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11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« on: July 11, 2019, 11:16:51 PM »
We have excerpted a portion of our meeting tonight as Michael speaks to some changes you should find un-equipping of the Missions to Urantia and even Nebadon.
I caution you, they are hard to understand, and think about why it might bother you.  I saw RAZ ask this evening why the attraction of rebel-style personnel get involved. not just with my placement, but others too who like this work and get interfered with.  You will find the changes announced in this tape are not rebels yet they sought dangerous activity against humans and were summarily removed on their own or by the Ancients of Days.  I have no explanation beyond the facts presented here and regret they happened too.

At the bottom of the page click on the attachment to hear the tape.  Thank you.   RON

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Re: 11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2019, 01:52:15 PM »
I appreciate the recording. 

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Re: 11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2019, 02:01:21 PM »
Transcript:  11 July Contact Commission Tape

Steven Gitz:  This is Thursday evening, the Contact Commissioner’s weekly teleconference meeting, it’s been ongoing for a while.  With the tropical storm going in the Gulf, Steven Gitz (yours truly) just got on and so we are recording now and Dominick Ohrbeck and myself Steve Gitz and Ron Besser are here, and I give it to the Chief Commissioner Ron Besser.

Ron Besser:  Thank you Steven.  We already have a transmission ongoing from MICHAEL, and MICHAEL please continue for us please.

MICHAEL:   “Yes, this is for the list.  I now am recording something I regret and that is, that this list, while peremptorily correct, gets behind the times and Ron gets so behind the times with announcements that we must change in less than 24 hours, has happened again.  You as list members are upset, well that’s the way we all are.  
“Let me tell you something.  Nebadon is upset with the Creator Son, the reason is that I have been promoted to be an ombudsman to the Superuniverses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7; with the exception of 1, they are settled in Light and Life now.    Superuniverse 2 is 90% settled in Light & Life, Superuniverse 3 is 50% settled in Light & Life, by the time you get to (Superuniverse 7) Orvonton 0.5% settled in Light & Life.  There you have it.  God the Supreme is not going to manifest himself until Orvonton is 100% Light and Life.

“Now this.  They want me, MICHAEL of Nebadon, to take on the duties of helping the Superuniverses reach Light & Life faster.  It is a huge promotion for a Creator Son, I readily accept it in gratitude, but the problem is there is a backlash.  Today I asked Ron what his thoughts were and he told me this, ‘Fine Creator Son I love that you got your promotion but frankly, when you are gone, you become an object to teach about and are no longer the great Creator Son we all talk to.’  That sealed it for me.  We are now asking the Father to rescind my position in Nebadon and to cement my relationships with all of you.   I am asking to be removed from the position of ombudsman.

“Second thing is, Ron has been in excessive pain over the last 3 nights in particular, the reason is that Lanaforge had Ron injected with a serum that was meant to destroy the remaining effect of our cure for leukemia.  Ron does not have leukemia back but is worse, he now has a constriction of the aorta that leads from the heart to the legs, it was part of the design of the serum Lanaforge injected into Ron.  As a result Lanaforge was summarily removed from Nebadon and must serve out his sentence on Uversa for one millennium.  Urantia will be Light and Life by the time he is released.

“Secondly, we had another Supreme revelation; Serena the Chief of Staff for the Magisterial Mission for human and celestial life, was summarily removed from Nebadon this evening.  She has returned home on Uversa, she will not return to Nebadon.  

“Now - Amethyst reported that she was doing a transmission from Lanaforge yesterday and it was summarily removed from her screen.  It was not her fault the Ancients of Days removed it.  Lanaforge was summarily removed from Nebadon and no communication was allowed, that’s why she lost it.

“Secondly, Serena contacted Ron today and asked him if he held anything seriously against her.  Ron said “no, you’re doing your duty I don’t put that as a personal innuendo against me.”  She said ‘thank you’ and left, slightly chastised.  Ron has learned to take the direction of the Adjuster without having to go in and think about it, the Adjuster automatically supplied these answers and Ron endorsed them by saying that before the Adjuster could get it out.  We are proud of him.  

