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« on: November 10, 2019, 06:59:18 pm »
Teacher : Father Fragment                  T/R : Wenebojo                  Date : 11/10/2019 Periodically I will be touching base with you. Some of you were asleep, I apologize for waking you, be not alarmed ? You are always in God, of God and with God. There is nothing outside of the First Source and Center. Liken your future experiences from now on like you are on a vacation. Imagine you are on a bus with the rest of the visitors or tourists. I Am your guide or driver here on this trip, you can call me your Father Fragment. Imagine you are not from here, but from somewhere else, just visiting. Nothing can harm you inside this bus, provided you don't step outside of it or join with the commotion you see happening outside your window. This bus I Am talking about is, the very Mind of God.                      Make no attempt to purchase or invest in things that aren't forever here. There is no storage compartment above to bring home material souvenirs. Even your body, like many of the cars you have owned is just a vehicle to take you from there to here and are too, to be disregarded once they no longer serve you. You were never your car, your house or your career. But it was fun just the same wasn't it ? For some of you at least ? Just try to enjoy every minute of it. The sites, the sounds, the tastes and the aroma. Knowing that this whole place is a temporal journey, an experience of only one of your many lifetimes , no more, no less. Like the pictures you take of a vacation with a camera. You too are bringing back memories and experiences that will always be your keepsake. Although some thoughts will be confiscated when you arrive at the Hall of Resurrection. Just the bad ones I assure you, the ones out of focus and dark. The good memories are meant for always, the one's with clarity will be kept.                                                                                                                         We apologize for this bumpy ride and the many delays to bring you all to Love and Light. It is your destiny despite what your well meaning clergy or your professors told you in school. They too are on the bus behind us. If you look directly ahead and not behind, you will notice how the road seems to be smoother, ever expanding and even getting brighter ? This is not an illusion, but your very destiny. For your safety and well being, please stay on this bus and in the Mind of God.  K                  
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