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Audio Transmission / Doubt Not
« on: July 30, 2019, 01:28:45 AM »
Subject: Doubt Not.
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 30th July 2019  07:28 Local  05:28 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / Doubt Not
« Reply #1 on: July 30, 2019, 03:42:38 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Doubt not

Lemuel : Good morning everyone.

LANAFORGE : Thank you Lemuel, I have been waiting for you and now that I am here I am glad to be able to accept you and I will work with you if you continue to call Me. Lemuel, I want to tell you that you have great talent, but you also have great doubt from time to time and this simply is not on.

You are fused – Father fused – and therefore you have also an increased power and with that increased power should come increased confidence. So, please I ask you to leave all your doubt behind and do what you are doing now because you are able to do it very well.

I am LANAFORGE and I speak to all of you now, please remember that it is not just I but there are so many others of your Celestial Family who are here, willing and able to transmit to you messages everyday, at any time of the day or in the night if that is necessary. You will receive a call and it is up to you to respond to that call and of course we hope that you will.

Now then, there is some of you on the forum who have been here from the beginning, so to speak, and you have been tried and tested so many times with so many disappointments, we know that and we appreciate the fact that you are still here.

You are so appreciated, you have no idea, but what I want to impress upon you all is your worth as Agondonters is just marvelous to behold. You who have had the faith, light faith, for so many years, without the desire to see is really remarkable.

So please, keep on doing what you are doing, listen for the call, respond to the call on a daily basis, perhaps more than once during the day, do your best and this is all we ask of you, each and everyone of you.

Now again back to you Lemuel, I am so pleased that you call upon Me this morning and here I am. This is proof that this is all you need to do. So, once again I repeat, there is no room for any doubt, you are Father fused human-being and therefore no doubt should enter into your mind.

Have the confidence to do what you’re doing now where it flows freely. If you make a mistake, it does not matter and that applies to all of you, of course. So, this is all I have to say for the moment. Thank you again, Lemuel, thank you all for listening and I bid you all a very good day. This is LANAFORGE, good day.

Lemuel : I am very pleased and surprised that it comes so quickly and flows so freely and I am really very pleased, thank you very much indeed LANAFORGE and I look forward to the next time. I thank you all for listening and I bid you all a good day, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio Transmission / Doubt Not
« Reply #2 on: July 30, 2019, 10:42:13 AM »
Dear Lemuel and everyone.

We have been here for years at the Serara Forum and time goes by flying.

It seems like yesterday that you only participated in the Serara Forum, and you Lemuel did not broadcast, and Ron encouraged you to broadcast and receive. Until you started and continued, and remained.

I made this comment because I like your daily broadcasts, ie usually daily broadcasts you get

On the other hand, just as I feel appreciation, a strong feeling of friendship with Ron Besser, I feel the same feeling with everyone in the group, from the Serara Forum,


Caro Lemuel e a todos.

Estamos há anos aqui no Fórum Serara e o tempo passa voando.

Parece que foi ontem que você somente participava no Fórum Serara, e você Lemuel não fazia transmissões, sendo que Ron encoravajava você a fazer transmissões e recepções. Até que você começou e continuou, e permaneceu.

Fiz este comentário, pois eu gosto de suas transmissões diárias, ou seja, normalmente,  transmissões diárias que você recebe

Por outro lado, da mesma forma que eu sinto apreço, um sentimento forte de amizade com Ron Besser, eu sinto o mesmo sentimento com todos do grupo, do Fórum Serara,

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