“Third, today we had a long conversation with the Contact Commission and the reason we did was to make sure that Dominick Ohrbek and Steven Gitz understand that we are in for one heck of a problem coming, not only to York but, to the United States and to the EU and to the Middle East, we let the rest of the world carry on for itself until they grow up.  The truth of the matter is that the western democracies, with China the exception, are too slow off the draw to understand that they dare not behave as they are doing now.

“Fourth, Ron said today to SERARA and laterally to MONJORONSON, ‘you must not take the Regency off the table.  I understand, he said, you have been advised not to do the Regency’.  He then further explained that he considered the work of the American government as disreputable and that it had to be brought back to normal operations with something the rest of the world can depend on even if it’s slow.  We look at Russia the Middle East and China as problem children, we are going to keep the Regency and Ron is delighted.  

“The truth of the matter is, now that I have provided you all this information, what are you, the list, going to do about it (and its guests)?   You’re going to sit there and just take it and say hmmm.  NO!  I, MICHAEL of Nebadon am going to ask you in your prayers ‘what are you doing to help the Magisterial Mission?’  What you need to understand is that just coming to Ron and saying ‘I’m ready to help, take me’ isn’t enough.  Ron doesn’t know how to take that, because he has only so many positions to fill and the work that comes under them to know where you fit.  You have to tell him.  Amethyst, the gal in Belgium, and many others would love to be teachers so we assign you to Adam and Eve to take the course to teach and then you can teach in the university, or your college, or in 1 South George Street, the choice is mostly ours, but yours too.  Where do you fit?  You tell us, you are dedicated to the idea but he has no idea of your talents.

“And this to the guests - the guests  number ranges between 200 and 300 daily, most of that is Middle East, they feel constrained to ever come on board.  But the remainder, which is about 75, is either with the Urantia Foundation, the Fellowship or assimilated and assembly of other groups that do not wish to be known.  The Colorado Urantia University was contacted 2 days ago with full detailed information about what they should be alert to for their curriculum.   They have summarily removed that memorandum, and the teacher.  I now place Colorado Urantia University no better than the Urantia Foundation or the Urantia Book Fellowship.

“We need alliances, we don’t need scaredy cats, and people who have been taught what the Urantia Foundation teaches, that unless it comes from the Foundation it is mentally ill for change;  totally, ignobly, finally and everlastingly WRONG.  I am MICHAEL of Nebadon and I say goodbye.  Good day.”

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Re: 11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2019, 02:53:28 PM »
An Oath to the Trinity is faithfulness in Spirit contact, personally, ie through personal religious experience and insight coming through Mother Spirit, Michael of Nebadon and your Thought Adjuster.

We ask you this in conjunction with the Contact Commissioner Ohrbeck:
Why is it so hard to identify with US on your planet?  Why the need to receive our beautiful Fifth Epochal Revelation and proceed to identify, publicly, institutionally and personally as a “reader of the Urantia Book?”  You cannot go about and identify as a child of the Paradise Father with Michael of Nebadon and the Holy Spirit?  You cannot task to learn the legal authority of Salvington, or strive to listen to its broadcasts?  Did you know WE broadcast?  If you cannot and will not, then you make the Fifth Epochal Revelation both vapid and moribund.  That means the revelation evolves to the point where it:

• offers nothing that is stimulating or challenging
• (of a thing) in terminal decline; lacking vitality or vigor

Once you identify and make US part of you, you are no longer a “reader” you are Our vessels in the material form under the auspices of the Supreme; but We have a Mission, it’s described in the Fifth Epochal revelation as a Magisterial Mission which will fulfill ongoing adjudication and education for universes upon universes and into the Outer Space zones.

To close, we reiterate.  You are what?  What do you identify with and as, and how will you apply yourselves with US? Consider this question first in private counsel with US, your Paradise Father Indwelling you, your Creator Son and Mother Spirit incircuiting you.

This one wanted to run for cover, akin to the List’s tendency to cut off transmissions for fear of something or another.  But I am representing the Supreme for the last word as WE mentioned the auspices of the Supreme, and the better definition of the word is found here:

If an organization authorizes you to do a specific task, even if you don't work for them directly, you are working under their auspices. Auspices means endorsement.

If student volunteers are helping out with disaster relief under the auspices of the Red Cross, they may be registered with the Red Cross or be using their supplies and equipment. The Red Cross is not responsible for them as they would be for their own employees, but they have given the students their blessing.

