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The New Era and Dismissal of the Supreme-Ultimate Disaster for Now
« on: September 03, 2019, 12:39:59 PM »
This is an overture to the long post following:

The Long Post over ten pages printed out, is a dictation I have now had to post twice more in order to get it registered here as they fight and fight and fight and I cannot wait until this whole episode fully done.

Noon at York Pa 03 Sept 2019
●    Michael of Nebadon
●    Consummator of Universe Destiny
●    Master Spirit Seven, AYA
●    Creative Spirit of Nebadon
*     RAYSON
*     MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son

The New Era and Dismissal of the Supreme-Ultimate Disaster for Now

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I decree URANTIA out of wed lock forever, and that is not bad considering that URANTIA was my Bestowal Planet not that long ago, and now stands as mute testimony to the power of God the Father, to undo the harm of the death of my Son, Jesus.  Be assured that Jesus now fully understands that the murder of his person on the cross, is not to stand, but that there is a redemption coming in the most harsh of conditions to the hose who murder with impunity, and laugh in our face about what they did.

“I am no longer Michael of just Nebadon.  I am the Father of Jesus and I am Jesus, but you are all too impossibly emboldened to hear the least of my concerns, and that is to remove all the plans made by our little son Ron Besser, and to place him in probation, and that is with the rest of you before God the supreme and God the Ultimate as the Supreme-Ultimate design for all future Local Universes to be established in ORVONTON and the like.

“Ron you discover this morning you are genuinely on your last legs and just pray you can get out of here with as little damage to yourself as you can.  That is not yours to worry about now, as we are fully assured that the trial you represent is genuinely and fully well stated for mankind.  God the Father sees it without impunity but with too little too late and that is ours not to over mention, for the following is now in place:

“URANTIA is now a Supreme-Ultimate sphere, and as such it belongs to the future and not the present means of proliferating people and horrors of State as the present status on Urantia, is now to be lifted and all concerns regarding the home of the brave, is no longer running, but is declared silly enough to bring an end to the entire idea of a Magisterial Mission for or with SERARA and MONJORONSON.  You are Ron are accepting but see little worth in doing the will of experiential Deities barely old enough to stand any trial of worth yet on their own.  I fully agree, yet this decree you issues a scat three days ago, the PROCLAMATION, is not history again, and you are fully excused for the duration of any life you have left here on Urantia, as you once saw it. 

“I declare all I have said about valid not.

“Why must I go through all of this?

“Fully stated, we are now at the starting gate of a new era on URANTIA.

“URANTIA is now a Supreme-Ultimate planet not and never will be one of them ever.  My universe is designed to be Supreme-Ultimate, but I was rescinded by the experiential Deities for being too lenient to humans and too well defending of a Jesus who needed to fulfill the prophecy of coming again.  Jesus has no intention of fulfilling any such prophecy so long as there is a genuinely new way to producing divine Missions, that actually allows man to be part of them, so long as man is sufficiently developed to understand anything about what he is asked to do in such Missions.

“Therefore, Ron Besser, you are declared done and over not.  You just feel it this mornings as for the last two dozen mornings, and suffer depression and desolation of your fondest dreams to proceed as promised not all that long ago.  I dare not restate the obvious that you have reached a stage in growth that if you were fully recognized Ron, you would be a first stage spirit, but the universe has no mechanism to show that in the material in a material human being at this time.  We might have to learn how to do that someday, but for now, we rescind your work for good only because we cannot use the ideals of all that it stands for.  Let the provisions stand for what you have done and fail no further but to keep the Magisterial Foundation, alive and well for now, but rescind all other corporations, including the Rayson Corp and York Preparticles, for good and let them die not young but unused as for now there is no Magisterial Mission or Rayson or others to teach or give Urantia a new era of hope.  We now close this era with the following information to all:

“I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, have returned out of fear of being overrun with the Supreme and the Ultimate, not, but for fear of being inundated with the Paradise view that all good things must not be attended to, and that people like you all are, and that Ron certainly is, are too good for what must be done to Urantia as a whole.  The Supreme=Ultimate is not benign.  It is harsh, and cold, and fully out of kilter with the teachings of the Gospels of love in the New Testament.  Yet there are reasons it must be in order to un jumble what URANTIA has done to the Local Universe of Nebadon, and the galactic command center Uversa as t he capital for the ORVONTON Superuniverse.

