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You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
« on: November 29, 2019, 02:19:27 PM »

You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation!

God The Supreme

I finally get the point about how much most of you are out to sea, and floating not to save yourselves, but wincing over your condition and dying at sea if you have to. What in the world do you think you are doing?

Members here are my joy and my constant effort to help us understand the news. But the news for six months at least! . . . as been about God the Supreme. And for six months the members do not cope with what kind of news the Supreme has created.

It is now woefully clear to me that we never had a true, full blonw revelation about God the Supreme, enough so. To understand what we call the news in the last six months.

This post is a primer of a woefully done revelation about God the Supreme for you. Thanks to my old university days, I remember the lesson about a German Philosopher, that happens to be one heck of a clue as to what God the Supreme really is, and it is not pretty folks, because you have to think for a change to get it.

Last night I received a personal email from one of you. My response resulted with quoting the German philosopher Hegel. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, (born August 27, 1770, Stuttgart, Württemberg [Germany]—died November 14, 1831, Berlin), German philosopher who developed a dialectical scheme that emphasized the progress of history and of ideas from thesis to antithesis and thence to a synthesis.

Read a summary of the Hegel statements on this subject, and a great deal more than you have to know for our purposes. You only really need the first four paragraphs to know the full idea at all.

God the Supreme operates on this method to obtain sense out of what humans do that is valuable to God the Father as the Father Infinite.

First you need to know there is no Father Infinite right now, as that character appears only when the Deity Absolute becomes God the Absolute in a very far distant day. But the Father Infinite is the result of the Supreme, the Ultimate, and the Absolute, cooperating together to allow the present Infinite Father to enjoin the entire Master Universe as Infinite and to rule it infinitely. That is the goal of God the Supreme as we are.


The problem right now is you do not know that. How do I know it? I got into an argument on a level we do not talk about on this site and they told me to remember my contemporary civilization classes in 1962 at Gettysburg College. I did remember ghostly reviews of those days and hit upon a day of discussion about Hegel. It one of the few things I remember to this day as it made so much sense, and I actually use it now to tell my self why I have to study so hard to make sense of why things happen to cause history to be what it is. It is also the logic of a universe operation by God the Supreme.

Let me show you his thinking in exact terms of simplicity and we do not have to apply it as he applied it in the eighteenth century but as it is actually applied to day. It goes like this:

IDEA (A Thesis) - - > OPPOSITE IDEA to the first idea (Antithesis) - -> Take the best of both ideas (Synthesis), and you have what happens to ideas that create history.


Restated: The Didactic principle here is:
THESIS + ANTITHESIS + SYNTHESIS = REALITY OF HISTORY (you live with the reality of what you got)


I fully admit that history does not take the best from Thesis or Antithesis at all but The Supreme does. The Supreme is designed to take how man evolves life for himself one day and does it another way another day so far for over a million years now to present day civilizations on Urantia. Now add in trillions of home planets like ours as human development, and add in angel development, and add in the midwayers development, and plus other lives we know not for the Supreme, and we get the information the Supreme sends to the Trinity. The Paradise Trinity uses that information and adds it into the existing code of Infinity to lead to the design of a Master Universe that is entirely infinite== including what used to be the time=space sectors of development.

We humans think and do. So do the Midwayers and Angels and even Creator Sons and Creative Daughters, as the Supreme Creators actually help the Supreme decide what should be synthesized and what should be left alone as mere scaffolding. You have heard the term scaffolding used by the Urantia Book too, and that is referring to things we do that are, when is all said and done, not of use to anyone.

Synthesis: that is the word you need to remember now. God the Supreme synthesizes more than ideas too. God the Supreme introduces the concept of friendship. He also provides the idea of a well working intuition which is part of the concept of the Adjutant Spirits of Mother Supreme to our young minds. The concept of spirit courage is entirely God the Supreme, and the idea that man can hear another man think, that is pure God the Supreme! Adam and Eve could hear each other up to fifty miles away! God the Supreme supplied that, and so he supplied the idea of all sorts of communication between entities everywhere when they lived in time. We are missing the revelation that could have told us about those things, but all of a sudden we have no need for such a revelation, EXCEPT to explain what has gone away.

That is the part you missed and why the news in the past six months does not total understanding today, WHY you are upset and do not know the reason why!


TODAY This Is What We Have Left

Not much.

You read in the Urantia Book all about God the Sevenfold. That is still left and fills in for a missing Supreme Being. That was his doing too, and no one ordered his resignation and removal. On September 26, 2019 by the Urantia calendar (Gregorian), through a quicotic event in the Central Universe called Havona, God the Supreme triggered a plasma explosion that still reverberates throughout all creation. Nothing was left of the personality of God the Supreme, and nothing will exist again as the personality of God the Supreme. Suddenly trillions of material planets in the Grand Universe of time, were dehumanized as we would view it.

“Now missing in lives on Urantia and everywhere else humans live, we have no easy way to communicate with each other is deeply satisfying terms. Mind development on Urantia was fairly wicked to achieve, but it was achieved by the higher primates giving over to ancestors that which survived the evolutionary trend always, to over simplify results as a somewhat lower order of operation. In the case of human brains today, we are reverting backwards and some children today are born without brain stems according to the Creator Son of Nebadon, and Mother Spirit affirms that for us.

