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« Reply #15 on: July 29, 2019, 11:16:39 am »
Dear Ron and the forum I realize the value of the White race to the U.S. as well as to the world. I also see the problems and hatred of the Black race of which I don't want to be a part of.
The problem is when the opposing side see me they will include me as well.  I'm in agreement with both of you, if I came on a little to strong I got caught up in what I was saying. I'm not
going say what most people would say "My best friend is So in So", I'm going to go further and say I lived with Whites on two occasion, in Emmett, Idaho and Fontana, California.  I had
just did 180 degree turn in my life. My only complex is my lack of education at my age to deal with the world I live in. So if I missed the point I'm willing to learn my faults and I'm willing
to correct them.  Thank you Ron and Father Michael.



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« Reply #16 on: July 29, 2019, 05:04:53 pm »
Weydevu, you are not alone in not having sufficient education to cope with a wicked world so full of secret thoughts about the other guy and his existence, true comprehension eludes us both.  In truth I rather racism would go away.  My bunk mate in basic training was a black youngster from Georgia who was so offend with white men cursing around him he called the Captain to stop it!

I sttod beside him at attention as he patiently explained to the captain why he was so upset and he offended he was those around him could not speak without using epitaphs even I never heard of until I went into service.  The captain did not explain it away either and frankly there was a college man who never thought black men had a complaint of white man's cursing, but Georgia did and was near tears.
There is no surprise ending to this tale except to tell you that the nature of man regardless of his skin color is nearly the same everywhere, and except for culture, one cannot tell one from the other in a blind test of meaning of what we see as behavior around us not.  I am convinced Georgia was right and thought so while I stood there beside him at attention and wonder what kind of world he came from and what his momma taught him was righteous?  I was taken by two thoughts too:  1 - Oh you poor man what ARE you going to do to live with this as it is everywhere;  and 2 - you wonderful nincompoop you just taught me to love you for your ways impossible as they are!  

It is not inequality between black men and whites, it is our mommas who teach differently what is right first and the cradle obeys.  But we live with millions who had no right momma and no way to tell the difference how not to hurt for the fun of speaking dirt.  You Weydevu speak the truth and  though I thought you missed my reason for so many words, you hold right and well and you have a good bringing up that is a lesson to all who bothers to take a word with you.

The races have meaning each.  I tried to show you that.  Some meanings are stronger than others, and the indigo race is faint in his mind over usages white man revels in, but black man instead of learning how to express racial differences competes to be king of the hill without understanding there is no hill unless he builds one first in his mind, and the white man seeks that hill before him.  That is not wrong but it makes losers and winners out of innocence.  The point to me, Weydevu, and it is an opinion, is that it cannot be settled the way the blacks think about their home in white America.  Oppression is the indigo view of white ambivalence about black inclusion, and not the lack of fellow feelings.

Finally, the point for me to drive home this time, is that it will take divine intervention to break the stalemate of black against black against white against yellow and even red.  I understand a little why the clash, but do not lose hope that the fight truly ends over divine intervention.  My hope is that a Magisterial Mission forces a huge clash between the ideals of the black race toward the adversarial white race, and by divine force, to exclude either race being successful to live a good and peaceful life ever again, and that is to be forced to learn that when we take from others with racial bias with one hand the virtues from another, we take it out of ourselves too, and that crushes civilization as we live racially today.  That is very very hard  to understand Weydevu, but somewhere in that hope is the vision that the Magiserial Sons have to do it not only in America but in Europe, Africa and in all of Asia.  

I do thank you for addressing the subject entirely and I am often afraid of it because it engenders such hatred and sensibilities about those who dare address it.  Most people will never address why they are angry over the presence of differences to the point fire erupts and war ensues in some small way or big way in our lives.  Thanks Weydevu.  it is one long hot summer again, and I fear Baltimore is looking for trouble again!
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