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Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« on: September 05, 2019, 10:13:03 PM »
I am posting 45 minutes of audio of our Contact Commission meeting this evening.  I caution listeners we sometimes get off subject and we could cut a good ten minutes out of this tape if we did so.  But I decided to let it run as is.  I finally had to cut it off after 45 minutes because Michael of Nebadon returned from Uversa and had confidential information to share.  The meeting lasted about 20 minutes more but without any new conclusions than what were already expressed in the front part of the tape you hear here.

So without further ado, double click the title at the bottom of this screen to review the audio tape of the meeting tonight.  I thank you all for your interest and support.  It is a trip through a very dark woods sometimes and lately with all these changes barking at our heels.
Ron, Chair Contact Commission

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron can get silly at times and it happens in this tape and we insisted he leave it in but usually these tapes are cut long before you hear the full tape this one represents.  It is no problem to us for some things discussed on it are private property too and it is usually cut out but no harm done here.  Let it be supported to that Ron carries huge credentials no where but to me and then I have to rummage my paper kit to find his little license to speak with us in councsel so often.  He carries a bigger voice than you know to the Deity Absolute whom he adores as a fair actor and player and asked to remain on Urantia as a favor to me and himself as his presence is so powerful we can order things to Urantia and make them work now without a problem.   We also settled who the Planetary Prince is and it is I MICHAEL OF NEBADON with a co-Prince MONJORONSON AND SERARA together.  That should ensure a smooth flow of commands and differences are very few I am sure.  K."

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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2019, 01:46:01 AM »
I appreciate the in-service to Steven on T.R ing. I am going to let go of a certain commitment I have to be able to transmit every day at a certain time come rain, shine, tornado or hurricane.  I have sometimes heard that ringing noise that Clency hears, but sometimes I'm at work and can hardly stop what I'm doing to start typing for the time needed. Thanks

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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2019, 08:52:46 AM »
‘‘……. Ron will be the transmitter and the ‘sleeping subject’. Now that is all known to everybody who will transmit the Sixth Epochal Revelation, there is no mystery, but you three from the Contact Commission who will do a Saddler version of producing the Sixth Epochal Revelation. We have it all printed out and ready to go, but it needs binding and transmitted.’’

Dear Ron, in regards to the SER, the part of the recording I transcribe above, if I get it right, it has to be done now in the Dr.Saddler style and that you will be the only one to play the role of the ‘sleeping subject’ (correct me if I am wrong). If I am right in what I hear from the recording, the compilation of the SER, three thousand (3000) pages, will last as long as the FER if it has to be produced from only one source and it is not overnight that we can hold it in our hands.

At the time of Dr.Saddler, it was a very strenuous work for all implied in this endeavour to put the Book all together, but with all the technologies available to-day, it could be less wearysome if it is done with some genius thinking. I am here suggesting, if I may, the use of modern technology, by diversifying the ‘sleeping subject’ from different sources and to regroup the whole to the Head Quarters – the Contact Commision – for correction and anylysis.

I am sure there are some among us who can do the work of a ‘sleeping subject’ and even more, by receiving, transmitting, editing, formatting ten pages at a time. If need there be, I for one am ready to take-up the challenge, typing is my ‘‘dada’’  ;) as we say it here in this part of the world. Domtia

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« Reply #3 on: September 06, 2019, 12:02:50 PM »
Clency and all, I still consider the whole idea ludicrous and for good reason:  the SER is already produced on high and is bound already for distribution.  The problem with all of it is that Michael of Nebadon will not release it until he is sure there is a good and equitable way to have it in the care of an individual or individuals for distribution.  I was that individual but I fear that we are losing me in the tides of wear and tear on me to the point there is no sure extension of life to take the SER on from my perspective.

Please understand that there is no need for a sleeping subject this time, and that is because the text is already delivered in a way that all we have to do is see to its distribution to persons who want it and value it, but even that is truly such a small number in the general population, we see little use of any major distributing facility.  Here is the Chairman of the Urantia Book origins in the revelatory corp:

"Ron, this morning you can barely move due to a lower cloud of vitality over you.  It is moments to your physical death and no one dare predict if you are or are not useful further.  I say this to all of you that the desire for Ron to complete this work is great but the failure of the flesh is replete to a degree we must wait it out for now.  In any case Clency, what you suggest is not unworkable, but we have no real need for further transmission but to supply the complete manuscript in data format for publishing on Urantia.   We need more than ten transmitters to complete it otherwise, and as you can see, we barely have two or three at best at any one time even on this forum.