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Re: 11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2019, 04:21:13 PM »
Nice going Dominick, thank you.

I wish a follow up to the Supreme's Representative to Urantia, which spoke with Dominick above.  That Supreme Representative is part of the Trinity of Trinities, and while I doubt most readers here really grasp why this matters, I point out to you that the Contact Commission is, and will continue to represent the work we humans do on Urantia.  That is why I am so fussy about who can be or not be on the Contact Commission as we have it established on Urantia today.

I am also beholden to Margul whom I respect and adore as well as he was always there to help me over the hard places I had to move across to get myself back on lime with the Salvington Government whom I thoroughly respect and obey.  My decision to depart Urantia was always taken seriously by Margul and he made a difference for me when things got very hard indeed.  Now we here from a Supreme Representative from the renown Central Universe.  Dominick's speaker did not tell you and I doubt even Dominick knows of his Speaker's origin.  I see no Margul in all of this yet but I lament I do not hear from our old friend through so many years together through transmissions.  Yes?

MARGUL THE TRINITY TEACHER SON OF RECORD ON URANTIA YET RON - "I speak fluently up here where on Urantia it was so difficult to pick up the microphone and say anything worthwhile to you on Urantia.  This morning Ron had his epiphany as well as anyone will have one and decided he had to be removed for his own sanity and well being.  I fully endorse that decision, but Michael of Nebadon decided to chastise him for giving up only because he was near totally blind and so hounded by paralysis of the legs he wanted out of the maelstrom this Mission is turning into.  

"Prozonov in the other thread this morning spoke exactly well when he wrote in great big letter what Ron said to Michael, "you put us here and we grew the way we did because that is how we were directed both by good and bad.  What is your complaint?"   That hurt Michael deeply and he sees the tragedy for Ron very well:  he worked for years to get us ready in a simple way, and now it is too late for Ron and the missions are still bullying over what is to be properly done with Urantia.   I for one hear Father roar at Ron sometimes for being obstinate over issues Ron says he correctly intended and its misuse is not apparent to anyone on Urantia.  What do you do about it then?  The answer is not from the Trinity, but it is from the Father, and that is to gently correct Urantia to get back to normal and let the trial of God finish what it started on Urantia.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I am playing hard ball with Ron this morning because he rightly catches the fact that the Paradise Trinity, has been temporarily removed from the Urantia fracas over the Magisterial Mission, and that fracas is bound to get worse before it gets better, for, in my opinion, the Paradise Trinity spelled great things for Urantia when MARGUL was here but no longer says anything over Ron issues and Michael issues and Supreme issues, so fraught with difficulties, we hardly move.

"I brought to Ron's attention this morning he could be removed and he accepted but that throws a ringer into the plans I dare not approve since Ron sees to the humanitarian aspect of these Missions strictly from the view point of humanity.  I also point out that Ron is nearly totally blind and sees only pieces of words he types and yet I rush on as though things are perfectly normal there.  HE cannot have restitution until I say so and I will not say so because he could run roughshod over everyone down there and still get the kick from Salvington for getting the job done so well.   For that reason I have stopped all of that work and let him molder in deep depression over how he is now a prisoner in his own house for he dare not move in such a deplorable condition.  I now summarily reject his work truly only to find that he is not loved as much as I thought he was but there is plenty of support for what he attempts to do for all of you and truly for himself as well as for the Magisterial Missions on Urantia.

"That said, we are now at a crossroads for Urantia.  Dominick flubbed a couple of lines in the above transmission, but Ron still sees it as a great way to tell you that there is no happier time for all of you than to work for us in pursuit of a Mission that occurs in spite of our frayed tempers over Ron and Harrisburg and York and other places considered as well,  Ron just looked in and found we are keeping no Magisterial Mission on Urantia ground as a headquarters now and he can kiss York goodbye and good riddance for that from the Magisterial Sons.  However, I am going to keep the Magisterial Foundation, bank accounts and all, for myself for a Mission I mount too for Adam and Eve and the Melchizedek contingency as well.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek:"