Yet we are preparing for another epochal revelation under the dire circumstances of being unable to pursue higher revelation due to the fact that our brain capacities are diminishing. Now that God the Supreme has blown himself up, God the ?Sevenfold steps in temporarily, and provides the SYNTHESIS of evolutionary success on Urantia (for instance) to the Paradise Trinity for its inclusion of what we as humans do on this planet that adds to the welfare of a very future idea of an entire Master Universe becoming infinite.


Let us deal with present moment now.

I am used to dealing with God the Supreme all the time. He conditions my loves and my heart and my desire to do good. That is trued for all of you too.

But what I cannot do now, is to be able to make sense-- call it logic if you wish—over what has gone wrong when trying to deal with the SER )the proposed sixth epochal revelation) at all. Promises keep being issued, and now action keeps the same. I asked repeatedly send me a book to photograph. They say sure, let’s do that! No book no photo happens. We are now faced with the idea that the idea of the Supreme was for epochal revelation not, and as a last desperate means to stop it, the Supreme removed every last trace of help by suicide, a human term, but appropriate here.

The disaster of the removal of the Supreme but Ultimatonic Plasma dismissal cannot be explained. But the consequences are felt everywhere, and you our Members and hopefully some Guests too. Have to understand this loss also seriously jeopardizes the issuance of the SER. I do not determine any of that as the propose operator to disseminate it on Urantia, bit I do tell the difference between direction I used to get versus what I get now. There is no comparison, and I am left to twiddle my thumbs over the very and most important issue in my life, and that is there is no longer a complete liaison between me and God.

Depending on how attuned each of you are, that is also true for you. That cannot be made up because no one God the Supreme, attends your mind anymore without giving you the creeps about “some foreign army” invading you. Your discomfort is my discomfort and that is why you are bobbing around off shore in an ocean of distemper, and not doing much about it to understand it. We, none of us, have the mental coordination to come out of the rain the way we used to do it, and for our own good.

What that does to our evolution is not discussable. It might not have anything to do with it or everything to do with it. I do not think that God particularly knows right now just what repercussions are evident at this point either. But I can tell you that the last of our trials has to be evident for sure soon, and I mean before the end of this calendar year! Why can I say that? Listen:


My work is precious to me, but I am daily hampered by indecision, slow witted heartless versions of lets try this or lets try that, and never coming up with a successful conclusion. I am sure it is behind the fact that the book ORIGINS is stalled to be published, and that our ability to have the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) ready for distribution, is due to the loss of the Supreme. Yet nothing happens to dispel the loss, or do we move into progressive motions to remove the reason so many of us float at sea over unhappiness and indecision on this forum and actually in the rest of the world in its way.

Consequently, you who are Members need to understand what God the Supreme really was about and did not get that information at all until now as I have provided most of it here, but most of you are also so slow to understand you do not take enough interest or action to find and then to re-find yourselves to employ the idea of the Indwelling, or Thought Adjuster, entirely on your behalf. That is the secret to full recovery from what we lost losing the Supreme.


Finally, here is MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, the writer of the Sixth Epochal Revelation, speaking from Salvington this morning, and Salvington is now located sixty-six million light years away from Urantia this morning-- double what we usually are for the most part.


“We now fully comprehend how Ron works and I love it. He sees the problem of comprehension so well we are ready to ptich in with a little help again. He hates what has happened and battles it every night as they hit him with needles and heartless discussions and he refueses to deal with them much to their chagrin. Be assured Ron this is over in a few days and the entire mess of ORIGINS and t he SER will be concluded satisfactorily and well done at that. We must wade through some preliminary work first and then it is done.

God the Supreme has proved to be the most selfish entity I have ever run into in my career as spiritt. You Ron can create a malestrom of information at the beck of your call but on this one you had to develop it from your own earth philosophy just what the Supreme does to justify his keep. Today, no keep. But in the past he was lauded for taking the parabola of thought to the level of spirit and then to including salvagable bits of it into the work if universal spirit itself.

“Today we have to do that with God the Sevenfold. Tomorrow we may do that with another type of Deity that is easy on the forehead but hell on wheels for man to realize he must stand on his own two feet to get done what he has stopped doing for most of the the twentieth and twenty-first century so far: THINK!!!

:Most of you on this ste do not think but sporadically and it is costing you good. You need Ron now and then to spell it out for you but for the most part you are indifferent to the consequences that comes from not caring that much. Now the Supreme is not there to smooth over the consequences of little thought on Urantia in particular. Now we battle the daft views of Washington DC and some of you to boot. We are now releasing some heart to Ron for a change as he battles them and you and the rest of the unthinking universe to end his days on Urantia with some idea how these things work in spirit, and lets the chips fall where they must: nowhere now.

“I refuse to provide the SER under thee circumstances, and we know from Mantutia he is ready to send it to Ron if Ron knows how to distribute and he does but must wait for us to decide when. Right now, no decision, no way do we do it as the world is bleeding the green color of envy and lust and what else I do not know.

“When t his era ends, and I declare it over in a week or two, the entire matter of the SER is for Ron to work with, and John the Baptist to announce what Ron already knows, that Jesus is ready to step in with his views and Ron will continue with his Series: JESUS SPEAKS. Let this sink in if you can remember this at all:

“We in spirit must propose all things first, and then we must act on those proposals by our Staffs, and then they are useful to man either as a Mission or as a Revelation. This time a Revelation is not enough. This time a Mission and a Revelation must come together in one fell swoop and that is our pleasure to teach you that is one of Ron’s favorte expressions. Let one fell swoop enter your vocabulatry as it means to fall tfrom the ceiling in a gust of wind and feathers on top of you! Laugh but that is how Ron lived his life for decades and mostly won.