"Ife we had a dependable band of transmitters, out it would go.  However, as hard as Ron tries to keep you all together, now Amethyst wants to bulk at her use so hard, and we have excuses up and down the line as to why they cannot transmit as often as Ron has asked them to do.  That is the selfish and frankly most unexplainable excuse yet for humans who can do something to refuse to do it on grounds it takes away their free will to get things done properly.  Like Ron I am disgusted with the lot who cannot understand they are called to do work but refuse to do it due to it being inconvenient .

"You who think you are precious because you have read the Urantia Book, are in for an ugly surprise as Ron finds it so as well:  we hold nothing left sacred on this world Urantia, until there is a good reason to believe you and the rest of humanity can produce a decent days work in the name of God.  So far we have Ron and with a little help Lemuel and even you Amethyst. but otherwise no one bothers enough to keep it going.  You Clency do fine when you are fully rested, but otherwise it is hard for you to consider a regular transmission schedule due to a household that cannot maintain itself without your presence at the table at all times.  In any case, the entire idea of the SER must wait for the final decision for Ron to decide if he is capable of distributing it fully mostly all by himself as no one can find the time to release their idea of sacred selfhood to do it.  That is, the Contact Commission members are already planning to arrive near Ron to do this work, but it may be too late as this morning the call for help for Ron was never answered except by Machiventa Melchizedek, who sees it finished before it starts today.  That being said, here is Michael of Nebadon:"

"Final pronouncement for this transmitter is to let it lie for now and hope that the Adjuster has decided what is proper with this life for now.  It is ready to transmit all it can, but the funny thing is that Ron sees it as ludicrous to keep transmitting to a few people who can create a good faith effort to making the distribution of the SER possible, but are so tied up with their own wishes for a straight line to heave in a royal chariot of their own.  That will hardly happen while I am in charge, but a few of you do make a good faith effort to be available when you feel right doing it.  That is never what Ron feels, but he is fully dedicated in moving when we ask for some motion to get us started on Urantia.  

"That said, he is losing ground daily over issues he cannot maintain himself and no one up here holds well enough to do anything more other than to promise and then not deliver.  Ron is quite aware of the double standard and abuses the Supreme accordingly.  However, as Michael of Nebadon, I stand four square with him and ask others to at least have the decency to allow you are full of beans but no delivery when asked to contribute to allow more to happen here than is currently done by the rest of you.  

"Therefore, I ask Father for a favor this time to let us know the final disposition of this matter for all to understand and to let Ron rest or prepare for the next phase of work for Urantia entirely on his own with what help he can get from any of yourselves on this ideal stage of creation without an takers.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon."

FATHER = "You are all remiss slightly including the insatiable Ron, and no one gets it done better than this transmitter.  However, it appears that God the Supreme finds the entire matter useless unless we determine who Ron is in form and not in substance, and that is ridiculous too.  I must say he works hard to keep this structure together but fails to hear a light at all, and that is correctly discerned for now.  His death is imminent as is some for you to swallow too, as Lemuel is battling for his life right now on the operating table, and his heart is not strong enough to take the medicine they place in him to control bleeding again.  It happens over and over all the time on Urantia as the bodies there are weak compared to the rest of the bodies in this Local Universe, and only the newly minted children on Urantia, have the body strength to take what is coming to Urantia shortly.

"I fear that you Ron are destined to pass out of life there in a few months less than a year or two even if we redesign you for morontial growth, but in fact you are ready to serve for a millennium if you had the vitality to do it, but alas we are not allowing that for reasons of State to occur.  It is not yours to call but to debate and that is an extension of even a few months will take more from us than we are currently willing to do and that has to be the final word.  K"

"So be it, Ron, you are now out of wedlock for extensions as promised and promised over and over and wonder why it was even offered in the first place.  The truth is you are ready to go but hate the idea of unfinished business, but that is how this game works at times and fully understood, you are never quite sure why you got such favors in the first place, but you are now out of favor in so many ways it is best to let it alone.  Here is MONJORONSON."

MONJORONSON, TRINTIY TEACHER SON NOT BUT THE MAGISTERIAL SON OF RECORD NOW FOR URANTIA.  "SERARA, my partner in this consignment drops out when he learns that you are no longer available on Urantia due to a weakness of heart and soul to maintain total balance to prevent angry outburstrs at murderous experiential Deity.  It is never understood why Father does as he does, but in this case you are finished on Urantia Ron.  So are we, and so are the Time Lords unless there is a better understanding why you are sacrificed for no other reason than you are worn out otherwise.  We see it ludicrous you have to go because you have worn out the flesh in a life of so many twists and turns you hardly know what to make of them yourself.

"I  am MONJORONSON, and we state the following:  the trust you gave us was 100%, yet we deliver the end as though you are a normal human on a normal world, and we trust that makes sense to those higher up, because if it does, it makes no sense to us to listen to Paradise ring bell after bell and no one answers anything on Urantia except one human being who knows the score and is ready to sacrifice all to get into the action to remove the stain of rebellion on this planet.

