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« on: November 08, 2019, 04:30:55 pm »
Teacher : Father Fragment                T/R : Wenebojo                    Date : 11/08/2019 Write this down now. The winds of change are about to commence. Can you feel something in the air ? Something different ? Maybe like your elder statesmen Ben Franklin and his legendary kite experiment. How does one stay tied to the ground, yet weather the storm coming from above, below and all around you ?                                                                                                                        But you, yes you there reading this are more than just some thin paper, glued to five sticks, tied unto a long string to keep you from flying away. You are mine in whom I Am well pleased. There is no distance between us, nor  are you as fragile as a dime store child's kite.                                                                                                                  Feel me all around you. Know that nothing can interfere with your progress if I Will it so and I do ! Take in MY breath, sore to these heights given you by ME, enjoy the journey of your weightlessness. Free your thoughts of everything you thought you knew about yourself and THE FATHER OF FATHERS and take in MINE MY SON.                                                                                                      Does this not appeal to you ? To have no cares, no worries and nowhere you have to be right now ?  Where are you ? You are not nowhere, but now-here, you are home with ME. I AM THE FIRST SOURCE AND CENTER and you are MY joy, MY celebration and MY only purpose of being. To share what I have and know with you MY only creation, YOU ! There is no place to come down from. You are always here with ME. Where is this here I AM speaking of ? I AM NO THING AND YET I AM EVERYTHING !                                                                                                   This is only potential in you. But you must choose it always. If this appeals to you, that is ? Or would you prefer to be as fragile as a paper kite, letting the elements do with what they may, only to find yourself broken and stuck in a tall tree all alone where no one plays with you anymore ? Be My joy then, Be My Love, My everlasting life as you were created to be. There is no a ball of string made big enough to keep you from this adventure of your life in MINE. Unless you choose to cut your string, your ties to ME.   K