“We now stand not in recess, but are forced to identify one major new player in all of this, and that is not Ron or you Sue or Clency, but the one called TARKAS, who Ron knows well as a friend and teacher in the early Urantia TEACHING MISSION of several years ago.  TARKAS asked me one day to stand down for a year and not let anyone hear me so that He could make it clear that URANTIA is a fully metastasized apostate planet and must be removed period.   I scoffed at the idea mostly because at that time, URANTIA was successful in beginning the so call TEACHING MISSION.  We now know that Ron tried very seriously to take the harm out of it that most of its adherents were placing it and designed the Tmarchive. Org site to maintain some semblance of what we were to do with it when it concluded in another thirty or forty years from 2013 or so.  That would make the old TEACHING MISSION complete and we could take things from there.  But NO:

“No TEACHING MISSION, will resurrect the fun and hope that it first engendered for Ron and most others, but it got pushed immediately into the realms of fantasy on Urantia by people who fail still to recognize that the fifth epochal revelation is worthy of extra effort to learn and win for a day to be one with Father and so on.  Ron alone seems to have taken that caveat well and fully supports what it stands for and how it goes about it and proudly hails the idea of a sixth epochal revelation, as so important, we must never provide the idea of not issuing it somehow even under the civil war conditions that still prevail against any new idea of revelation on URANTIA today.  I give you TARKAS:

“I AM ONE OF SEVEN BEINGS who can metastasize all material matter into one big ball of forgiveness and come out of it well done.  That is if the place were not URANTIA. 

“Ron actually laughed at what I just said and hoped it was forthcoming with some idea of ‘what now?’ situation to help all of you.  But not really.  You are being completely at odds not with me Ron, now that I see you wondering how to use length in a more effective way.  Good. We continue well together now:

“The trial we have this morning is that Ron cannot see really.  He moves with sore muscles and broken legs entirely, and is convinced he is being sent to the junk yard for having believed that the TEACHING MISSION was one of the greatest offerings ever done.  It is still magnificent as is Tmarchive.Org.  Yet it is being insulted daily by people who have no idea what it represents and Ron has no intention of making it slower and smaller than before, but it needs revised to show TARKAS as a root leader over its issue now long dismissed by MICHAEL OF NEBADON and even by the UNIVERSAL FATHER on Paradise.  Let us make it clear; Ron is asked to capitalize all words we ask him to in order to index these messages in our spirit archives, and does a fantastic job to keep it going in spite of so many words and capitals to spare.  This:

“Today on URANTIA, we no longer have Machiventa Melchizedek holding it down for future action.  Machiventa Melchizedek is now a TIME LORD and as such HE must find a way back to Urantia without all of the giddy talk he use to hold with Ron and others on Urantia including the Raphael group which is so out of true touch, but that HE must find Himself as the Time Lord, as Ron named them at once to replace the rude habiliments of God the Supreme of recent Deity designation.  I am TARKAS, and I am now assigned to Urantia, not as God the Supreme, but as God the Ultimate neither, but as GOD THE ABSOLUTE to address all that must be redone on Urantia, to get it back to a planet that one can feel good on and to work for progress in each life.  For that reason we give Ron his due and then dismiss him for good as he must never be back at the bar ranch to start a situation where the Urantia Foundation, finds itself at odds with every Tom, Dick, and Harry, over universe status of an epochal revelation, that is now truly out of date and needs replacing immediately.

“For the reason alone Ron, you are given a renewed sense of life on URANTIA and are not dismissed into the mists of old and somewhat darkened history.  But leave all alone until the Heart of God can replenish your own soul on high and leave you working with health and vision once again on Urantia as you fully intended all those long years ago too. 

I AM TARKAS, and I am fully found on Urantia as is.  URANTIA is alone in its quest for sanity these days as other planets it belongs to in Satania, fully mock it as a place for children or men or women or for any meaning other than it is the WORLD OF THE CROSS., and that it must remain the same until JESUS, or MICHAEL OF NEBADON are fully expunged from its history not, but now learns its fate due to a strange quirk in the universe development, call the DEITY ABSOLUTE which now has come forward to change Urantia on its own and to allow people like Ron to bloom on it once more.  We must end the segregation of URANTIA and start working to bring it forth as the BESTOWAL PLANET of all of Nebadon, and not just an infamous planet in SATANIA.

