Author Topic: Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia  (Read 30 times)

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Thanks for all of your efforts for us and Urantia
« on: July 11, 2019, 07:24:47 PM »
Thank you amethyst and Michael of Nebadon for that encouraging word today after recent disheartening posts. I discovered the FER about seven months ago and read/skimmed/scanned it in a few months time. I'm now working on a more thorough reading a second time through. Thanks Ron, SCC, and all of you regulars here for all your efforts to help us Urantians!
I understand that Ron has attracted a number of members of the rebellion to himself. What I don't understand is how Spirit which is not in rebellion works in opposition to Itself/God? i.e. his own Thought Adjuster, Havona Supreme, & most recently Lanaforge taking measures to counteract various Others efforts (most often Michael of Nebadon) to bring healing to Ron. I can't count how many times I've read he should be good as new in days or a week only to hear he's still on his death bed countless more times and yes I know Ron, you'll believe it when you see it. Can someone point me to somewhere in TUB which explains all the difficulty God's folks are having getting on the same page with plans for Urantia? Thanks.

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