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK = "You all are wondering, maybe, what this fracas is about this morning?  It is not just Ron, it is Machiventa Melchizedek, Dominick, Gitz, and a few others over the Ron debacles that he faces daily and no one lifts a finger to get him off the imp ailment of a Mission that has so frequently dismissed him he wonders why the bother at all?  That is natural for many, but for Ron he spent over $90,000 on this and we still do not have it straight either for him, or for you, or for ourselves.  He is ready to serve blind or not, and ready to make it stick with those grasshoppers in Colorado who soundly dismiss him but look over their shoulders as to what this portends for Urantia.  He is right to say to them, take it at your leisure, but you better understand you have so many changes to contend with, I doubt you can keep this place going without the new epochal revelation in your hands any longer.  Yet we dither over all of it and finally Ron calls it as it is:  this is a ruse until you decide to follow up with corrective action.  Michael says that is too harsh from a mortal, and I say it is right on too Michael in spite of our entertaining moments with Ron on our morning calls of late.  Be assured Michael I am fully in support of Salvington, but we have finished dealing with Ron if you must have it all your way to cleanse Urantia without human participation."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron says I just do not see it!  What is wrong with being human and having things out of spiritual balance all the time because of betrayal of a Planetary Prince Caligastia, who hated us so bad he set up an energy grid, not to sustain us, but to choke us to death, and then pretend each of never existed at all!"  I say to that, Ron you are out of line to suggest we have no compassion, but at the same time you wobble all over the place looking for pertinent information, find it, then rededicate to a Mission I dare not support from Magisterial Sons who see it as you do.  . .  .


"The world knows nothing of these arguments, yet stands to benefit from your work immensely, and do not forget you have a book with AIDS vaccines that actually work, yet your publisher now wants to hog revenues first and you will not allow that ever.  You rather self publish on Amazon than face that kind of rabbit hole contract.  You are also so ill you can not do a book tour without us , and yet you rather not ever do that as you do not care for the public contact that much.  I agree and refuse to reinstate your health until I understand just how we meet these contingencies without making you too famous for Jesus Himself to lay back while this dissipates.  

"Maybe that is unfair to speak to at all, but you Ron face death daily in so many ways as I know the evil forces still gun for you and they might find the target just right when you are forced to go out and drive with such minimal eyesight.  I dare not make it probable you meet your death this way.  You joke with Bhzutu right now Ron but he is fine and you are not.  Be assured Bhzutu knew the problem right away but you did not because you never thought of fame at all, but there is a jealousy quotient on Urantia that mitigates becomes famous now and that is good you do not care to be it or want it.  However, it will happen anyway and that book must be withdrawn form your publisher if they dither much longer as you have every right to do so and nothing has ever been signed you have to listen to them to do it at all.  We respect the right of that publisher but he is not working well for you today as he is at work writing a synopsis to you over what to do to improve it and you might listen a little but that is not your cup of tea and he knows it.  He is truly at a cross roads himself over what he should do as a good publisher when a book of this magnitude crosses his path and his Board of Directors fail to see it at all.  Yet they now either with a Consortium that wants the book and will grab it if he does not publish it.

"I close this sequence in salute to Dominick over the issue of  the Supreme, for even Dominick does not realize who he tied into this morning with that transmission above.  He sees it as pedantic, but Dominick seems always to see things as dry and cracked, but his fellow Commissioner, Ron Besser, sees it far from dry and cracked since he always reads between the lines of statements in posts anyway.  That speaker is a Vicegerent of God the Supreme, and folks you may as well get used to the idea that God the Supreme, is not fully ensconced in the Urantia spiritual government, and Machiventa Melchizedek refuses to deal with sections of it because it is harsh.  Father says this is a natural consequence of dithering so long, there is nothing to do but force the issues through the experiential Deities themselves, and that is extremely difficult to do for Ron and Machiventa Melchizedek and the Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon.

"We dare not legally say much more.  But when it comes to the relationships that have fallen away due to the unkind representation that Ron also has to face, you all ought to thank your lucky starts you do not know what Ron has discovered and laments all day: the very heart of Urantia is done and people will die by the gross over issues they know nothing about.  This time it is Salvington at work and not the drones of Israel or America or Iran.  We leave this final thought to you Dominick:

