Author Topic: Machiventa Melchizedek - Vast Mission Changes for Urantia Fully Vetted Now.  (Read 966 times)

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July 23, 2019
“We are speaking today for a brief moment and that is to warn all of you that we have settled out reasons for the Missions on Urantia, and that Ron is still in and so is the Magisterial Foundation.  All are dedicated immediately to the profund changes made in Nebadon in the last few moments of time; they are changes so new they are still in their wrappings in some cases.

“Ron is calling a special meeting of the Contact Commission this afternoon to discuss with them what he knows, and he is about the only of you who hears what is coming.  However, the point of my talk briefly this morning is to refute the idea you or any of you are not to transmit.  Ron never said to stop trying, he said to keep trying but we have difficult circumstances in the Local Universes of the Federation to overcome but if your hear silence, try again later.

Fully explained nothing will do for now.  It is up to Ron to play the tape for you if he feels it can be released.  Be assured Michael will let him know the circumstances.

“However, we state categorically, nothing is in the way now to start these Missions, visible and invisible on Urantia at once.  Jesus is not available now.  That is another entire question for later.  But all else is running and the Magisterial Sons are out of it for at least one year before they appear for the Magisterial Mission to come.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek and bid you all a good day.”

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MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK    A brief update but a very important one.

Now we can all relax in the knowledge that all has not been in vain.

During the past several years we have all experienced the ups and downs, the ins and outs and 

the on and offs of the Missions.

Thank you so much.  

All engines Full Steam Ahead!