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« on: November 08, 2019, 06:35:31 am »
Speaker. Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 8th Nov.2019 12:26 Local  11:26 Z

It has been a very turbulent few months, now past, and we are certainly in a very different

situation. Whilst we have found ourselves being tossed and turned from one disaster to yet

another, we are still here and we are still being encouraged by the almost daily revelation

to come to us through Ron and now Amethyst.

I could not resist putting my thoughts about them onto my recorder.

Online Clency

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« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2019, 10:08:59 am »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio recording


Lemuel : Good morning everyone, this is a cold morning here in Girona, but we have a brilliant sunshine. I am in a countryside, one of our favourite places. I want to talk this morning about DEITY : EXISTENTIAL, EXPERIENTAL, EXPERIMENTAL. I also want to mention POTENTIALITY.
We have all come to learn and understand that the EXISTENTIAL DEITY has been with us always in the form of FATHER, the First Source and Center, the ETERNAL SON/MOTHER and of course the INFINITE SPIRIT. This is the First Trinity and it is DEITY EXISTENTIAL, always and forever, the existing.
We have also come to learn and understand that we also have DEITY EXPERIENTIAL, in the form of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate. As we all know now, this does not exist for the very reason we are familiar with and this has sent shock-waves throughout the all of creation, bearing in mind that the responsability and the work of the Supreme to gather all in Himself and to finally offer it  to DEITY EXISTENTIAL so that He Himself could qualify as deity.
But this has not been the case and for all sorts of reasons, mainly connected with the Lucifer rebellion and Calisgastia, God the Supreme went rogue and we still feal the result of that here, not just on Urantia, but all over the place, so to speak. So, obviously FATHER has been thinking about this for sometime and has come-up with the idea that now it is good to create a DEITY EXPERIMENTAL.
What a wonderful idea, but the most wonderful thing of all is the fact the DEITY EXPERIMENTAL will begin at ground level, so to speak, with us, human beings on our own level. Just think about this for a moment – imagine yourselves sitting in a classroom in school, first grade, and suddenly the door opens and someone comes in and decide to sit down by the side of you, because that person wants to learn what it is like to be in school, to study, to learn from scratch.
This is unheard of course, this wonderful, so now we are learning about DEITY EXPERIMENTAL. I am also receiving that this DEITY EXPERIMENTAL will also affect – enhance is perhaps the right word – to stimulate the duties of God the Sevenfold. I think the reason for this is that without the new DEITY EXPERIMENTAL, it will fall upon God the Sevenfold to carry out the duties and responsabilities of the one time God the Supreme, although the FATHER has decided to take it all on Himself, which guaranties our ascension plans, but nevertheless God the Sevenfold would have been able to perform the duties and responsabilities of God the Supreme.
Now, that has come to be made much easier to use that word, because now we have DEITY EXPERIMENTAL, experimental as the word implies of course is to learn by mistakes and trials and errors through our own experiences. Yes, of course it’s normal and understandable that DEITY EXPERIMENTAL is also DEITY EXPERIENTIAL without saying. So, as in any experiment, there will be times where advances and sometimes when there are failures, one step forward and two steps backward, so to speak.
But I am coming to understand that the DEITY EXPERIMENTAL, alongside us, at ground levels, working from the bottom upwards will take with Him, will incorporate into His Being those experiments that have proven to be successful and of spiritual value. I would also want to mention another word and that is POTENTIAL. DEITY EXPERIMENTAL has unlimited potential and as you all know any experiment can go two ways, but the potential is enormous.
So, personally, I am very excited to hear now we have DEITY EXPERIMENTAL and that really is a wonderful thing, because to repeat, because Deity already existed, this Deity from the word GO, this is the new guy on the block and we have Him with us at ground level and He sits by the side of all of us in our classroom as we learn our lessons and He will learn with us, that is wonderful.
So, dear brothers and sisters, we have DEITY EXISTENTIAL, DEITY EXPERIENTIAL, now we have DEITY EXPERIMENTAL with unlimited POTENTIAL and that is wonderful for all of us humans here, to have them all on the way with our ascension. Here we are with another Friday and I would like to thank you all for listening and I wish you all a very good day and a very good weekend. So, I say bye-bye for now. Domtia
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.

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« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2019, 10:26:27 pm »
Dear Will, Ron and everyone

I may be wrong, but I will give my personal opinion. If I am wrong, I ask God, the universal Father, to forgive my interpretation.

I have a certain sensitivity to spiritual energy. So I feel that there has been a serious disturbance in God-linked energy in recent times as if it were a recent spiritual turmoil. But I believe it is a passing spiritual turmoil.

This, that is, the recent spiritual turmoil, coincides with the information released here in the Serara Forum that God the Supreme is extinct, remaining only "God the Supreme" but in a residual way.

Anyway, my refuge is God, Universal Father of all. On the other hand, I know that God the Supreme also submitted to God the Father. That is why I feel spiritually secure, trusting in God the Father.

Finally, I feel more strongly above my head from the presence of my Thought Adjuster. This sentiment coincides with the information from the Serara Forum that the Thought Adjuster is in some way performing the former functions of God the Supreme. At least I understood that.

An explanation for visitors who do not know the Urantia Book: The Thought Adjuster is the fragment of God, the Universal Father of all who stands in the minds of those who believe in God.

Will, you may have been here in the Serara Forum by another name, being a critic of the Forum. Am I right? If I'm right, you could tell us the name you used when you were here earlier in the Forum.

Will, regardless of anything, I ask you to reflect on the possibility that the information contained in the Serara Forum represents a connection with God, the Universal Father of all.

With much love to all,



Caro Will, Ron e a todos

Eu posso estar errado, mas vou dar minha opinião pessoal. Se eu estiver errado, peço a Deus, Pai universal que perdôe minha interpretação.

Tenho uma certa sensibilidade a energia espiritual. Assim eu sinto que houve uma grave perturbação na energia ligada a Deus, nos últimos tempos como se fosse uma turbulência espiritual recente. Mas eu acredito que é uma turbulência espiritual passageira.

Isto, ou seja, a turbulência espiritual recente, coincide com as informações divulgadas aqui no Fórum Serara de que Deus, o Supremo foi extinto, remanescendo apenas "Deus, o Supremo" mas de forma residual.

De qualquer forma, meu refugio é Deus, Pai Universal de todos. Por outro lado, eu sei que Deus, o Supremo também se submetia a Deus, Pai. Por isto eu me sinto seguro, em termos espirituais, confiando em Deus, Pai.

Por fim, eu sinto com mais intensidade acima de minha cabeça da presença do meu Ajustador do Pensamento. Este sentimento coincide com a informação do Fórum Serara que o Ajustador do Pensamento está, de certa forma, exercendo as funções anteriores de Deus, o Supremo. Pelo menos eu entendi isto.

Uma explicação para os visitantes que não conhecem o Livro de Urântia: - O Ajustador do Pensamento é o fragmento de Deus, Pai Universal de todos que fica nas mentes das pessoas que acreditam em Deus.

Will, possivelmente você já esteve aqui no Fórum Serara com outro nome, sendo um crítico do Fórum. Estou certo? Se estou certo, poderia nos revelar o nome pelo qual você usou quando esteve aqui anteriormente no Fórum.

Will, independentemente de qualquer coisa, eu peço que reflita sobre a possibilidade de que as informações constantes no Fórum Serara representa uma ligação com Deus, Pai Universal de todos.

Com muito amor a todos,

Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)