Author Topic: So! Where are we?  (Read 1050 times)

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So! Where are we?
« on: August 09, 2019, 10:58:52 am »
Lemuel.  I have been hesitating for days in responding to recent events, not really knowing where

to begin or how.

So! Where are we? is a rhetorical question because I simply do not know a straight forward

question to ask.  I feel as though I have been caught up in a whirlpool and trying to hold on

to something, anything, that will help me to make some sense of it all.

It is difficult to come to terms with the fact that our Celestial family cannot agree amongst

themselves as to how to proceed with the Missions, or how to proceed with anything!

As above, so below, the saying goes but I am, at the moment, inclined to believe that,

as below, so above!  How are we humans ever going to be able to improve our lot and move

forward into Light and Life when the Spiritual Hierarchy are continually squabbling amongst

themselves like spoilt teenagers?

I was stunned on reading the extinction of so many millions of lives.  How is it possible that

these highly ranked spiritual beings were ignorant or chose to ignore the warnings of the 

Ancients of Days?

To be informed that there were those still loyal to the Rebellion, sleeking around and causing

all sorts of problems were disturbing, to say the least, and that our beloved Ron had suffered

some of the consequences. I had a problem getting my head around that one!

So!  All in all, I would like to say this. If you guys upstairs cannot get your act together

then we poor human sods down here are well and truly ******!

Now, having said that and got it off my chest, I am feeling better, lighter, even optimistic about

our future and that is only because my beloved Thought Adjuster, who not only gave me

the "go ahead" to let off some of my accumulated steam, but has also now assured me that

all will proceed well and that I only need to remain centered in Him.

So! Where are we?

We are here, ready and waiting, so bring it on Joe, we can take it!


Very disturbing indeed to discover that our belove 

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Re: So! Where are we?
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2019, 11:43:07 am »
At the time of writing this post for the forum (my local time) I suppose that the Magisterial Sons have already taking offices, in an invisible form, at 2709 Sunset Lane, York PA, unless there has been another postponement, which is not my wish because the presence of SERARA and MONJORONSON is to set-up the long awaited Magisterial Missions on Urantia. Any news ? Domtia
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