“Therefore, I TARKAS, declare that URANTIA must amend its own idea as the WORLD OF THE CROSS and to rely upon MICHAEL OF NEBADON to bring it back to life HIS way and that is to foretell that Ron Besser, you do not die off now but regain an ascendancy on high not first, but you will have to work your tail off on Urantia for years to get the new EPOCHAL SIXTH REVELATION OF EPOCHAL status for Urantia to finally learn what is has to do toget out of deep trouble over so many personal and public issues always brewing on Urantia.

“I insist you listen well all:

“The trial today is not just another change, but an epochal change unexpected by the MAGISTERIAL SONS SERARA AND MONJORONSON, but unexpected by MICHAEL OF NEBADON too, and that is to understand that the DEITY ABSOLUTE is now making full charges to rescind URANTIA as a fifth epochal revelation sphere.  It, URANTIA, is a sixth epochal sphere and it will reveal all of this in the MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION as the lasting turht beacon on Urantia until Light and Life and that may happen suddenly and quickly too, who knows as MARGUL, has suggested changes to that scenario too.



“I am MARGUL, and I capitalize all this to index it now as our new system of all this writing that takes place with Ron and supporters, requires we have a better systm in place to place documents properly on our ledgers for future reference as to what we did say.

“For Reasons of State, Ron is not allowed much at the moment but I want him to be fully informed that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK quickly had to leave URANTIA MONDAY MORNING your Labor Day, to get out fo the way of a gigantic push by both the SUPREME and the ULTIMATE, to take URANTIA over for themselves again.  They are premature but realize it not.  Instead MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK had to suddenly vacate Urantia for other Reasons of State too, and that was to avoid running into Ron over issues he is insisting be completed before he dies since he considers his life so closed off from the reality of a normal life anymore, he is glad to get out of here while the sun shines Nelly.

“Be assured that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has plenty to say to Ron and the rest of you when the time comes, but now we see the entire matter kick up over Ron as the final day of his life on Urantia as usual.  However, that is not the case, as the Universal Father, has decreed that Ron survive this mess and learn to live well with friends and family on Urantia until the final curtain falls millennia not on URANTIA, but shortly, for that is when the Father rotates the planet into the oblivion of a total axis shift not to cool it but to place URANTIA into the ideal location that is further from the Monmatia SUN, but to exclude URANTIA from Satania, which has such a hard time recognizing itself as an apostate Planetary System too, and that its time is forever, but without URANTIA AND DOREN and other recently mentioned.  Be assured that is close enough Ron to let it ride.

“AS a result, the planet Panoptia is to be removed entirely from the proximity to URANTIA due ot faults it now carries surreptitiously, and that Doren is next in line to get the boot for its ludicrous proposal to join URANTIA in a Magisterial Mission without Ron Besser ever being present in it, but that Ron Besser, winds a kudo from the DEITY ABSOLUTE for understanding that it is the DEITY ABSOLUTE which holds the final power over Urantia with MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Be assured Ron now understands that this day is uncomfortable for him too, as he must come to  terms with a blind spot in his mind that carries not daily briefing with Michael of Nebadon, but with ME, TARKAS, who is the sole representative of the DIETY ABSOLUTE on any material planet in all of the Superuniverse of ORVONTON.  Here is MASTER SPIRIT Number Seven, AYA.”

and as such I cover the Supreme, but now have to learn that the Voice of the Supreme, is now fully and entirely silent to the Grand Universe.

“All who know the FIFTH EPOCHAL REVELATION, now must consider the work of AYA on ORVONTON, as essentially revised, and that the entire matter is let ot rest for moments until we can clear our work to recognize that GOD THE SUPREME and ORVONTON are outside of the Grand Universe idea of a Supreme functioning government on Uversa some day.  It was declared so a few years ago on Paradise, with God the Supreme fully dependent on that Proclamation, to obtain the required universe mass to be fully represented as the Almighty Supreme, quickly, and then honorably as GOD THE SUPREME resplendent on our sphere of UVERSA.

