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Embrace the Change
« on: September 09, 2019, 09:23:24 PM »
Subject:  Embrace the Change
09-Sep-19 8:14 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“This is Margul and I step in tonight to say a quick hello through this representative and provide a few words of guidance for you all at this time.  It is Father’s will that you come together in unity of mind and spirit in these coming days of turmoil and fashion a connection afforded to those of spirit awareness on this planet who wish to function in such a grouping of cooperation afforded to you through new circuitry put in place for this time.  You can of course connect with the spirit realm in personal ways for your own edification and training related to personal growth but I advise you here that it has been seen to, in these new planning stages, that you can connect to special circuitry where we will make available to the group as a whole, instructions as to how you can participate individually and as a group.  

“You know that your Adjusters are all in tune with one another as Father Fragments and this is an option, with Father’s blessing, that he has chosen to work with and through each  Adjuster circuit who has agreed to make their wards available for certain projects of the Missions …pause…your Father MICHAEL would like to interject with a few words…


“Margul, thank you for this introduction to the forum but I would like to keep certain details under our hat for the moment as it is just a little too soon to release them here.  I will, however, be later open to individual questions from each of you through your Adjuster guidance as they communicate Father’s wishes to you in the interim.  Suffice it to say we leave this particular issue for the present time.

“As the titular head of any brewing Missions to Urantia and her peoples once again I just would like to make it clear that it will not be business as usual with so many changes to universe organization and circuitry.  We of course would like to get things off the ground and running but we must also acknowledge and deal with the many unexpected changes to staff and personnel we formerly counted on to provide a smooth operation and transition in so many areas.

“The details of the many situations are being addressed and all are functioning at maximum capacity and coping with many unexpected repercussions of the last few months.  Be assured however that we have the best of the best involved in these endeavors and creativity will continue to flow to and through us all, from the very source of creation itself, if we will but seek and be open to all that is afforded us.

“The beauty of ‘the spirit of creation’ is its very ability to evolve and adapt and flourish in the belief system of the individual willing to ride its wave of change and freely immerse themselves in the processes of renewal [in this case the word ‘renewal’ is used as a transitive verb to replace something broken or no longer suitable for use].  It is fed and best received by joyous expectation and supported by patience and trust.  What is being offered here is a new level of experiential co-operation for you through new circuitry Father is permitting to exist in place of previous Supreme activity.  Your personal Adjusters are being attuned to this new circuitry and we advise you to follow their unction as we “break new ground” together and take advantage of this new and exciting opportunity Father has set before us all.

“Keep your attunement sharp with your Adjuster and watch for new things Father has in store in this endeavor that is about to permeate Urantia and beyond.”


“Yes I have a few things to say right now and that is to you my children to be aware of some changes to the way things are going to be done, and this is true for all of us to now function in time and space and I dare say we are up to the task so let us all embrace the change and learn and grow together in new and better possibilities.  I am your Creative Mother Spirit and we will experience this newness together as we go forth in truth, beauty and goodness. K”

“Well, this is MARGUL and they have stolen my thunder and I am glad of it as we are on board together to ride this train to the station called “Destiny”.  More to come later, ciao for now.”

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Re: Embrace the Change
« Reply #1 on: September 09, 2019, 09:44:31 PM »
MARGUL, MICHAEL, MOTHER SPIRIT, and Newstarsaphire,  Thank you all for this.  Working through and with our Adjusters should help us coordinate better, and I for one am very glad for this news.
Amethyst's Adjuster:  "You, Amethyst have been working in this vein for a while now.  You are aware of being linked with other humans on this level.  This is an excellent way to go forward.  If people have learned how to connect with their Adjusters well, they will find a new harmony and ease of relating to US as well as connecting with one another, which could be very useful if communications break down with earth changes."

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Re: Embrace the Change
« Reply #2 on: September 09, 2019, 11:24:31 PM »
September 10, 2019, Samara, local time on 07/07.
- I am in touch at the appointed time and am ready to receive a message from someone who can send me.
There are changes in the management of the universe. An increasingly important role is given to the creator sons. The creation of the Federation is one of the ways to strengthen local authority and the combined efforts of the creator sons in the further embodiment of the grandiose plans of the Universal Father. This is precisely what met the resistance you know. You know the result.
Strengthening paternal power has made clarity in predicting future changes. We hope that no one else will interfere with the plans of the Father and Michael of Nebadon to realize their plans.
As necessary, we will inform you of what is happening. Keep in touch with your customizers. It was Margul. That's all for now.
- Thanks for the information.
10 сентября 2019 года, Самара, местное время 07.07.
- Я на связи в назначенное время и готов принимать сообщение того, кто может мне передать.
В управлении вселенной происходят изменения. Все большая роль отводится сынам-создателям. Создание Федерации – один из способов укрепления власти на местах и сложение усилий сынов-создателей в дальнейшем воплощении грандиозных замыслов Всеобщего Отца. Именно это и встретило известное вам сопротивление. Результат вы знаете.
Укрепление отцовской власти внесло ясность в прогнозирование грядущих изменений. Надеемся, что больше ни что и никто не помешает планам Отца и Михаила Небадонского осуществлять свои замыслы.
По мере необходимости мы будем информировать вас о происходящем. Держите активную связь со своими настройщиками. Это был Маргул. Пока все.
- Спасибо за информацию.