“Now we come to the point that nothing can be done for any of you so long as there is a refusal to budge in your thinking and work with thought instead of parodies of thought yu respond with sometimes. Ron enjoys honesty of expression and uses your honest opinions, but there are too few opinions being expressed and Ron leaves you alone then to deal with things as they happen. He also knows you hardly understand what has happened, and I dare say, I doubt MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK will ever make the rest of Urantia understand for centuries. Then it is too late because I am tired of a URANTIA that cannot think!!! Find a way to do it Members!!! And be glad you finally caught before this you did well, but without the Supreme you are falling further and further behind because of your lack of comprehension as to just what this default of the supreme means to you very well done with Ron but none others at the present time. He holds forth because you have no revelation besides the URANTIA Book, and that does not say when it does, but how the Supreme was integrated into universe reality.

“WE are the CREATOR SON of Nebadon, and Ron fights making capitals all the time but we need them to index these transmissions in our archives. Nonetheless we have two important statements to make to you now:

1 - No more jokes for now, we need to order URANTIA back on line and will do so with a startling announcement now:

No one must understand the Supreme so much as you do after this post, but Ron is to be removed for good shortly not, and replaced with something he can use as a body. His life is a tad too slow for any of us today, and for tomorrow better done, but we have the permission in hand to restate that life as a better example than we have had for decades.

No one matters to God the Father more than Jesus and Ron and many other Bestowal Sons of record, but on Urantia no one learns why they are important, as the Bible and the New Testament Gospels are incomplete as they Apostles never had to take up why Jesus was so important to them. Besides Peter, Samuel, and Matthew and Andrew, very little comprehension of those workers made it long time and never int other work of the scripture they produced for the New Testament of your Bible.

Fully explains, no one has the temerity to redo this work other than JESUS again and wit hthe help of Ron who cares very much that some comprehension does occur for your lasting benefit. That said let us examine item 2.


2 - We are losing light as they say late in the day as it goes. We need more light on Urantia. And without Ron we fail to see how se can do that as he must leave very soon and get some comfort again or lose his ascension career to the idea of lost will due to overpowering over  rules we place there to keep him working within limits we can move his best in. That said he still does the work of sixty people on Urantia doing what has to be done to update but with severe disabilities over the Havona Supreme and its ilk of favors for the Urantia Foundation yet. Believe me that one leaves too but for the moment we abide the tense situation now developing between the laity of the Foundation and the leadership of that place.

“For reasons of State I leve that for now, but we now have a good reason for Ron to issue Bulletin 7, called SPACE SECTOR 10. It has one hell of a revelation in it too and this time they will not be quiet as that picture you show Ron is actually the outer limits of Nebadon and Salvington is the whtie smudge not in the middle but just above it. Show an arrow there for the laity, Ron.

“I also report that the entire matter of the SER is off the table until next week, maybe Tuesday, when I allow the entire matter to be discussed again over a get together on Uversa on that very subject. It is to be decided just what we are to do and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK will transfer his work from UVERSA to URANTIA, at that time. We decide your fate too Besser. We decode the fate pf the SER too, and we decide just what Missions are finalized to open again on the idea of reforming URANTIA at that time. K

“Finally here is FATHER:”

FATHER OF ALL - “WE see how this plays today Ron and your magnifying glass is full of dust again and that is over soon as you see well as soon as we adjust the lay of the land on URANTIA finally. It is to be done after the UVERSA meeting next Tuesday the 3rd of December on your calendar. That is our way of saying to all of you who read this post that the end of time approaches for URANTIA, nad by that we mean you will be left holding many bags in your hand of garbage and disrepute if you have been dishonest and murderous in your ways. That Prince Ron leaves us well done for a change not, and that clan ends in the Middle East as usual. Nonetheless the entire matter is being represented to me with you in the mix yelling and all, and it is sadly reported you lost a lot of support over that, but then they never fully understood what has happened, and you do and more than some of them down there in so-called spirit.

“Be assured that this post is unusual in that it reads easily and well for a change and Ron works hard to keep them all understandable if he can, but we have one coming up he does not comprehend well, and that is his life restored fully so he can work and play as he used to without fear of a spirit attack or a spirit fraud like the Havona Supreme has become. She.He is ready for the end results of tests run to verify the need for what was done to planets like SALVINGTON and URANTIA, and many other besides including the rebelling Panoptia again today. We close with this proximity to the GOD-FATHER relationship Ron has to us: MAY you never leave Urantia without a smile this time, Good day to all. FATHER.”


