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Serara - Keep Your Eye On The Goal
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:01:02 pm »
Teacher: Serara
Subject: Keep Your Eye on the Goal
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/06/2019 11.00 am (AEST)


“This is Serara. I am here on this planet called URANTIA. I impressed it to be all in capitals for the reason it is the name of your Planetary Supreme. I work with her and with God the Supreme, as well as, with the Creator Sons of the Federated Local Universes. This is a holistic approach in doing the work of a Magisterial Mission upon URANTIA. Keep on course with me, my dears, as I work this through to a grand operation to get so much done in areas that will work to the benefit of proper conduct and civil action. I, as a Magisterial Son, am tasked to bring Justice, Mercy and a new dispensation to the planet. As such, I work behind the scenes on the planet to get this truly in line with what is being planned by Michael and myself. We have much to accomplish and so it is that we work unhindered in this area in which we do business . I cannot speak on much more than that for reasons of State, but be assured, I am gaining the momentum as is hoped for and more. Ron is surely healing fast and we, on this side of the veil, are hopeful for his full recovery in a couple of days more. His work is too important to be left unattended. So is mine. And I add so is yours Sue, do not sit by as you can do this work of hearing and typing as it does here. Keep up with the prompts from your Adjuster as He is very much keen to get with the work that is mounting up as high as Mt Everest. Too much too little and where are you, you ask?

“Well now you ask, it is apparent we are with you all along. It is just that you all have sat back and are dazed in what to expect. Do not lose the goal. Keep your eye on the goal. Just as a player kicks the ball and passes it well, always a good player keeps the goal in mind. Your goal is in front of you and you need to keep your eyes on it. That is all I ask of you now. The goal is the way of the Lord in His kingdom. I work it too, along with all who are His Sons and Daughters. So, now we have that made clear in your mind. Stay the course on this playing field you inhabit. Know your place as a child of God.

“Anymore, you ask of me; and yes there is, but not at this point of time, as I get things underway soon enough. I ask that you all pray that this works well in the coming times in the next few months of your URANTIA time as things unfold as it should to be evenly done by all accounts in our plans to get the Magisterial Mission running well before you in physical form.

“That is all I have for you now as I wish you all the very best in your efforts to keep on course with your willingness to serve in this capacity you do so well. Thank you for listening and good day to you all.”


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Re: Serara - Keep Your Eye On The Goal
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2019, 12:07:53 am »
It is uplifting to know that the work is on-going behind the scene and that all those who are indulged in this gigantic enterprise have not given up in their efforts to bring URANTIA on the path of Light and Life. Thank you Sue and Serara for this transmission, it is like a refreshing breeze that awake us from our slumbering. Domtia
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