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« on: September 04, 2019, 10:31:48 am »
I am rather positive that the cause for little understanding for some is the realization that you have no real good idea what the Deity Absolute is.  You should, but who reads the Urantia Book that well any more?  Some do, but the majority can remain clueless because it is not intuitive knowledge that tells you who IT and now HE is.

There is a tab at the top of the forum that allows you search the Urantia Book.  Use it.  Search Deity Absolute.  The most succinct discussion about this most powerful entity, excepting Father of course, in the universe.  We now have the God the Absolute in charge of Urantia at least today and no once can resist what He says he wants.

The THREE ABSOLUTES immediately emerge with a narrative from the Forward.  It is the best condensation in the book to read this first.  You will find other references and I leave them to you for your own selection. 

First realize that the Father divided reality into actual reality, what you experience where ever you are.

Second, the second was to divide reality into potential reality.  All of the transcendent Absolutes are POTENTIAL REALITY reservoirs.  They only bother with getting potentials ready for actual realities in future universe area and ages.

The Deity Absolute is present in Infinity only.  Infinity is both actual and potential reality to beings who live in time.  In Father all potentials are actuals. but on time worlds like Urantia, we see the future as potential to come reality and the Creator Sons run worlds like ours with that division in mind: actuals and potentials; now and the future world.

The Deity Absolute knows all future time as HE is the Infinity of Potentials.  He knows what was done all the time in Infinity, but has to guess what the future will be before the future becomes set in stone to happen.  He is all the future trends and ways to get there and He advises the Father always if Father needs to know have we done this before?  What if we do this, what will happen?  And, importantly, he advises Father about Ron Besser even, and maybe about Clency and maybe something about you others who work here.

That is because when we read epochal revelation, we are better informed about potentials for our lives and move faster into the stream of ascenders for which there is a destiny.  He learns from Father what Father sees as potentials too, but from a vastly different scale than the Deity Absolute can, as the Father is also the Consummator of Universe Destiny, that was not known until recently and makes it a little dicey to tell you any great detail about their relationship about future universes and changes to beings like you and I.

Here is the Deity Absolute to speak to Who HE is more:

"I am THE DEITY ABSOLUTE, and as such I command the future entirely.  I am well done on all ideas about experiential Deity, but I had  to call the Supreme and the Ultimate back into their ancestral homes recently because of errors of judgement in using time universes the way they thought they had to. 

"I AM ALL POWERFUL and hold no one to compare me to.  Recently I personalized and became God the Absolute too, but it will take an unbelievable amount of time and development to ever know me as God the Absolute.

"I am proud to know Ron, but he is entirely useless to me and knows it as he is not spirit.  One has to be spirit before anyone is useful to me.  Urantia is in big trouble with me because they killed the Bestowal Son, and both Father and I will never forgive them for doing that.  Further well done is Machiventa Melchizedek who is now a Trinity Time Lord, and that makes dealing God the Supreme angry but not out of use, but how to use God the Supreme is not yet known as MICHAEL OF NEBADON has learned very hard lessons about recently.

"I AM GOD THE ABSOLUTE  too and that requires a lot more study than we have time for, but now you know who I am and maybe all of this reporting begins to make some sense to you now. Good day.  The DEITY ABSOLUTE through Tarkas, my Deity Absolute Representative on URANTIA.  K"

Ron: I will let this little lesson stay as is and hope you read the book for even more insights into this very powerful God in Potential and God in Actual at the same time as both the Deity Absolute and God the Absolute.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "As usual Ron senses a big problem.  Most of you are clueless about who the Deity Absolute is.  Ron assumes as the rest of we do, that to come here you have read the Urantia Book entirely.  Other than Ron and Lemuel, none of you have and that makes you highly lacking to become aware of the terms and teachings it provides you in plain English.  We on high are seriously looking at Urantia as in capable of reading all it needs to because your brain stems are intolerant of heavy study any more and that causes much distress to Mantutia the one who wrote the Urantia Book as you read it now.

"I am sure Ron knows the drill very well but the rest of you are truly miss- creating your futures by letting the book stand half read and half understood.  Take the time in the long winter nights coming to read and read some more and you will be glad you did

"Tomorrow is the 5th of September.  It may be the last day I can speak so freely.  that is because Urantia is coming under the clueless Supreme to determine its far future as a sphere either to teach on or to be destroyed to be finally rid of it as a human planet ever.  Be assured it takes nothing away from any of you, but it is my Bestowal sphere and I assure you it does not get out of my grasp easily.  Machiventa Melchizedek has clued Ron into the fact he is soon to be morontialized, and Ron is not fearful, but he sure wonders what that is all about, and it is about saving Urantia for the future too and to place God the Supreme far distant from any destiny bearing for Urantia.  I close with a prayer between us, Ron and I, that we may have no parting of the ways just yet but to stay the course and fight for the Light and Life due us as a Bestowal Planet as well.  Amen.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."


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« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2019, 01:59:34 pm »
Hello Ron and forum members,

I don't really take it as an insult, more as an oversight, but many of us still read our Urantia Books, and will continue to do so. In spite of the stale appearance it wears today, there is a vast amount of fresh ideas waiting to flourish from between it's onion pages.

Just a couple of examples:

3.5.3 In the affairs of men's hearts the Universal Father may not always have his way; but in the conduct and destiny of a planet the divine plan prevails; the eternal purpose of wisdom and love triumphs.

194.3.2 Many things which happen in the course of a human life are hard to understand, difficult to reconcile with the idea that this is a universe in which truth prevails and in which righteousness triumphs. It so often appears that slander, lies, dishonesty, and unrighteousness - sin - prevail. Does faith, after all, triumph over evil, sin, and iniquity? It does. And the life and death of Jesus are the eternal proof that the truth of goodness and the faith of the spirit-led creature will always be vindicated. They taunted Jesus on the cross, saying, “Let us see if God will come and deliver him.” It looked dark on that day of the crucifixion, but it was gloriously bright on the resurrection morning; it was still brighter and more joyous on the day of Pentecost. The religions of pessimistic despair seek to obtain release from the burdens of life; they crave extinction in endless slumber and rest. These are the religions of primitive fear and dread. The religion of Jesus is a new gospel of faith to be proclaimed to struggling humanity. This new religion is founded on faith, hope, and love.

I see countless examples of the kindness and love that flows from Our Loving Father, so many that speak differently than the direction this forum has taken.

Maybe we need to "take a breather", as they say?

White Stone