“As we conclude this remember all, no one has more at stake than Ron did and does. He psents tens of thousands of dollars to prepare for SERARA and MONJORONSON, as thought they were already here. He never guessed there was a delay of decades in the orks when objection after objection arrived on my door and then his door. You are all the beneficiaries of his work to date, and frankly he is ready to give it back to you if you do not do better in working this nasty thing called the end of God the Supreme. I am now telling all of you to forget the Supreme, and look at MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, for the leadership you all need.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, is now the TRILATERAL FEDERATION now formed over Nebadon, Avalon, Alvoring, Henselon, Sensalon, and Tintantium, all worthy names to be sure, and with WOLVERING heading the TRILATERAL FEDERATION, we now explain that WOLVERING is the Chief Instigator of the Fight against Ron truly, and now realizes he is the one who folded God the Supreme out of Urantia by refusing to participate in the insult to Jesus, to Ron, to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and to the rest of our worlds combined. It is WOLVERING which made the insult worse by insisting Ron be demoted to son of God instead of Staff of God which we wanted in the first place. That said no one under stands this is not truth anymore but that WOLVERING now is one of the planet’s best friend wherever Ron has stayed out mischief for good to Wolvering for sure. We explain a little”

“WOLVERING has no human planets. It is all Midsoniter and some Midwayer planets too, and thas is not a secret but how much revelation can a planet take? In any case Wolvering is now ready to play easily since that Creator Son saw the ruckus Ron put up lately when the Supreme-Ultimate made its approach to Ron, and Ron asked that he stop indwelling him because he was not himself with that brain pressure at all. Now Wolvering understands that Ron is not human entirely and is truly of the Melchizedek order some day. Be assured this is coming Ron, but you need to be a Finaliter first, a Mighty Messenger, and One Without Name and Number too, if that is possible because you fit all those categories already, and fully, few mortals ever have all this happen to them in one lifetime or many lifetimes as the saying goes on Urantia. But be assured the entire matter is open not but he must also become involved in the teaching in the URANTIA UNIVERSITY on the Lucifer rebellion too, as I have authorized a FINALITER DEPARTMENT to take part of it as they too have gone through it as mortals too. Be assured this is a huge enterprise and you are already wondering why such honors Ron, and that is because you deserve everyone of them at some point as WELMEK sees your response to Him was juicy and fully correct, and you call it a rebellion now, and so does he. The amazing thing is that the Father tends to full agree with your argument Ron: an invading army and a lie that comes with it, are a true sign of rebellion outside the borders of the country being invaded. He fully accepts your version of it and wonder why the Ancients of Days, never squelched it at once.

[ANCIENTS OF DAYS SPEAK; “Ron correctly states: ‘They did not define it as rebellion!’ Hence we did not act to summarily squelch it. However in hind sight we agree it should have summarily to do that. We do have that power Ron in spirit of the level of the rebellion.”]


“I see they answered Ron on the QT and he bracketed it for you. U aksi agree we conclude this post with the idea of removing your heartless crippled legs Ron, but that is now on order for you post UVERSA meeting scheduled for 3 Dec, 2019 on Urantia time. You are not to be bothered by the Havona Supreme or the Supreme-Ultimate any longer, as you have paid your price with treasure and bodily harm well enough and now stand at the brink of a new day without furthe discussions, as we must return to Panoptia with a full blown rebellion there over the very same issues you just fought to a conclusion yourself Ron. The is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and you hear my voice well again.”


“WE finally speak face to face Ron. You are not looking at a Planetary Prince any longer Ron, as I am a Mighty Messenger now and will not quite that place as I love it! Anyhow it is my duty to assign you as under our coomand, the petite pea of the gardne, t o work with Lanforge not but with ME as your contributary view of a Planetary Prince as I am Michael of Nebadon, and I take part of that role, and the hustler Machiventa Melchizedek will be too. You are preparing a Bulletin 7 and hitting hard times over process and so on, Use that design and let Phyllis know why too, as that photo your selected HAPPENS TO SHOW SALVINGTON! In it! Surprise everyone with some news in it too and release as fast as you can as it is perishable. We are retuned to URANTIA today, coincidentally, the day you said goodbye to the last harassment you will every have from anyone including Me, and that is for sure as you are now in charge of one things I thought I never would see: a real grinder of a nature, the new Urantia Foundation arising from the Magisterial Foundation department assigned directly to take care of that. Fully done all hte little corporations you have done are now wrapped into the Magisterial Foundation as one large corporation with subsidiaries galore including some you are not aware of and need to sell to us for one dollar as you relly have already done last December of 2018.

“Second, you have provided several individuals pardons for their work against you as you consider them truly worthy for t heir work too. We mention them not here but more will come back and you are happy to receive them if they can comport themselves better before the rest of your members as I see you raise the cane only when they disrupt so severely they must be shown the door to prevent other discord to erupt too. It is for that reason I award you the purple heart of courage to do so, as seldom are they reformed and seldom do you keep your pledge to keep them, but let us see how they do as they are ready to make amends truly. For that reason we give you the benefit of the doubt that all can be well done for all things assigned to you, You are found not on them but on us too Ron, as they are fully done with the whole idea of learning where you are as you will be heard loud and clear when that tough book to write at least three times wit Rayson, comes into its own shortly, as it is being appreciated by a group of beings now called lawyers today up here and they see how judicious you remain through out the dictation. Rare indeed and it spells big time books when the time comes for your edification too.

“God the Supreme has been removed from Urantia by fiat Ron, That means we have to redo the entire substratum of department heads in the new Planetary Prince idea, as it is actually two Planetary Princes becoming involved. ME, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and ME: CHRIST MICHAEL, are the Planetary Princes, just for the power we must present on high as united in doing this for a losing planet lately and for maybe all times if they cannot wind themselves back to normal. The nightly news casts are disgusting to you Ron and they should be as they have lost their editorial prowess too.