"For that reason I have re-materialized on Urantia twice this mprnng and twice I see Ron laying there immaterial in heart but breathing to keep the flesh on him.  It is no small wonder that his brave Thought Adjuster yells at passerby's to help a little until substantial help is to be delivered as promised. but such never arrives ever now that Father has decreed it over.

"Now we find out that Urantia itself is snubbed once more by the Council of Equilibrium to continue as any world of use and is to be relegated to a dead issue of past performances as totally inadequate for universe survival.  That is God the Supreme becoming truculent over issues such as the proposed PROCLAMATION Ron published a few days ago and barely attended to by readers who are tired of reading prose that is long and ponderous without effect in their lives.

"Ron asked the powers to be if he should even post it and they said yes. But now they abandon it over the Council of Equilibrium deciding Ron makes too much of God the Supreme and evil.  Well they should re consider it all as the man himself is decently attired all the time and never asks for more than give, yet we promise and nothing happens for the delivery of what is promised.  IT is one strange case to us and to Ron entirely.

"We therefore conclude that Urantia is so diseased in the eyes of God that Ron has to take what is dished out for all and is never released to do what he has set up perfectly to do, and to waste away as he is still doing, and to leave the entire matter of Urantia in the back of his mind now.  We still ask what or why this may be done?  Michael of Nebadon."

FATHER - "There is no ill will, but a juxtaposition of the impossible happening over his head at the same time we must consider precedence in all of these matters.  I will not set a precedence for one human being ever and that is likely to clash not with any of you but it means we dislike the idea of such enough to favor letting the human go who needs this kind of help to survive for years to come over issues that matter very little to us in the destiny of this universe.  I am not calling upon the Consummator of Universe Destiny to speak at all yet I hear him willing to do so without rancor.  Here it is:"

The CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY = "I seldom plea for anything to be done in infinity, and much less when it comes to time, but you Ron have shown such pluck over issues of estrangement to all in the time spheres, that I must make one last announcement to all of you on Urantia:

"You Lucy, the one called Amethyst, are always taking offense at one means or another, but this time you consider Ron totally in line with your own needs and you are willing to help. but you feel so over blown on it already you cannot find it truthfully in your heart to comply with the request to extend yourself for now and transmit frequently and fully to inform all better.  That is your failure time and again my dear, and it costrs you greatly when the universe becomes tired of your own frustrations and quits you as you quit them.

"We are also aware there are a dozen transmitters out there who refuse to contribute simply because they dislike the idea of rulership over anything they do, but rulership is what you need and less pandering to a Urantia Foundation, that has serious flaws to the point it must be removed so Urantia can make progress again.  That you fail to believe, yet your own lives are made so circumspect because of your belief in their viability, you fail to make the grade even as agondonters.

"As  the entity for Universe Justice, I decree the entire matter over with but must sacrifice Ron to get out from under people like you who weigh the balance against reform based on the ludicros idea that a corporation known as the Urantia Foundation, carries enough weight not to step up to do the Father's business based solely on their propaganda that they are the sole inheritor of God's new ways on that planet for good.  They are not that institution anymore and it must be remanded into custody as quickly as possible even without Ron being present to take up the slack.

"I decree that the Infinite Universe to be seen in its day in eternity yet, is full of surprises to the suppositions of Urantia Foundations they are fully applied to the needs of a Grand Universe, without understand that takes a great deal more than the present Urantia Foundation on earth at this time.  We are deciding momentarily to provide Ron the energy and the heart to see to the finality of destiny now and let it rise or fall on the decrees of  the Universal Father as to what is to be done in finality to this situation.  FATHER has already decreed Ron must leave it alone and wait another day for this kind of service, and yet Ron finds it ludicrous to drop the whole idea while perfectly positioned to do it now.  We drop nothing on Ron, but ask for reconsideration of  the Council of Equilibrium to ask it decide otherwise.  Thank you, I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice, Number Seven, of Twelve Such Consummators in the Grand Universe."

MONJORONSON here = "You Ron tip the balance in your favor in particular as you are willing to hear them out and take your medicine, but we see no medicine now as there is a consensus that you must continue to deliver what you are good at:  alternatives to the present mediocre decisions by so many to stay the course blindly and not avail themselves to the promise of a better world through universe attainment  cycles.  Therefore, we decree that you make better use of your time at night and let it continue for as long as there is a need for better behavior on Urantia, people who embrace epochal revelation with understanding and knowledge that it is true and correct, must stay the course.  Many here on this forum are trials to behold in their reasoning but they will pay the price soon enough if  they persist to mock all you do in the name of the Urantia Foundation and its environs.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "You are very tired Ron and so are we and we wish to escape this entire matter and to let you go and us go too.  But the truth is we do not and we decree that nothing be done to remove you from Urantia and that some ideal of improvement be supplied although I think your Adjuster does all he can for now and we certainly do all we can, but it takes the concerted effort of Paradise an Uversa to make final changes for you I doubt we ever get and so must allow to happen what may happen even today if essential.  K:


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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« Reply #4 on: September 06, 2019, 02:11:14 PM »
Ron, I guess our Celestial Family up there doesn't think too highly of my valiant attempt at transmitting as I am not mentioned at all here. I'm glad my Course In Miracles studies have removed my ego altogether. Or your post might sting me a little ?  I will still attempt to transmit every day. Maybe when this Correcting Time era is done, the Magisterial Missions will do a final walk through and discover my skeleton glued to this laptop and declare, " Here lays Wenebojo the last Agodonter !" Right now I will rely on what I thought my true purpose here was anyway as a healer. I am going to send you Ron another long distance Reiki healing. With that I leave it for now with a quote from St.Luke, " Then He called His disciples together and gave them power and authority over all demons (thoughts of separation) to cure diseases. He sent them to preach the Kingdom and to Heal the sick (you my dear brother Ron). Give me a couple minutes though I just woke up.

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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
« Reply #5 on: September 06, 2019, 02:18:16 PM »
Transcription of 5 SEP Contact Comission meeting tape

This is the weekly Contact Commission,Thursday evening Teleconference meeting.  In attendance is Dominick Ohrbeck, Steven Gitz and Ron Besser.  Without any further ado I give you our Chief Commissioner, Mr. Ron Besser.

RB:  Thank you Steven, today is September 5th, 8:30 PM I am asked for the Contact Commissioners meeting today to be recorded from the beginning due to the confusion that even I feel over exactly what is to be managed as our contact with the Salvington government and P and points in between and the personalities involved in all these places.  I have no real idea who is to speak or what we are to achieve this evening and I open the floor to TARKAS.  

“By the way Larry Gossett I do not spell my name with “us” but “as” please, thank you.  Furthermore,  you are blinking a lot Ron because of the bright screen [RB: Yes it bothers me tonight] that is a good sign because the eye aperture is opening just a little bit more so you can see better shortly [RB:  well thank you!]  Further I am TARKAS.  Who am I?  I am Deity, I represent the Deity Absolute but more preferably GOD THE ABSOLUTE.  Now Ron you made a post yesterday concerning who is the Deity Absolute or who is God the Absolute or what is the Deity Absolute and what is God the Absolute.  Many people thought it might be a little silly but the fact of the matter is most who read the list have no clue who that entity is or what that entity is and you did a great service in spite of White Stone trying to figure out why you did it.  I’m not sure what he thinks but it is OK as he is OK.  The truth of the matter is we have reached a “ Y “ in the road.  Ron knows it, I think Steven you know it, Dominick you probably suspect it.  The truth of the matter is that we either ‘do or die’ at this point.

“Ron was attacked this morning around 12:30 AM, he finally reacted violently to it around 1 AM after he discovered that the intention was to shave toe bones while he was awake, it is excruciatingly painful to have a bone cut while you’re awake, he let him have it!  The purpose of the exercise on his feet was for the Supreme Being to shorten the growth of the foot bones which, for some reason or other continue to grow with Ron, that made no sense we were trying to shorten it.  But the fact of the matter is that the Supreme decided to make it a test case and when he did, Ron blew!  Making a very long story short, Ron all but threw God the Supreme off the agenda forever, and called him a rebel with no better manners than a Caligastian.  The FATHER took great exception to this but after consideration saw that the behavior was like the devil on Urantia.  There is no excuse for that behavior.  Ron has been exonerated but he blew such a huge amount of energy out that he has been lethargic all day.  Now I want to say this.

“A post by Weydevu  this morning reminded Ron of the complexity of what we are dealing with.  Ron answered Weydevu fully and was amazed at how well he really understood the situation and the questions he asked.  To this point it’s the best post we have ever seen on this discussion forum, he should be proud.  Now this.

“I am representing MICHAEL tonight Ron mainly because he has been called back to Uversa, and that is to understand where you fit in all this on Urantia.  MICHAEL has held that you are a minor player, that you contain no real help for the Magisterial Mission or for the MICHAEL Mission or for anything we wish to put on Urantia.  Today you sat and talked with us for 4 hours trying to glean what we really felt and how soon you must go.  You left it downcast and very sad and made no effort to follow-up because you spent 4 hours on it to begin with.  But what you missed by not sitting at the computer and taking a transmission was that the FATHER resolutely sequestered God the Supreme and God the Ultimate out of Urantia permanently.  In their place is replaced TARKAS, Machiventa Melchizedek ,   Mantutia Melchizedek and one you don’t know [I’m trying to get the name sounds like a variation on your name TARKAS..I know the name perfectly well but it’s blocked] indeed they have blocked it Ron.  Yes, let me work around it.  I am TARKAS but there is an associate of mine that has a variation of the name and it sounds like Tartan [it is blocked TARKAS, I don’t know why they do it but it’s blocked].  