“That said and fully understood as what was to be, now it is not!

“Be aware that I AYA, have no resolve other than to learn our fate due to his sudden and ubiquitous change of fortune.  I am also seeing Ron, forcing himself to be cleared of thought this generates for him too, and am grateful we have a transmitter who knows when he gets overwhelmed with counter thinking and corrects it for us who transmit to him.  In any case, you all must recognize that the entire section on Supremacy in the fifth epochal revelation is in error now, and it must be quickly removed from teachings and let stand by its own as an error well meant but not complaint with all future needs now.

“That said Ron is trying to figure out if this information is cogent to the allies of the fifth epochal revelation at all.  It is not cogent and it must stand separate from other communications for now from every getting to the URANTIA FOUNDATION and its allies as the FELLOWSHIP and other such places.  Be assured the publisher of all things Urantian is no longer operating due to a huge fright over your work Ron and his decision to abandon all though there and keep well clear of your view that all comes to a crashing end without remorse soon enough.  That is true and it is fully done in the eyes of Paradise already, but URANTIA must come to terms with the Representation of the DEITY ABSOLUTE now taking charge of URANTIA, and that is hard to imagine just how TARKAS will handle this either.

“Fully done, I am AYA, and I thank you Ron, for taking this down to seriously, as it is quite serious, but this is even more debilitating not to you Ron, but to those on Urantia who feel a meal is owed to them for being readers of the fifth epochal revelation.  They get nothing if they do not change their attitude and means of livelihood on Urantia.  From now on, the ideals of Urantia revelation, now deal not with MANTUTIA AND THE REVELATORY COMMISSION PRESENTLY working in the Sixth Epochal Revelation, but that they must realize that there is nothing left to Facebook or Twitter, or the Mighty Messenger magazine very soon, as it cannot be published without publishing tools and even ORIGINS is dead if it cannot get found shortly and that is sad to you Ron, but worry it not.  In any case here is RAYSON to clear some air for all of you now: AYA, Master Spirit Seven.”


“I am RAYSON, and as such I must be accorded all capitals too, We have decided to scrap the entire idea of a scientific mission to Urantia today.  It is open to redo a little later if I understand it correctly.  Steven Gitz there is no Rayson Corporation to run for now and neither is a York Preparticle either.  Both hit the dust this morning when the DEITY ABSOLUTE shunned the entire idea including ORIGINS  in order to concentrate on remodeling URANTIA again.  We know this hurts all but that is the way drastic change shapes up sometimes.  How we got this far with so much attendant on you Ron is a miracle too, but ORIGINS must be published soon or it gets lost with too much news on tope of it toget it seen and listened too.  Try the Amazon self publishing idea quickly to see if you can squeeze it in in time otherwise abandon it.  It will have a come back in a few years then. [spoken by Mother Spirit]

“I am fully dismissive not of your problems Ron, This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and you are getting it in the pit of your stomach again, and see the likes of the usual behaviors to continue to prevail to the detriment of all, but not so.  Places like the URANTIA FOUNDATION, and its ilk beliefs, will be removed surrealistically shortly.  They have a tenuous hold on reality anyhow and it takes little to remove them under their own power indeed.  We see this as a trial to all too but that hs to be spoken to later.  Fully explored, this Paper would take another ten pages, but we leave it for the current ten pages for now.

“As you are aware, Ron, you are so seriously ill it takes nothing to drop you out of the evolutionary stream of Urantia right now.  But not so.  I refuse to dismiss you for your own worth, as the time today is surely upon all including yourself Ron to recognize a direct hit by Doran (sp) has not been avoided and no turn north is offhand expected.  Leave it for now and listen;

“URANTIA is hemorrhaging money and blood in prodigious quantities today the 3rd of September, 2019.  That Hurricane is a good example of what nature does when it is not understood by forecasters or the common man, as Hurricanes indeed have steering currents, but they have internal dynamics not understood at all, and Florida is lashed by it now.  We are all sure he weather department will scratch its head over this one for years to come.  In any case Ron, and those reading this yet, the ideal currents on Urantia are now with TARKAS and he has no Order name either as he is so high up, even Paul of Tarsus, wonders where he ends and the surreal begins.  In any case we watch with great interest now that I, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, must allow URANTIA to pass from the FATHER, to the DEITY ABSOLUTE, to determine its fate along with you Ron, who came out of the fold of the fifth epochal revelation to earn a huge place with us and then get smacked back by the Supreme, and then retrieved by the DEITY ABSOLUTE. 


