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Subject: Staff/Commissioner Pre-requisites, Mission Products/Programs
Category: MM Speaks
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
July 6th, 2019.  12:00pm UTC (12:00pm Pacific)

Moving and Travel Contingencies concerning Contact Commission work in York, Pa.
To be determined are future Contact Commission priorities, willingness and cooperativeness; attitudes and personal contingencies in the face of disasters affecting one’s ability to live in any current location. There must, first and foremost, be a willingness to move to take up residency in York, PA, also known as the Protectorate.  There is no need to worry about personal logistics traditional to standard re-locations as one understands it.  Such things are capable in our hands, but what is not is the staff’s pre-commitment preparations, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, let alone, materially.  The call sent forth for Staff and future Contact Commissioners will be positioned as My (Machiventa’s) emissaries and missionaries.  Missionaries will carry a new and re-defined meaning than what your planet understands, as it is now associated with material domination through corrupt religious institutions. WE will define Our present and future mission on a planetary scale and distribute these Mission priorities regionally through Melchizedek orchestration as taken from higher Authorities such as MICHAEL, SERARA, MONJORONSON and so on.

Contact Commission personality conflicts will melt relative to Incarnation in our CC group’s presence

York, PA is a necessary move, even if temporary, in order to receive and take the pre-requisite courses of how to act and behave and address higher celestial authorities and incarnated Deity and Divinity.  A primer question to incoming staff is asking them to define the difference as they understand it. What I mean by the header is how petty human ego conflicts that fester over years of doubt and erroneous or misplaced faith will dissolve in the face of tangible Mission status and opportunities for experience.  What is not understood by humans will be lingering doubts as to how Ron pulled all this off, when of course, it was not all his doing at all, but our enablement and cooperation with any plans after so much deliberation from the Local, Super, Central, Grand and Master Universe administrations.  This is, indeed, an understatement, as only Ron truly and personally feels the literal pain this whole process has been to this point.

We want to close this section by re-stating, York re-location is OUR demand and not Ron’s even when it will come through Ron.  Those who cannot discern Our message from the Messenger are simply mistaken and will be given a grace period, not, but may be bypassed for those people who are willing and able to be educated and ramped up to the status We need to be useful at all in the execution of Our programs.

Vernacular is built amongst this group to execute Our Will in planetary PRODUCTS and PROGRAMS:

• Sixth Epochal Revelation dissemination which will be concomitant with Adam & Eve Schools

Beyond the pre-requisite course work for staff will be Programs promoting and educating Adjuster Fusion and also programs outlining collective destination toward Planetary Light and Life.
What is meant by vernacular amongst a Contact Commission is a baseline of vocabulary and concepts of these Missions, in order to represent and distribute our Administrative mandates in lieu of our direct presence, much like and akin to a Press Secretary for the President.  There may be scenarios where We bring in a person who is unknown to the group but not to Ron, who will have or sense in advance, what and who we are summoning to York.  There is more around this but the circuit grows tired as of this writing [with this transmitter].
Products are of course both Rayson Corp and the current book, known as ORIGINS.

The timing or the time to ponder and dither will be ended when Emergencies demand OUR service and OUR being known.

Simply put there is a time approaching when the luxury of mental pontification is over and the time to act is an immediate choice, not, rather, more like an immediate consequence of geography and circumstance.  The period we are in as of this writing is immediate pre-build-out planning and final consecration to participate fully, honestly, willingly,  and faithfully.

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Re: Staff/Commissioner Pre-requisites, Mission Products/Programs
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2019, 11:35:53 pm »
Well done Commander Penopt2 (Dominick) !

While reading your very important transmission from MACHIVENTA, I enjoyed that deep trust so similar to what I feel when reading Ron. I can hardly wait for HIS Patt II, or Second Movement in the Score. A great piece to hear with so much more to come.  Machiventa needs more of us to play in His orchestra.  I will endeavor to join and serve our Teacher with you.

Good work,  Penopt2 !!               Steven