadon or  the Mother Spirit.

 In the Urantia Book, practically, we are not taught to follow those studies as the Urantians promote it on a daily basis, but as you can see, new methods through the Spirit can be studied.

 Good for everyone.

 I am very grateful for the teachings given in the forum as well, clarifying misconceptions about Reincarnation, and that it has been difficult for me in particular to get rid of those theories, but we are coming to the point of understanding these postulates under the new information given by Ron Besser  .

 Thank you all for continuing here and for the active forum to be maintained.


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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #5 on: June 07, 2019, 06:01:01 pm »
Hi Ron and everyone else.
                                            I, like others here, have not been active recently and, I guess, for 
similar reasons.
Firstly, there is nothing coming through, that is to say, it seems no one wants to communicate
anything with Lemuel.  That´s fine with me. I understand that our Celestial family is under
no obligation to commune with humans, but I do ask.

Secondly, I feel no urge to respond to a subject that does not resonate with me.
I cannot and do not enthuse about things that are predicted to occur within the next few million
years or so.

He does read all postings and of course, some are of more interest than others but he is not moved
to contribute a particular subject.

It is understandable if some of you think that Lemuel has lost it and gone.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  He has learned and is continuing to learn to live in
the now moments, that occupies his attention to the fullest and as a result, he is living his life
to the full, as all are admonished to do. 

He has also been downloaded with a considerable amount of information, (software) onto
his hard disk, so to speak, along with several others here on the forum and this will be of
great use and benefit to all brothers and sisters in the near future.

You may rest assured that Lemuel and the other silent ones are at the right place at the moment
The forum is very quiet, yes, but like still waters that run deep. the forum is moving along quietly
and deeply.

The time will come when rapids will be approaching and that will be the time when the forum
comes into its own and you will see the members responding as they should and as they have
been prepared.

I bid you all goodnight.

Lemuel. I started this posting but it was my Thought Adjuster that took over, and I am very


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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #6 on: June 07, 2019, 08:00:21 pm »
I want to thank Mother Nebadonia for that very affectionate greeting and that tribute to let me know that I am among the few I can understand what is taught in the forum in parallel to the teachings of Sai Baba, my great Master. I believe that all this honor I owe to my beloved Adjuster, SATHYA, that although I can not hear him, I know that he provides me with all that understanding that I can be able to assimilate through a way of tuning that I do not know how it is produced but I can feel it. Thank you Ron for your incessant work that allows us to know all these pronouncements that otherwise would not be possible.
And thank you Newstarsaphire, for that wonderful surprise  

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Re: Getting Our Motors Up and Running again
« Reply #7 on: June 09, 2019, 10:22:51 am »
It does not matter so much whether you are all message connected or not right now, but that YOU KICK UP SOME DUST HERE.

The problem with non participation is that it is catching.  We, remember, are still of the animal nature, and the herd instinct is not to break the trend the heard experiences in routines of their daily lives.  I am not braying like a donkey or are you, but thought should be expressed even if it is with a shrug as to the meaning of what may come.   But this silence of the lambs you are is deafening to the best and good intentions to keep us alive while the cave we are in seems so dark and useless at this time.  Stand together.  Think and speak.  It may be mundane but stomp the ground here to let each other know you are here and not lost from the rest of us.

Ron and everyone.

The last few days I did not access the Serara Forum because of the job service and courses I did and I am doing that took me time during the past week.

My personal view of Ron's messages is that many of them are linked to God, The Ultimate and go beyond the present tense, that is, it involves the totality of time, past, present, and future.

Since 2015, when I visited the Serara Forum I learned a lot from the messages received by Ron.

When I spoke about my request for a Magisterial Mission in Brazil and South America, from what I understood, in short, Ron said that here in Brazil there was a group of forty (40) people. So I decided to get out of inertia and contact groups of readers of the Urantia Book.

My life until then was almost exclusively for family and for work. And then I decided to get back in touch with people and groups.

So many ideas came into my mind and strong dreams as well.

One of the ideas is the creation of an Association of Volunteers, with all religions, in search of loving service. The intent is the joint effort of people who have a common sense, the sonship of God and the brotherhood of men in the pursuit of helping people in various activities.

I am a writer and also came up with the idea of writing a new book to prepare people about what is to come, namely, the Magisterial Mission and the return of Jesus. A book of fiction, with three themes Beauty, Kindness and Truth.

The book will be bilingual, Portuguese-English. The book will have a script with everyday stories of ordinary people, which will have several characters, at least one American character and who taught a Brazilian how to speak English, spoken in the USA, teaching many pharasal verbs.