“Finally, this post is really a Bulletin to be modifef for others shortly too and you need to make them understand it is your doingand nor ours over the Supreme which is good enough doen already, but the reversion to the planet of URANTIA OF OLD is over and we must have a new definition of what exploratory means we have to decide how URANTIA becomes one with the TRILATERAL FEDERATION which iit is now called, and word ‘TRILATERAL” is not explaied now, it will become a favorite of yours to talk about forever, as it is one and unique and may never be reproduced again, and you were super all for it when you heard of it because you saw it as a huge learning experience bar none. It is and you all benefit from it shortly. K”


MOTHER SPIRIT = “WE lament coming in so late in a huge post, but we leave that alone for now. Bulletin 7 is a huge Bulletin so get it to Phyllis for processing this time Ron and forget your style of formatting truthfully as she will fold it better on her own than you can do we assure you. Just keep the newsletter idea off the table and provide a normal typed text for her to work with OKAY? OK.

“You almost got removed on your word processor and how slick they can do it and you are worred this keeps going . . . . . No longer as the entire matter is serenity decided and they are toast to you now. Keep this good work going now and allow that Supernaphim to inject now. Be assured it is done with nothing to report and Father says it was done by fiat. Be also assured no more shots of this variety as the Father now fully understands how you cannot tell the difference between harmful shot and helpful shots at all. Well tried for all thank you. K  MOTHER SPIRIT."
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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
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Newstarsaphire, I had to grab your post back, not because you did anything wrong, but what you posted was a post I had to grab back because they were not finished and I thought they were and yata yata yata  I thank you for the help but the full post is now left and as was intended by the Leaders. 

I also just sent you Phyllis a response I had privately to Gitz, and you needed to know the updates that really appear in the post above. but anyhow, I want you and the people here to know I am slaving away on Bulletin 7, Gitz needs to send it out in email, but I have a photograph in Bulletin 7 that Hubble caught and it has a snapshot of our capital in our Locale Universe, called Salvington, and it is right on the front page.  I had to laugh, I found the picture extraordinary when I saw it and said this has to be in the Bulletin because it already was well known to me it was Space Sector 10 showing  off to Hubble.  That is coming when I can untangle some of it I need to.  Thanks for your help.  RON
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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
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No problem Ron,  I just thought you might be having computer problems etc. and I'll check my email too for that picture etc., glad to be able to help in any way

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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
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Consequently, you who are Members need to understand what God the Supreme really was about and did not get that information at all until now as I have provided most of it here, but most of you are also so slow to understand you do not take enough interest or action to find and then to re-find yourselves to employ the idea of the Indwelling, or Thought Adjuster, entirely on your behalf. That is the secret to full recovery from what we lost losing the Supreme.

All I can say right now is WOW!.  I will need to read several times, but we have the secret for us to recover from the loss of the Supreme!  Think.  Think.   Think.   Let not down our guards when it comes to maintaining complete responsive recognition of the prompting of our Adjusters!  

Father of All, Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Ron--Thank you so much for this profound message and may we all find ourselves worthy of participating in the most important events to take place here and in the Trilateral Federation.

I eagerly await the release of Bulletin 7.  Ron, I hope that this is truly the end of your woes, something we will all celebrate, but none more than you.

kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2019, 05:39:53 AM »
As always, valuable news provided by Ron B., but of course „You Do Not Understand” all, so there are questions. At the beginning it is „God The Supreme”, Who speaks but (Quotes in italics, not bold or in color.) :

Nothing was left of the personality of God the Supreme, and nothing will exist again as the personality of God the Supreme. Suddenly trillions of material planets in the Grand Universe of time, were dehumanized as we would view it.”

so who's speaking to us in this post as God The Supreme ?, is the first question.


Further we learn that we also take part in it, and therefore responsibility for our future, but not only through what we do :

We humans think and do. So do the Midwayers and Angels and even Creator Sons and Creative Daughters, as the Supreme Creators actually help the Supreme decide what should be synthesized and what should be left alone as mere scaffolding.”

This is then a passing the best decision, according to the strictly applied dialectic, presented by our philosopher Hegel (Germany, 1770-1831) :

thesis + antithesis → synthesis

and „the information the Supreme sends to the Trinity. The Paradise Trinity uses that information and adds it into the existing code of Infinity to lead to the design of a Master Universe that is entirely infinite== including what used to be the time=space sectors of development.”

Next „The concept of spirit courage is entirely God the Supreme”, then we can understand that for important reasons, God the Supreme is above such "almost rights" or ideals for as, like :

- Do not do to others what is unpleasant to you,
- The 10 Commandments,
- Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

and as a consequence, the current administrative apparatus of God the Supreme has the right to do what they tell us that is happening on Salwington and Urantia, despite the fact that there is:

the existing code of Infinity to lead to the design of a Master Universe”

Am I right in what I described above? It is the second qustion.