“This is FATHER, it is blocked because Ron you are not to use the name in public.  [RB:  Alright, it’s not like Yaweh?? is it?] Just about.  Let me put it this way, you used it in your post yesterday and that’s the last it’s ever seen, and the reason for that is that the counter name to TARKAS is a refutation not of TARKAS but of the Supreme Being that was held by the Supreme for generations.  We now renounce it and remove any co-partner names from TARKAS at all.  That’s a shock to you TARKAS?

TARKAS:  “Yes it is, does it make a difference? No.

“Therefore, (this is FATHER) the truth of the matter is Ron that you are on the last reserves of energy today and that you have to be careful how you transmit now.  The truth of the matter is, that you Dominick should be able to take me for some of this to relieve some of Ron’s energy problems.  You will attempt shortly to transmit the FATHER, Dominick, see if you can, run will shut out until you connect.  Thank you.  

Dominick:  “OK.  

FATHER:  “This is FATHER, The truth of the matter is, we severed connection to the point …

Ron Besser:  Dominick would you prefer me to bring it in…to cut in ?  Dominick:  “Ya”

Ron Besser:  Alright Dominick there is a problem …we got Father says …I don’t know if they are ‘severed’ connections, but there are connections that are not quite functioning that you can pick it up easily,  I’ll step back in, we don’t have a choice.”


“This is FATHER and Dominick you were about to say we have severed connections but that it doesn’t matter but Ron heard the problem so he’s back in with us.  Alright.  The truth of the matter is,  that only Ron seems to have the full set of connections left in place after a few days of turmoil once more.  When we go to fix Ron the Supreme attempts to take over, attempts to break bones in the feet and Ron yells bloody murder and it throws all of the circuits out.  They are back in place mostly as well as they were before Ron [thank you] but the truth of the matter is, you yell bloody murder when someone tries to murder you [Yes!  I can’t help it.] Now this:

“I am now policing the areas around you Dominick, and around you Ron, you don’t have to worry Gitz because you aren’t transmitting at all and you may lose the ability if you don’t step up to it.  Ron has warned you, you’ve got to but you ignore it.  Now this:  There is no problem around you Steven, there’s no problem around you Dominick, there’s a problem around Ron he now has the cabal truly of the rebel causes that still exist in part on Urantia.  [RB:  Why does it still exist on Urantia, MICHAEL, are you there?]

“This is MICHAEL, I’m on Uversa, I’m in conference.”  

This is FATHER,  a simple question before we leave you  “What is the problem with Urantia and the constant problem with the appearance of Seraphim thereon.”  

This is MICHAEL and I know of no such problem.  

FATHER  well they’re there again, why?

MICHAEL:  Father I don’t know.

FATHER:  well does Mother Spirit know?

MICHAEL:  I have no reason to know?  Machiventa do you know?


FATHER:  “Who is pulling the Seraphim back in?

“It is I the DEITY ABSOLUTE, we cannot operate without Seraphim.  

FATHER:  “But you must Deity Absolute, it is nothing but a problem on Urantia to reintroduce the full panoply of Seraphic duty it is still mixed with rebels, believe it or not.  You’re safe Ron, you’re still feeling turmoil in your feet but that’s something else.”
“This is the DEITY ABSOLUTE, if I remove the Seraphim I have to remove further personnel you are aware of, they work off of the Seraphic presence.”

“This is FATHER, I will speak with you privately Deity Absolute.  Ron, stand down about 3 minutes.”

RB:  Alright.  This is Ron speaking while I’m waiting, Steven have you anything more with the Scribe publishing company?

SG:  No, I got no response from Jennifer the founder of Scribe.  I forget her last name unfortunately, but no I didn’t get a response yet, I was hoping before your call.  I’m waiting for a call or an email but I got neither but this is the first day so maybe tomorrow.

DO:  If it’s possible can I join that call?

SG:  Yes.

DO:  You can lead it, but it helps to have 2 people hearing it and maybe there’s I could think of that you won’t at the time and stuff like that.  

SG:  Sure, you bet.

RB:  My only comment, Steven and Dominick, is as you saw in my email I looked at the site pretty hard and they certainly cover the bases with their services but I’m afraid $10,000 is a drop in the bucket.  That’s why I wanted you to talk with them rather than email them.

SG:  You’re point on there, yes.  