The place where the characters will act, initially, will be here in Brasilia, Brazil. Possibly, in this book of fiction there will be a programming of the main characters to travel to the USA.

The three themes BEAUTY, KINDNESS and TRUTH will have examples in my fiction book that I am doing the script.

The BEAUTY will have as its theme the Botanical Garden as well as medicinal plants. Then the keywords are BOTANICAL GARDEN.

KINDNESS will have as its theme the Association of Volunteers of people with all religions who will join efforts for help, for loving service. Then the keywords are VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION.

The TRUTH will have as its theme the Feast of Nations, where people from all over the world will meet. The Feast of Nations involves the paternity of God and the brotherhood among men in the sense of Thanksgiving to God, which is true worship, by the graces received. I remember that Brasilia, where I live and where the characters will initially act, is the capital of Brazil and there are embassies from all the nations of the world in which Brazil has international relations. The Feast of Nations are organized by the various embassies here in Brasilia. Then the keywords are FEAST OF THE NATIONS.

Other themes the characters will talk about are America united in one country, and this union will be led by the US, from the Arctic to Antarctica, being the only country on our planet that will be in both hemispheres, north and south, and between the two poles with an enormous variety of mineral and plant resources.

Previously, I mentioned here at Serara Forum a dream in which I asked for a time, and was told to me five minutes more. In those days I did not understand the dream, but now I understood. At least I think I get it. That is, I believe that time refers to months, that is, I have five months to do and finish the book. So, I'm doing the Book's script as I've listed above.

The provisional title of the Book is a question: "Is that possible?"

Initially, with this provisional title, with the title sense: Is this possible? is to get people to reflect on the lines of the characters. Thus, the intention is to question, within each reader, if the ideas reported in the book are possible to be realized. I remind everyone that everything is possible with God.

Another strong dream I had recently, came clearly to me a date: October 27. And this date represents practically the five months that I was granted to make this new book of fiction.

And today, again, another strong dream. I talked, in my dream, fluently, and personally, with the American President Trump. I do not remember details of the dream, but our conversation, between myself and the American president Trump, related, in synthesis, something about the US-Brazil's approach to the whole of America. On the other hand, in the dream, I spoke to the president, as if we were friends for a long time. In the dream I said words of respect to all American presidents, regardless of party, republican or democrat (or independent party), about the importance of American presidents to carry out these important projects for America.


Post Scriptum:

The Feast of Nations is called here in Brasilia as the International Fair of the embassies.

Last year (2018) happened in November, on the second Saturday, that is, on November 10, 2018.

Search the topic, including, on the site:


Post Scriptum (2):

Another coincidence (since my new book will have a landscape gardener character and the theme Botanical Garden and the link with the US).

On the theme coincidences. I just say that I do not believe in coincidences, but rather a spiritual connection in which people or matters meet for a greater purpose.

The news of the Brazilian newspapers:

- Brazilian landscape artist Burle Marx is the theme of the biggest exhibition of the Botanical Garden of New York.

On the other hand, the Brazilian landscaper Burle Marx was also in the construction project of Brasilia, capital of Brazil, that happened between 1955 and 1960. See below also also about Burle Marx and Brasilia.



A Ron e a  todos.

Os últimos dias eu não acessei o Fórum Serara por causa do serviço no trabalho e cursos que eu fiz e estou fazendo que me tomaram o tempo durante a semana que passou.

A minha visão pessoal das mensagens de Ron é que muitas delas estão ligadas a Deus, o Último e vão além do tempo presente, ou seja, envolve a totalidadade do tempo, passado, presente e futuro.

Desde 2015, quando eu acessei o Fórum Serara eu aprendi muito com as mensagens recebidas por Ron.

Quando eu falei sobre meu pedido para uma Missão Magisterial no Brasil e na América do Sul,  pelo que eu entendi, em síntese, Ron disse que aqui no Brasil havia um grupo de 40 (quarenta) pessoas. Então, eu resolvi sair da inércia e contactar com grupos de leitores do Livro de Urantia.

Minha vida até então estava quase que exclusivamente para família e para o trabalho. E resolvi então retomar contato com pessoas e grupos.

Assim, muitas ideias vieram em minha mente e fortes sonhos também.

Uma das ideias é a criação de uma Associação de Voluntários, com todas as religiões, em busca do serviço amoroso. A intenção é o esforço conjunto de pessoas que tem um senso comum, a filiação de Deus e a irmandade dos homens em busca de ajudar as pessoas em diversas atividades.

Sou escritor e veio a ideia também de escrever um novo livro para preparar as pessoas sobre o que está para vir, ou seja, a Missão Magisterial e o retorno de Jesus. Um livro de ficção, com três temas Beleza, Bondade e Verdade.