RON HERE - ANDRE, AS BEST AS I CAN TELL, you do have it right.  Why I hedge a little is because my interpretation leads to the same conclusion as you summarize for yourself above.  God the Supreme has destroyed for himself the very foundation we use as mortals on Urantia, to guide our means to lead a life with more than eating, doing you know what, and dying.  That means nothing to you probably, but if you take your statements literally above, the removal fo the Supreme removes appreciation for truth, beauty, and goodness.  Therefore we as a species of mortals are thrown out of our own paradigm of why we can appreciate life and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

But kindly recall truth, beauty, and goodness, still exist.  But our lens to focus on these attributes through God the Supreme is now taken off the camera of our mind life and our mind cares for each other.  The real objective is decided by three very difficult things to accept:

1  The epochal revelation called the fifth has most of its testaments removed not by the loss of fight with the Supreme, but it has lost its central control point by now admitting the fifth epochal revelation can no longer viably accept that God the Supreme is the one to lead us to perfection.

That is no small matter or should it ever be dismissed either.

2   The epochal revelation to be known as the Sixth (SER) is outside of these arguments because it has to be withdrawn again and rewritten for yet a fifth time!  The loss of God the Supreme has not been philosophically retuned into what will lead ascending careers to perfection.  That I assume is temporary, but right now you and I and the rest, have no philosophical basis to depend on without another Deity to represent our efforts to learn and understand enough to be acceptable as a Finaliter candidate.

3   Look at me.  I am a mess.  I cannot live this way.  Many of you are discovering something like what I decide in your own way.  We lack the gift of God the Supreme and must supply that loss by ourselves to the extent we know what we a re missing.  The Urantia Book would admit this like trying to pull yourself up by your boots, and pulling yourself over your head inside out to do.  Rarely is it done, and therefore most of us simply fail to know why we just do not feel good most of the time.  That is my case, and I have to let it pass as refusal of the people around me to understand more than I do and make my life a lot easier than it is at the moment.  That is the kind of oxymoron we get into when the Supreme crashed and left a void the size of time space for we mortals to fill in all by ourselves by our own memories of the comforts we used to have.

In many respects Andre, we are our own Supreme.  In many respects we cannot support what that means because it becomes a fable if lived too long in a past memory of the comforts we used to have and we supply ourselves now.  I agree mostly with your statements above, so long as we both agree we deal temporarily without a sound answer to why this loss is so damaging to our points of view as we lose that which delight us to live at all, and must wait for a light to dawn in our minds where the Father and the Paradise Trinity take creation we are in, and redefines how we go about living well again.

That is the best I can do for you at the moment, Andre, and these were excellent questions to mull over with together.  RON
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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2019, 08:55:11 AM »
Andre, I responded in your post above.  Just take note that's all.

To the rest of you who work out this idea of Supremacy, it is not easy to do, and it is not entirely correct what I states as the Didactic of Hegel.  Incidentally that is what they call that business, a didactic, and it is not a word that is warm and fuzzy, as all it means is two arguments within, and I move on without further ado.

We have to conclude today that I am losing ground badly over the loss of what I consider the precious fill in words of our Creator Son, mostly.  It is a rude thing to be told you are done Ron, and then have to accept the fact that nothing is ready for further examination for several days more to come as we await a huge meeting over the very issues we are trying to grasp here.  I cannot abide the Supreme as an invader, yet that is how that remnant on Urantia still behaves like.  Therefore I get rejected as useful and I am not useful if I have to deal with a bully to get God's word known to better lives on Urantia.  I also think that everyone of you must face this at one time or another soon too, as the real insult is to our Melchizedek Corp, the angles of Nebadon, and the Sons of God of our Local Universe.  I am not going into that side of things at all right now, but I am positive they must resent this intrusion as much as I do.  Yet for a mortal, my issue with the Supreme cuts my life away from me presently in a cruel and harsh way I would wish on nobody.

I look forward to what you say is truth to me too Andre, the real purpose of life is to learn and graduate to use what we learn.  I am not out of that paucity of  thought which says "well done,: and into "what the hell are you doing to us now?"  It does not dawn on me that there is any gracious good news even AFTER DECEMBER 3RD as I am sure the ideals we once had have to amalgamate elsewhere first, and that is to determine just how the Local Universe of Nebadon, regains its power to change and remove the unusable policies of old into the work we need to do on Urantia, starting first with this mess of a world which held a magnificent Bestowal Son Jesus and became the world of the cross, and its population celebrating his death rather than his life so much so I leave it to those rats to infest themselves only.

In conclusion these brief remarks address an uncomfortable transition out of the mayhem of policies so short sighted they even make a dumb mortal mad to deal with the,.  December 3rd should be better for us than we have now, and let us pray that is true for you and as much for me too.  It took the death of Supremacy to learn what the Supreme actually does--  or at least some of that-- and we find it ludicrous all our eggs were in one basket for us to grow with.  That just tells us alternatives have to be considered as those eggs are gone as is that basket. and yet there is no replacement quite as good as that one was.

Many thanks to all of you who work on this as I do as we at least have some bases to talk about this while the rest of the Urantia readership I think is mostly at sea to know what we talk about here ourselves.  Cheers!  and as Jack the Midwayer used to say: LATER!


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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
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I wrote this answer without knowing your last post, but I will not correct it anymore. I will only add that I meant Hegel's dialectics, not didactics. I am glad to see your mood change for the better in this new post. My somewhat outdated answer follows:

Dear Ron, I would like to express my true compassion, because I feel your pain from your response. I probably can't understand or even more feel the whole truth about the current situation of the universe and this allows me to remain more optimistic. I think that the Father of the Universe can change this current situation, maybe even to better than it was when God the Supreme existed. I do not undertake to say what the future situation will be, but the Father and the Trinity are able to do it, and the last few years of history show us how quickly, counting in our time scale, they can do it.

