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« on: July 11, 2019, 04:14:32 PM »
Some of what I received this afternoon was personal and is not included here.  However most of it is to be posted, so hear it what I get to post.

Subject:      Some Words From MICHAEL OF NEBADON  
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:          July 11, 2019. 3:30 PM


“You had originally, after taking Ron’s advice to take a transmission from Me today set the time as 9:30 PM, but at 3:00, I saw you had an opening in your time so I nudged you at that time to take this transmission.

“Amethyst, I am indeed keeping an eye on everything and remain fully informed regarding the situation on Urantia.  I will not mislead you and tell you all is a piece of cake.  The challenges are immense and your Mother and I both are tending to Urantia and each of you in our own way.

“This recent problem with Lanaforge has disappointed me greatly.  It is another setback and I can fully understand how yet another setback has discouraged all of you as well.  Sometimes setbacks are indeed a test of faith, and sometimes they are not.  This particular setback was not put there as a test of anyone’s faith.  You who are active here have passed those tests long since, and those who have lacked faith have been weeded out.  They are still my children, and have wonderful careers ahead of them, but for the purpose of the Missions it is imperative that the most hardy ones be tested greatly for the tasks you will face are going to be difficult and we need to be certain those involved have the muster to do so.  

“As you know from reading the URANTIA BOOK, the Melkizedeks  serve as emergency Sons throughout the local universes, and I am using them is spades on this one, both incarnated and not.  Do not be shocked if at some point, probably much further down the road, if you get a knock on your door, and there is a gentleman there that introduces himself to you as someone by the name of Mr. Melkizedek.  That will be your signal you are being called to a specific task.  You could handle such an encounter, but most of those who have left the forum would not have been able to do so. This is a significant reason for the intense testing.  You have to be able to accept things that would not be credible to most.

“But this last snafu is not a test.  Too much testing can be as harmful as not enough, and we have no desire to overdo it as there are limits to what one can take. This is a real problem that had to be solved and it is a wonderful thing to have the services of our heroes the Melkizedeks.  

“Just one more thing before I leave this short  message, and you can include it in the part that you post.  You are correct in your observation that you struggle to connect with personalities of the ETERNAL SON, and I am pleased that you are aware and sensitive enough to recognize this.   For the time being, when you sit down to transmit, if you have not already been prompted by a particular Being, ask to receive from Me.  I will either send a message to you myself, or put you in touch with a personality from the SON to give you a transmission.  You do need to shore up this gap.  But by no means should you retreat from receiving the personalities of the INFINITE SPIRIT as they too have a great deal to say.

“That is all for this moment as I have much to attend to.  Good day for now and my deepest gratitude for all of the faithful members on this forum.  Even though you may not always feel it, we do indeed need you!”

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