O livro será bilingue, português-inglês. O livro terá um roteiro com histórias do cotidiano de pessoas comuns, aonde terá vários personagens, sendo pelo menos um personagem americano e que ensinara um brasileiro como falar inglês, falado nos EUA, ensinando muitas "pharasal verbs".

O local em que os personagens irão agir, inicialmente, será aqui em Brasília, Brasil. Possivelmente, neste livro de ficção haverá uma programação dos personagens principais  para viagem aos EUA.

Os três temas BELEZA, BONDADE e VERDADE terão exemplos neste meu livro de ficção que eu estou fazendo o roteiro.

A BELEZA terá como tema o Jardim Botânico além de plantas medicinais. Então as palavras-chaves são JARDIM BOTÂNICO.
A BONDADE terá como tema a Associação de Voluntários de pessoas com todas as religiões que irão somar esforços para a ajuda, para o serviço amoroso. Então as palavras-chaves são ASSOCIAÇÃO DE VOLUNTÁRIOS.

A VERDADE terá como tema a Festa das Nações, aonde pessoas do mundo inteiro irão se encontrar. A Festa das Nações envolve a paternidade de Deus e a irmandade entre os homens no sentido de Agradecimento a Deus, que é a verdadeira adoração, pelas graças recebidas.  Lembro que Brasília, lugar aonde moro e aonde inicialmente os personagens irão atuar, é capital do Brasil e existem embaixadas de todas as nações do mundo em que o Brasil tem relações internacionais. A Festa das Nações são organizadas pelas diversas embaixadas aqui em Brasília. Então as palavras-chaves são FESTA DAS NAÇÕES.

Outros temas em que os personagens irão conversar é sobre a América unida em um país, sendo que esta união será liderada pelos EUA, desde o Ártico a Antartida, sendo o único país de nosso planeta que irá estar nos dois hemisférios, norte e sul, e entre os dois pólos com uma variedade enorme de recursos minerais e vegetais.

Anteriormente, eu mencionei aqui no Fórum Serara um sonho em que eu pedi um tempo, e foi dito para mim cinco minutos a mais. Naqueles dias eu não entendi o sonho, mas agora eu entendi. Pelo menos eu acho que eu entendi. Ou seja, eu acredito que o tempo se refere a meses, ou seja, tenho cinco meses para fazer e terminar o livro. Assim, eu estou fazendo o roteiro do Livro como informei acima.

O título provisório do Livro é uma interrogação: - Isso é possível?

Inicialmente, com este título provisório, com o sentido do título: Isso é possível?  é fazer as pessoas refletirem nas falas dos personagens. Assim, a intenção é questionar, no interior de cada leitor, se as ideias relatadas no livro são possíveis de serem realizadas. Lembro a todos que para Deus tudo é possível.

Outro forte sonho que tive recentemente, veio claramente para mim uma data: 27 de outubro. E esta data representa praticamente os cinco meses que me foi concedido para fazer este novo livro de ficção.

E hoje, novamente, um outro forte sonho. Eu conversava, no sonho, fluentemente, e pessoalmente, com o presidente americano Trump. Não me lembro de detalhes do sonho, mas nossa conversa, entre eu e o presidente americano Trump, eu relatava, em síntese, algo sobre aproximação entre o EUA com o Brasil e toda a América. Por outro lado, no sonho, eu falava com o presidente americano, como se fossemos amigos de muito tempo. No sonho eu disse palavras de respeito a todos os presidentes americanos, independentemente de partido, republicano ou democrata (ou de partido independente), sobre a importância dos presidentes americanos para a realização destes projetos importantes para América.


Post Scriptum:

A Festas das Nações é chamada aqui em Brasília como Feira Internacional das embaixadas.

No ano passado (2018) aconteceu em Novembro, no segundo sábado, ou seja, no dia 10 de novembro de 2018.

Pesquise sobre o tema, inclusive, no site:


Post Scriptum (2):

Outra coincidência (já que meu novo livro vai ter um personagem paisagista e o tema Jardim Botânico e a ligação com os EUA).

Sobre o tema coincidências. Apenas digo que eu não acredito em coincidências e sim uma ligação espiritual em que as pessoas ou assuntos se encontram em um próposito maior.

A notícia dos jornais brasileiros:

- Paisagista brasileiro Burle Marx é o tema da maior exposição do Jardim Botânico de Nova York.

Por outro lado, o paisagista brasileiro Burle Marx esteve também no projeto de construção de Brasília, capital do Brasil, que aconteceu entre 1955 a 1960. Veja notícia abaixo também sobre Burle Marx e Brasília.

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