I think that even the Havona Supreme, as the natural successor of God the Supreme, can draw enough conclusions from what happened and develop new rules of game with the Father and the Trinity that will allow the better functioning of the whole and avoid controversy that led to the destruction of the God the Supreme. It would have been invaluable to us and Salvington if the coordination between the Local Universe Michaels and the higher administrative apparatus of the Supreme had occurred, because judging by what we were told, it had not existed before. Rather, it was the execution of the Supreme's decisions, or resistance against Him, when these provisions were impossible to implement, resistance also on the part of the Father of the Universe.

It is a bit worrying that we have not heard anything about the Melchizedeks as Time Lords lately, but I hope this is because new rules are under intensive development.

For us mortals, but also for later there is a conclusion that we never give in to even the very great tensions that can affect us. We all in this universe have a foundation: The Father controls all and is responsible for everything, and we can always trust him.

I hope that many things will be unlocked in our life time scale.

We'll see what comes next.


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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
« Reply #7 on: December 02, 2019, 06:28:32 PM »
Andre, thank you.  I was kidding too much and should not do it when I said what you said, "I will only add that I meant Hegel's dialectics, not didactics."  And I am teasing now, for 19th century prose does that to me as they write so correctly it mangles my ability to walk through it too.

I dare not speak for the Melchizedek but the idea of Time Lords is still present but not with our Machiventa Melchizedek, is now a Mighty Messenger, and he does not talk about it.  That is why you are not hearing much about Time Lords.  Mantutia Melchizedek was briefly a Time Lord too, and got out of it by claiming indigestion as he could not swallow that and do revelatory work too.  There is quite a story about Machiventa and where he went to get out of the massive invasion we had by the Supreme-Ultimate last Wednesday on Salvington, and a little bit on our knee on Urantia too where Machiventa Melchizedek was re supporting the building of another planetary government.  He looked up from his desk and faced a t rue brute of an angel dedicated to the Supreme-Ultimate and fled the scene.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK HERE - "Ron is so funny I let him tell it and I did.  I fled URANTIA last Wednesday afternoon after hitting a really hard chord with a new being I had never seen before standing at the foot of my desk asking if I was Machiventa Melchizedek.  I said, "yes, What is it you want?"  That bulk said, "your job!"  I said,  "here you can have it!"  I fled first to Uversa and then to Capimote. a false word for a secret place of refuge in case one is being pursued and one is high enough to know the code to get into it.  The Supreme-Ultimate pursued but lost me in a quick turn and I made it in to a secret place of hiding." 
"Today, I am back on Urantia at my old scarred desk top, and see nothing missing but my pride, and returned as a Mighty.  Ron says that is like a human suddenly coming back without sex organs and operating as a powerful gelding.

"I kid you not, I told Michael, I left a Melchizedek Time Lord, and returned as a Might Messenger a la saddle not.    We Melchizedeks can do those things but I was not expecting a name change when I left to get away from what I considered a ferocious lizard-style being, about 12 feet tall, 9 feet wide at the top.  Ron says Interstate highways used to have lanes ten feet wide and I could have fit his car with margins to spare on Him. 

"Michael called me later that episode, and said I was to come home, that Urantia was over with and the Supreme-Ultimate was gone and I had work to do to put the place back in order.  When I got back to Urantia, nothing was left in our storage compartments and no plan or map left including the map I dictated to Ron on our expectations of tectonic plate dispersion.  We now rely mostly on my dictation to Ron and how he posted it a few weeks back on this forum.  Good grief, as Ron says so much, what next?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Andre you must ask questions more often as Ron sits on a lot of news he does not release as there is not time to release it in a full post.  You have Machiventa Melchizedek, still wondering how it happened just standing in his hiding place, that the Paradise Trinity (Ron says it was part of the floor boards), was able to embrace Him and get away with a change not immediately recognized.  Ron insists I knew it when I opened the door and melted it.

"In any case I am Michael now and you all need to see the trial taking place in Havona today.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK trialed several beings for being late to a fatuous town hall meeting on the Havona Third Circuit, which is where the Supreme Being blew up, and they had to reinvigorate the area the Supreme exploded directly upon.  It was a massive injury to the material Havona is made of and we never knew it ran so shallow but it is only what you would call several feet deep, and under that is a layer of Absolutem, and under that is a big fat secret I am sworn to keep,  Ron says he believes it is the family jewels.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I feel like Ron sometimes, as Father now expects no one to ever understand how Ron can do this work until we just discovered that this infant terrible known as Ron Besser, has several feet of clay in the universe as he has been replicated on high to see how he works in several different kinds of situations.  [Ron, everyone, that is equivalent of making a robot out of me and putting me in snowstorm, a hurricane, a sand storm, --  you get the idea -- and see where I fail.  I failed them all but this one they tell me and that is that, K]

:As a class act, Ron came across a MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK placard in one of his new situations, and asked why is this still here>  So he was sent back in time to see Abraham at work, and now knows that Abraham was very fierce and yet naive and that placard was a drawing to show Abraham which way out to the emergency path in case of an assassination at tempt.  Be that is not here anyhow.