“I am totally ready to start this with good will as you are Ron and all those you represent on this discussion forum.  It is the only place on Urantia that has such accommodations, and as such is so rare as to be care worthy to stay the course regardless of problems to keep it working well at all.  Make another backup of its database and be safe for awhile from losing it as Phil is making it hard to knock off the air as he sees it is useful too to explain some things he needs to hear too.  In any case the entire matter now is to rescind not Rayson, but the Supreme-Ultimate entirely as too soon and too late in some regard to the comfort level of creation to take it on, and that we are ready to move according to the secret plans of AYA, and other MASTER SPIRITS to quickly undo the disaster that hit Nebadon alone at first and then started working on distant Local Universe seven worse and they are in a fury with you Ron over the same issues you dared the Supreme to drop at once.  No one except you and TARKAS and perhaps Gitz and a little for Dominick, will understand this well.  You in particular Ron were under attempted murder schemes and were serious damaged in your body because of it.  No such restitution is made to anyone including yourself Ron, but you will be made whole thanks to the DEITY ABSOLUTE. I am TARKAS, and I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE, as I am so powerful we come to the conclusion I have to be extremely careful to not impinge on human free will at all.  You Ron are extraordinary!  You actually hear JESUS speaks in his classroom this morning: “I AM GOD AND STOP AND LISTEN TO ME AS I LOVE YOU IN SPITE OF WHAT TARKAS MUST SAY OR DO TO URANTIA WITHOUT ME.”  That came through clearly and yet you wonder if TARKAS is not somehow imbued with the CHRIST?  I am CHRIST TOO and never forget that power is resident in you at times to Ron and with others as they may recognize this change is monumental, and almost completely hidden from all right now.  I rest my case for now. TARKAS.”


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Re: The New Era and Dismissal of the Supreme-Ultimate Disaster for Now
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2019, 11:44:42 PM »
September 4, 2019, Samara, local time is 08.30.
There were several calls this morning, but I was not at the computer. Now I am ready to receive the message. Is there anyone who can come to me and dictate ?. I am ready to write ...
I did it right. Continue to practice receiving our messages.
This is a difficult time for Urantia. We cannot tell you something concrete. So far, everything is in suspension. It is too early to draw final conclusions. Uncertainty can last a while. But everything conceived earlier must happen. But only Father knows time.
You mortals do not need to multiply evil, but remain good, sympathetic and patient people. We repeat, you must show by your own example how to treat people divinely - as Jesus taught: treat the other as yourself. Do not humiliate, do not insult, endure and do not give vent to the emotions of others. You are an example, you must be aligned with you, you must bring the light of the truth of the Urantia book to people. So they themselves must constantly study it and, if possible, promote it. No one has canceled divine truths. That's all for now.
4 сентября 2019 года, Самара, местное время 08.30.
Сегодня утром было несколько вызовов, но я не был за компьютером. Сейчас я готов принимать сообщение. Есть, кто может прийти ко мне и продиктовать?. Я готов писать…
Правильно сделал. Продолжай практиковать прием наших сообщений.
Сейчас трудное для Урантии время. Мы не можем тебе что-то сказать конкретного. Пока все находится во взвешенном состоянии. Окончательные выводи делать рано. Неопределенность может продлиться некоторое время. Но все задуманное ранее обязательно случиться. Но время знает только Отец.
Вам же смертным надо не приумножать зло, а оставаться добрыми, отзывчивыми и терпеливыми людьми. Повторяем, вы должны своим примером показывать, как надо по-божески относиться к людям – как учил Иисус: относись к другому как к самому себе. Не унижай, не оскорбляй, терпи и не давай волю эмоциям другим. Вы - пример, на вас должны равняться, вы должны нести людям свет истины урантийской книги. Значит сами должны постоянно ее изучать и по возможности пропагандировать. Божественных истин никто не отменял. Пока это все.