Author Topic: Mother Spirit - Be Not Afraid to Speak for Us and More  (Read 183 times)

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Mother Spirit - Be Not Afraid to Speak for Us and More
« on: July 15, 2019, 11:05:10 PM »
Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject: Be Not Afraid to Speak for Us, Her Encouragement with us and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 12.28pm(AEST)

“Be not afraid to speak for us as we relay these messages to you, dear one. It is time for you to step up to the plate and go with this with the impetus that it represents. I am with you in this work you do, and that is because it is the nature of work I do best in those of you who are attuned in spiritual input. I am Mother Spirit, this is the work of Spirit, and it is with me you receive such input as I do through your divine Adjuster in you, it is because you are fused, you are in line with this reflectivity that is working in you. It is a constant stream of thoughts impressed upon you and you pick it up well, but you need to focus and concentrate fully with what is relayed in a steady way for you. Do not jump ahead of yourself. Keep it at a steady pace will you, and that is a go, for a really good transmission in all that is to be presented to you. 

“As it so happens, you are mindful of my work and my placement with all of you, as that is where I do my best to be present and available with all of you my children and my love for you. There is always Mother with you, and that is that. I do not leave you or let it stand in a awash of changes. It is best to have this going smoothly, so as to enjoy these communications flowing as it should, to enable the flow of connection and information for you to keep abreast with us, as we move forward in dealing with what has to be for Urantia. Your Supreme Michael and I care very much for all of you, but things has to go a certain way to maintain the proper order of the Paradise Trinity to enable the goodness to be felt for your own benefit of life and light in your lives going forward unto eternity. It is with this we have to do a certain pattern to get it working in that pattern. So, there it is, and I work with that, and keep it in a steady way for it to be truly working with all that has to be calibrated in with the plans of the Supreme Michael of Nebadon, and with the Havona Supreme that is our going concern for Urantia, Nebadon and other parts of the Grand Universe to be as One with the Paradise Trinity.

“As a daughter of the Infinite Spirit, I work tirelessly in this avenue with my administering spirits and other beings to assist the work of finality in each of the ascending children of God. So, as ascenders, you are in effect, children of the Infinite Spirit in whom I work with and with you. As Creative Spirit, I am just that, creative and manageable in spiritual attainment. I let this be for now as you are learning more and more, the ways and means of our work with you. This is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, and I am pleased this is getting a hearing as it is with the Planetary Supreme who I work closely with and with you all. Good day and may you ever be in my peace.K.”


[Sue: Thank you Mother Spirit, that is a beautiful encouragement from you on your part in with us. I appreciate the advice given and the wonderful camaraderie shared here in Spirit. Good day to you too Mother Spirit.]