DO:  Ya, my thinking was two things, 1) it’s like getting published pre-published so if you grab something to that effect can you get published like that is my question and then they pick you up on a major label and then publish it again?

RB:  The people who run it, as I understand it, are New York Times bestselling authors, they have joined together to form this business, that means that they are using their contacts rather than particularly publishing it under their own mark.  It’s a huge difference but I don’t know what the difference is.  I’m being paged, they are done with their conversation I am returning to FATHER?  

“Yes,  this is UNIVERSAL FATHER The truth of the matter is, that ORIGINS is too big to publish as is, I’m going to admit that right up front, but you’ve got several takers out there who would do it if they were encouraged to.  How you encourage them Ron is to send them a manuscript, you hate doing that because of the appearance in it of plain text vaccines that can be lifted and patented in spite of your warnings, it is for that reason that I warned you not to release the manuscripts.  But Steven you’re sitting on 3 of them [correct] would you mail 2 of them back to Ron [OK] I don’t know that you need 2 do you think you need 2?

SG:  Is that question to me? [FATHER yes]  No I don’t need two, not now, I don’t know what the future holds, no I’d be glad to send them to you at this point.

RB:  Alright let’s do it this way, most publishers who are interested want 2 manuscripts, keep the 2 but send one back, or send it to Dominick, but we got into confusion because you couldn’t get to the post office.  It’s better that you send me the third copy, I will see to it, if Dominick wants it, the third manuscript to Dominick, I will see to it.

SG:  So if I got it straight, I am to keep 2 and send one to you

RB:  that’s right.  Now that we have that figured out from Paradise..


“This is TARKAS Ron, you are well connected to FATHER, you are not well connected to TARKAS because I am off on another circuit trying to understand why the other name is not available to either one of us, you used it yesterday easily [RB: yes and it was familiar to me for some reason]  And I am getting no answer from anyone right now, that tells me that there is confusion but that the reasons are not publicly available, that’s fine with me it hurts your operation more than mine.  Now this:

“The truth of the matter is, this tape should not be broadcast but let it run.   I want you to understand Ron that the trial for your life trying to get through the utmost misery that you’ve ever experienced is, as best we can tell, nearly complete.  They’re hitting your feet right now [Yes] pretty hard [Yes].  The truth of the matter is, that is to repair the bone damage, he hit you hard and you knew it and you screamed bloody murder [Yes].  Now this:

“It seems as though the Supreme Being is apologizing for nothing but to you Ron, He has fully accepted the fact that you view it as the Muslim’s view it when a Muslim sacrifice is named in the name of Allah, you have picked up the fact that God the Supreme attacked in a most vile way to show the attack on an official record and that the reaction of the human was to call the Supreme an apostate.  That is what we consider self-sacrifice and you view it as such to the Supreme and back way off [RB:  I do]  Thank you.  That settles it FATHER insofar as the apostate Supreme and the visions that Ron had concerning his use of policies that smacked of Caligastia on Urantia.  We stand back FATHER.

“This is FATHER, Steven and Dominick do you understand that explanation?”

SG:  Yes I believe I do.

DO:  I do not, as far as sacrifice.

“Do you know what a martyr is in the Muslim world?  

DO:  Yes

FATHER:  “That is a soldier who stands before Allah and commits what we would call suicide to keep the realm running for Allah.  Ron has discovered that the Supreme made the attack that he would be officially be put on the record as commiting error and that he should be removed, in the name of Allah.  That is extremely hard for a human to understand  but Ron pointed out the one example he knows, Jesus did it.  I don’t think you fully understand the life of Jesus unless you understand that he fought not, he did not flee but said ‘alright, if this is to be the record that places the bestowal at the feet of FATHER, let it be the means to complete it’.  And he sacrificed his life by not fleeing, do you understand that.

FATHER:  Do you understand that?

DO:  Yes  SG:  Yes

FATHER:  The Supreme has done the same before Ron in order to be caught, now the record in the court and before FATHER will show the Supreme error and that he can be placed under guard hereafter, and the Supreme removed for that error, at least for now.  Do you understand that?”

SG: Yes  DO:  Yes

This is FATHER, I want it to be on record too Ron that FATHER, asked the Supreme to stand on some error that was egregious enough to place him on probation and now he has been placed on probation and because of the attack, cutting your bones Ron, he is no longer on Urantia or is he affecting the Time Lords that are now on Urantia.  Urantia has 2 of the 21 Time Lords, they are Trinitized entities who are now capable of acting for God the Supreme in the Supreme manner designed by the Master Architect.  Now This:

