Author Topic: Mother Spirit as Nebadonia and Review about Issuing 6th Epochal Revelation  (Read 2834 times)

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Re: Mother Spirit as Nebadonia and Review about Issuing 6th Epochal Revelation
« Reply #45 on: October 14, 2019, 09:27:15 PM »
Hi All,

Interesting that the FER has been referred to as 'the best kept secret' of our century! Seems that it was inherent in the Foundation to limit it's intro to society. The tools to it's dissemination were limited and few compared to what's available today.
Back in the '30's, 40's and 50's you had radio, TV, printed matter. Today you can add the internet, and a much more pronounced media when it comes to print, TV, radio. Now if you consider that with all the available methods to spread the revelation, why did it not strike a cord and catch fire and spread like there is no comparison?
I think, my opinion, mind you, that you need two items to consider. You need to have a message in a format that will capture the attention of the public at large, or you need to have an audience that is put in a situation where it will not be able to overlook the revelation.
I sometimes think that an overt presentation at the UN would capture the attention of the world...maybe!
Sad, but the vast majority of our people on this forum got their intro to the FER by very small means, intro by someone, stumble onto it. I believe that handing out books, free, or not, does not guarantee that the wisdom, the knowledge contained therein, will be used, read, absorbed, acted upon. Also, it does not take much to be labeled as, or in fact, become, cult-like, true?
Anyway, I am flexing my small grey matter on this, but fail to come up with something that is innovative, and effective.

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