Author Topic: Michael of Nebadon Clarifies fusion Issues and The Need to Regroup  (Read 69 times)

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Michael of Nebadon Clarifies fusion Issues and The Need to Regroup
Michael of Nebadon
August 13, 2019
230 PM York time

“I am ready to announce a few things Ron knows already only because he must operated the Contact Commission with full knowledge.  Be assured that all which has ben stated is true.  But Ron never exaggerates much but this time he called back the 6th epochal Urantia Dispensation back to the 4th Urantia epochal Dispensation.  That is what I told him and he naturally quotes me as saying so.

“Now we must reconsider that effect, and I now refute the 4th and reestablish the 6th to keep current with the proposed sixth epochal revelation at hand.  This on again, and off again, dust up over that revelation is now over.  I am openly declaring it must appear and that Ron has it to deal with on all levels.  This:

“SERARA made it clear to Ron a few minutes ago that the need for a Dispensational correction was so evident that HE, SERARA, was prepared to incarnate and continue the Magisterial Mission visibly.  Ron asked if MONJORONSON was part of it and was told, no, that MONJORONSON must seek recompensation of the fact that JESUS was no longer doing fulfillment work on Urantia, and that the entire idea of the Last Supper prophecy to return again was not fundable any more.  It is for that reason that MONJORONSON and others associated with Jesus are no longer appearing.  Jesus says this to Ron, “when you say ‘this’ just does not seem possible,’ you are expressing what I feel Ron, and you must hold your tongue over issues related to it.”

“Jesus clears Ron’s mind of angst over this as all of you must do somehow.  You can thank Trump and Jesus and the world at war with Germany and Japan as the cruel clients of horror that have forever changed the idea of God on earth ever being complete again.  Ron feels that keenly and never says more than, ‘it just does not seem possible this could ever be a real decision against us.’  I fully agree with Ron and all of you feel mostly the same too.  However, let it be known that Bestowal Sons abound on Urantia these days and Ron does at time serve as such in order to get to you the fact that your existence is not guaranteed anymore and that we are looking completely at the ascension career now that God the Supreme has suffered such a huge setback.   Ron wrote a Memo this morning and we would not let him send it because it succinctly let certain institutions know what they wrought over being slow to distribute the Urantia Book at all.  Further translations are now forbidden and they know that very well from me.

“Finally we must amend the fact that Lemuel and Amethyst and Sue have had their Adjuster fusions withdrawn.  They no longer exist and we are not going to review it further until you reach the age each of you where you must prepare for death.  In each case all of you noted here are part of a grand plan but were so slow to use anything given you just did not get noticed at all.  Ron tried to get all this working and until Lanaforge made his pass through this site, no one would transmit.  Ron gives Lanaforge full credit for getting transmissions out of you.

“Now, however, Amethyst you cry over spilt milk all the time as does Sue and Lemuel seems oblivious to the idea he could mess up at all, but his constant refusal to deal spirit a similar voice has cost him a set back slightly only but he is regarded highly and will fuse with his Adjuster again and shortly and this time as he leaves Urantia for the mansion worlds he belongs on, and those worlds are not in Satania but on Edentia where he will be trained as a soldier of the realm.  He dearly loves the military regimen and we have places for that profession too.  In all matters Sue you are too much distracted to learn what you need to under a fusion condition and that is relented from for now and you will feel not change whatsoever as to how you are feeling and operating now.  That leaves Ron and Steven and Dominick and Clency and one other, Dominick;s friend Raphael fused with one bias included.  Ron is your chief over all activities announced with this idea of Adjuster fusion without chariots of fire.  It happens because the Father so wills it and Ron is the one who knows how to use it beautifully. 

“Let this be a reminder to all of you, fusion is always available, but if you do not use a gift like this, it can be modified or removed, and for now it is removed as noted.

“I gather one more instance for you to listen to:

“I asked Ron to modify his approach to SERARA this morning and he does, but he made the error of asking after Monjoronson, as Monjoronson is not a happy Magisterial Son this morning due to the fact he and Ron see so well eye to eye over the Second Advent, and Ron laments that such is off the table for good now and may never be reinstated.  It was Monjoronson who held the plans and means to do that work on Urantia and now it must be put aside. K"

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