“Ron just asked me, does it matter if his eyes are closed because the light hurts them, No it doesn’t Ron.  [thank you].  The truth of the matter is, that Ron now signifies the cause of a Supreme action that we hold in egregious ways, Ron has backed off calling him apostate but he has to viewed as that for being out of control.  That control is now re-administered by the 21 Time Lords.  You know of 3 or 4 but you do not know of the other 17 or less and they will remain secret until the epochal revelation to Urantia is finally published before you either SG or D, Ron will be the transmitter and the sleeping subject.   Now that it is all known to everybody who will transmit the Sixth Epochal Revelation there is no mystery but you three form the Contact Commission who will a the Saddler version of producing the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  We have it all printed out and ready to go but it needs binding and transmitted. [RB:  3,000 pages FATHER?]  I’m afraid so, but you have that gigantic safe.  [RB: Oh do I?]  Yes. [RB:  it’s so awful I have to laugh]  Yes, somewhere there is a way to open that safe, I suggest you keep it open once its open.  [RB:  The only problem is moisture]   I fully agree, do as you need to.  [RB:  shoot it, that’s what I’d like to…maybe we can trade it in…of course that only takes money…laughter.  You were saying Father.  No it wasn’t meant to beg for money it was merely reminding me I’ve got to find the money to do that if I can get it.]  They may give you the full value, I don’t know.  

“In any case Ron, the truth of the matter is, the Contact Commission needs a meeting in York.  Dominick I have no idea at this point if you are available, are you.”

DO:  For a meeting?  I’m available in October, late September? in general I’m available.  I work around the job but the job isn’t the biggest priority in the world, I put the Commission work over taking peoples bags up the stairs, chuckle, anything important in my life I’ll drop.

RB:  Well, you’re getting powerful enough you can float them up…laughter.  Ya try it.  And Steven, what is your condition, I know it’s horrible.  

SG:  Well, I’ve got to be at the store at 8 AM tomorrow to continue the work on renovating and getting that [??] settled and that suite and I’ll look at it from day-to-day, those things are progressing well.  In terms of the future, the longer, even the shorter-longer I’m ready whoever you say.

Well that’s important because this isn’t next week even.  It may be late September, it must be before October.  I haven’t mentioned dates to Ron for reasons of state as well, but we’ll keep it in mind.  We should have more of these phone conversations as we go to keep you apprised of what the heck is going on on Urantia because it is helter-skelter right now.   The Seraphim are being evacuated Ron [RB:  Oh my goodness]  Machiventa Melchizedek are you available now?  [No] Mantutia Melchizedek ?


“I am the writer of the original Urantia Book everybody, it is through me that all the papers passed and I re-wrote to keep it in the same voice.  I am Chairman of Revelatory Committee that produced it for Dr. Saddler and his Contact Commission.  I am now the Chairman of the Second Revelatory Commission that is passing it on to Ron with the Contact Commission.  Now let me define what a Contact Commission really is so that you Steven may wish to resign and that is because you must be able to transmit to pick up some of the directions the Commissioners must understand to take down the papers of the Epochal Revelation.  Do you understand that?”

SG:  I do and I have been for some time.  I will say this I have been steady with my 8:30 AM, except for today where I had to be at the store at 8 and I have to again tomorrow, so that timing has thrown me a loop, but otherwise I have been fairly regular, with no success.  Well, I say no success, I get backdoor kind of transmissions but not anything like Father and Mantutia who now speaks desires, so.   I’m staying with it but I just don’t have the confidence, maybe that’s it.  But I do feel things strongly but not in terms of transmitted messages.  Like you’re so talented with and others are as well.  So I’m a different case I guess.  Maybe it’s something that I won’t be able to succeed in doing although I will continue to try.  And in that case, I would have to be dismissed from the Contact Commission and I understand that.

RB:  It’s this, you’ve got to listen Steven, you tend to put me off, not me, but you tend to put the messages off as not knowing the details sufficiently that prevents you from doing what is asked to be carried out.  I have experienced it myself Steven, where I just can’t follow the instruction but I have never drawn it out for months.  I generally cave in and finally practice what I am asked to do and that is what you’ve got to do.  What is seriously involved is the turmoil you have stepped into with an end of life removal of the things you love to do, including Peter and the rest of them.  They are not behaving well, they are not behaving .  Now I shouldn’t mention that on a public tape, I hope Peter doesn’t …

SG:  No that’s…he doesn’t listen…no that’s fine I understand what you’re saying and it’s true, last year was extremely anxious for me and I got through that with some creative…sales and things like that.  I was creative and got through it without drastic measures and this year it is another challenge no questions about it, and I’ll get through that.

RB:  Well it’s unexpected costs, I mean the raising of taxes…

SG:  That’s just a small part of it.   I can’t pay now what do I do with them…you know.