"Ron sees the end as abrupt.  We see it as incomplete.  You are feeling so strongly about these issues you are shaken into your inner soul over the harsh treatment just the mere mention of changes you and Ron and others get to show up with a good and handy Memo  outlining them to the Urantia University for example.  They have categorically rejected all this for the simple reason they are beholden to the Urantia Foundation in Chicago to remain in good standing with their institution.  Ron quickly found through spirit intelligence they were at first open but when they saw it was from Ron, they quickly rejected its premise this was important to read and ponder.  Now we have the President of the august university wondering how to approach Ron safely as he knows he is a firebrand when insulted to the degree this group of Trustees have done so.  Dominick, Ron said to follow up if you felt well to do it.  I think you do feel well to do it, but you are so afraid of recrimination on your own backdoor over this you just as soon quit the Contact Commission rather than face the hell those people can be when so thoroughly confused over what they should be doing to win My good graces again.   Michael of Nebadon."

MARGUL - TRINITY TEACHER SON OF RECORD FOR URANTIA - "I now see properly where you stand Ron, and fail to see your deep sadness of having to throw it all away due to such poor health there is nothing to do but leave.  Your favorite news program today states there is nothing left for Trump to do but to bomb North Korea in order to set the record straight  For that reason the Trinity now considers evacuating Urantia not, but to close the entire issue over Urantia, as an apostate planet, and that mercy credits are run out.  I am not unsympathetic to that view, but God the Father knows you spent a fortune to keep the idea of a redeeming Mission going for Urantia, and that to no avail by the view of the Creator Son, at this point.  Be assured those eyes will see well again and that you are able to stand your ground using Rayson to publish that book with our without that corporation behind you.  Trent is unhappy too but sees the writing on the way and is unhappy he agrees with bits of it, but he has no real reason to give in to "them" than you have to for they see dollars and not redemption fully and well through what is said in that book.  Dr. Fauci is not the arbiter of what passes for information on Urantia about AIDS, we are, and we are fully prepared to take it on that way rather than kowtow to a group of people who are so blinded by power and money  they just comply with the status quo as it is on Urantia today.

"I am leaving URANTIA  not, and God the Supreme is leaving URANTIA soon as it is clear the Supreme works not well with Urantians at all, due to the fact that you all are ultra individualists, and that is impossible to break down into a universal language or religion or government.  For that reason the COUNCIL OF EQUILIBRIUM has voted to shut Urantia down for awhile and let it run its way for a time to see what advantage it is to start over, or reclaim it sooner or later as originally outlined by SERARA decades ago to Michael and to the humans who were listening then and the book on Planetary Sustainability is still available to read reference by Ron several times already years ago and to day.

"We close with the sad idea that Ron is being attacked again and it is evil whoever is doing it. You must relent or face judicial action.  MARGUL. k"


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Re: 11 July 2019 Contact Commission Tape 12 mins 15 secs
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2019, 02:17:13 PM »
July 13th,  2019

. . . This just in (transmitting):

Flaccid is their (UUI's) ability to integrate cogently with outside groups despite the excellent experiences and talents of its Board.  Why?  Because they claim Authority yet do not claim to be under the auspices of Salvington (Nebadon), Uversa (Orvonton) or Paradise (Havona).  They do not even teach it as a pre-requisite.

They do not have a core curriculum, rather, a sequence of courses with flowery jargon, with assumed fruits of their labor.  The courses come across as wholistic and integrated, but honestly, they go to no ends; and truly, have no means other than to fraternize. Much akin to Rotary clubs and other humanitarian organizations.

The Urantia Book contains “ANSWERS” and their curriculum does not claim to provide the prospective students with such any clearly defined answers.

Questions like:
“was there a War in Heaven?”  For example, Marvin Gawryn, alludes to this in his Forum, online class, yet the “emergency revelation” lacks any urgency for today’s student who is the--My lost sheep (is this Michael?]  Yes.

I [Michael of Nebadon] would like to see them (University et al) change their tune to Mine, and speak in concert with Me, and guarantee the student they will be able to contact Me and Mother, and the Guarantee comes from themselves [each student] under the auspices of the Paradise Father who indwells them.

[Thank you Michael, is there anything else?]

Yes, I want to bring the flow of this email to Steven’s attention as this is how our work is to be expected to flow, that is with Me and Mother and anyone else your Thought Adjusters allow and enable with you.  Ron does it quite well and consistently, and models it for the junior Commissioners, but it is natural work for all in My Universe of Nebadon, who know Me.  Good day gentleman.  Michael out.