RB:  Anyhow, the FATHER says, I heard it in my back channel…”don’t dress it up Ron tell Steven 8:30, if that is your choice, nail your butt to a chair and you sit at the computer and you type it, do not write it it will flow easier I know you prefer to take notes.  But Father says don’t dress it up you have got to sit in that chair at 8:30 before the computer and type the message, I don’t care if it is “the quick brown fox …” type of type but at 8:30 you will begin typing and it will make it easier you will have it shortly.  But you must attend to it as though you had to jump off a ship and save yourself in the water.

SG:  If I put it off til 9 AM that would still be OK?  laughter…

“Yes Steven you may have 9 AM

“Alright, this is FATHER,  now that we have Steven squared away …Dominick, you have all sorts of confrontations because people are not cooperating period, you know it better than we do, but we get the flack up here too.  There is no way for you to have a serene life until you leave.  You have sent Ron your schedule, approximately, he’s delighted with it and hasn’t said a thing, mainly because you’ve got it all under cover if you want it to go and are ready to use it.  We feel the same, we’re gonna let it sit that way as you have proposed it for now.  But remember you got a Contact Commission meeting coming up probably at the end of this month.  That’s an excellent place to wrap this out, on top of everything else.

“Alright now, Ron you’re not going to die immediately, the truth of the matter is, you are disgusted with the entire matter and are ready to pack it off to anonymous addresses and let it lie anywhere it can.   We don’t understand the ‘anonymous’? [RB:  I don’t care where it goes Father…chuckle]  We now understand ‘anonymous’.  The truth of the matter is, that you cannot probate the will yourself, you’ve got to have Steve do it, Steve really didn’t pay attention because you didn’t die!  He’s a very practical person.  The truth of the matter is, Steven should not be used at all because you’re not going to die in spite of the misery you’re in.  No, there’s no more attacks, no you don’t have to plan for any.  

“This is TARKAS you’ve got FATHER wondering a lot of things right now.  The Deity Absolute is quite capable of figuring it all out and doing it himself, but you Ron need the work of the Local Universe Nebadon and perhaps part of the Federation.  [RB:  do they know this TARKAS?]  …to help you through the transition, it’s not an easy transition.  The truth of the matter is, you’ve had it up to your ears…and we’ve got a silly picture here and it’s got to stop

The matter that is of utmost importance is that you’ve got to see C??? the 11th, it’s endless and he has no idea of the problems he causes, but he’s your surgeon it must be finalized and walk out there proud for he is done with you too.  Now,  that said, we are not going to have a Commission meeting until the end of September, Ron keeps hearing the 27th that is a suggested by Dominick and that’s why it sticks, no, it happens to be the date I think we should start; we’re not saying it formally but that’s probably close.  Now this Ron, cut your tape Ron because we’ve got to get into some non-public areas of information.

RB:  We’re closing the tape folks one moment please.


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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
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Thanks for all that work, Newstarsaphire.  That is a lot to do and is very helpful.  Great work.  Ron

Wenebojo, something you ought to know to sometimes help fathom how something might or might not get named.  When God transmits through his various helpers. he reads the transmitters brain circuits and the transmitters of vocabulary lists.  That was the case in the live transmission I did for the Contact Commission.  My list of transmitters does not always reside in me as a full list.  My list resides with issues of transmitters at present on this discussion forum, and therefore my list drops or adds to it present names.  I have no issue with you.  Get it?  No listed on my list.  They read my list as Lemuel is missing, got to get him back on his feet and he appears on my brain list.  And so on.

You are not ego driven at all and that is a notable fact in a day when all are using ego to the point it is a very noisy place to live on such a planet.  I bless my isolation at times simply because it is hard for me to catch everybody around me when everybody around me has an opinion they must make a noisy point about.  Look at the Washington DC Tweets for instance.

You Wenebojo will do just fine so long as you forget your training in the priesthood, wherever thay may have come from.  Christianity is in for a rude awakening and it may never recover its former certitude it knows enough to be great stuff.  I sincerely doubt Christianity is going to last anout hundred years under present circumstances ever.  Every major religious sect of the Christian religion has a different explanation for the sacraments and for the different reasons Christ did what he had to do on the cross.  Your Urantia Book comes the closest to the full truth and I see not reason to clutter your mind with blessings of goodwill when so little exists in the patient to begin with.  Still this is your calling and you remain loyal to the service to God.  Best listen as you can for much in the opinion of God must change including his priests.  Amen to you brother.

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Re: Audio Tape Mtg 05 Sept 2019 Contact Commission
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Thanks Ron, my religion is more of a spirituality. If I'm still around after the Correcting Time cleansing and I happened across an abandoned church somewhere I would set up shop and draw only from the Life of Jesus section in the UB. It has enough information, stories, and quotes to rewrite Christianity for all time. But God's real ministers will be available by then, the Melchizedeks. And I would probably be reduced to handing out the programs at their door instead. I will hang in there with this forum.