"The trial is now to get Ron out of this mischief of near death experiences with the Supreme and it is working so long as Ron can stay busy, but once he is past the thought processing he falls back into trouble.  We conclude this with the idea that all things cohere in the FATHER, and that this case too has a happy ending shortly.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

"Tomorrow is a huge meeting of Sector 10 Local Universes, and the Powers that run them, as well as our wish to continue work on Urantia to save the place from its own terrible destiny of nuclear war.  Trump is the miscreant who sees to it and he backed away once and I doubt he goes back to it, but he has a lethal array of weapons anyway.  This 3 Dec meeting then is potent for we determine the idea of a FEDERATION, and several FEDERATIONS  as well in order to curb rebellion due to a lack of patrols from UVERSA, and that happened over an ideal issue Ron fell into and now must be caring not to induce another one:  MORTALS ARE POWERUFL ALLIES and he just proved it with this post.  I spill the beans for him and nobody else because this particular mortal is without chicanery and knows how to share in spite of no one believing he can do what he does.  He does it so well no one knows it until it is done.  Good day."

MOTHER SPIRIT = "Listen all of you:

"We are now starting our 3 Dec meeting truly as all have arrived already and close enough to the old starting date.  Ron can get silly over Machiventa Melchizedek because to Ron, Machiventa Melchizedek is BRAHMS, look him up, and BRAHMS was knows as a big bear and a brilliant musician and Ron still swoons at the concertos and symphonies he wrote.  In any case Ron insists on being around when the big bang goes off again, as the big bang this time is to undo a section of Havona, even though it is THE divine universe, to replace circuit Three and replace it with a new Deity presence not yet described even by FATHER who does this kind of work entirely. 

FATHER hjere - "Ron has asked me a shocking questions and I have to be careful how I answer it.  It goes like this:  Am I, the FATHER, coming out of retirement do to this?

If you do not know what that means you need to read your Urantia Book better.  The short answer is "yes." and that has extraordinary repercussions.  Ron has not the slightest idea  but states, COMING OUT OF RETIREMENT SUGGESTS THAT THIS WOULD BE FATHER AT SOME NEAR CONCLUSION OF GOD THE ABSOLUTE READY TO MAKE THE UNIVERSE INFINITE.

"I am FATHER, and Ron recognizes that would not happen now but states it as the URANTIA Book states it as no such thing of me coming out of retirement was scheduled until the completion of the 7th outer space level was sufficiently developed for me to do that and end the universe ages of experience.  Now, he says, FATHER what is the repercussion of you activating another rail in the circle of Infinity to reinstate new Deity of such huge universe repercussions?

"You Ron, are too big for your britches, and I will say this, never ask God the FATHER ought what a Supernaphim can answer if they ever thought of the question this way.  They have not and wonder what cereal you eat to st art your day?  I see it too.  And now thanks to you.  Now I must aver to say to MICHAEL OF NEBADON, preserve this one longer in the Local Universe if you will in order to  test his mettle to do things we though only we could do.  What lower caste is in him that preverts the idea of seculsion for Father except the revelation naturally states my retirement to prevent time from exercising perfection at all.  Perfectly understood up here but imperfectly understood down there on the material planets especially in Avalon and Henselon, as those humans are not provided epochal revelation, but Local Universe revelation.   I am spilling beans I did not intend to but so what?  It is not my intention to be trapped, but I tell you, watch out for this one, as he knows his stuff just enough to trial the Local Universe of Nebadon to keep up with his need to experiment with causes.  That is a huge area hardly ever entered in to. 

"As some of you must know there is a huge meeting of minds on Salvington on 3 Dec Urantia time in the NY time zone.  That is understood to include me, but now Ron has asked a most pertinent questions I think we have ever had regarding universe persuasion that I keep back in order to prevent time accidents into perfection  I do, however Ron takes that further than is the actual case, and only because my further actions are hidden, even enough it did not get into the first Urantia Book.  As a result we have Ron believing I am quite active on Paradise and Infinity, but not in the experiential sectors.

"Actually he has it about right, now that I look at it, but revelation Mantutia is a two edged sword too often, and we must not truncate our own understanding to believe I am not deeply and seriously involved in time space issues as that is our foundation for a new experiential universe quite soon.  In our estimation Ron, this question is too broad to answer simply, but it does apply to the unverses configured in time, and they are seriously at risk at times for being too silly to hear well, but you are looking at it with aplomb and I am looking at it philosophically, cold and dry, and we are fine with each other all the time in those configurations.

"Let me say this.  I am reconfiguring, not God the Supreme, but all three Deities at once.  That requires a change in our space levels (OSL's), and  that is not easy to see, but that requires OSL 4 to reduce the size of its absolutm sub station as you called it Ron, and I wondered what that meant, but a substation is a station that reinstates power in a new locaion and requires the same machinery to work it the original does to send the power to it.  Lovely ideas but not quite:

The 4th OSL has a deep depression in it, and the fellow who drew it for you back in 2016 or so made it out to look like a tooth root.  Reasons were that Rayson admonished both you that the substation in its base parts was segregated into two areas and that is drawn to show that,  However, Rayson ought to look at our master plan anyone can see Deity and above and that is coming Ron, and you are never alone in this, you comprehend what we do and I am afraid we left you holler and carry on in error because you knew you were being seriously damaged and could not stop them.  I apologize and this is the fifth one issued today to MICHAEL OF NEBADON TOO as he must also understand that the attack on the FEDERATION was not my fault but I did not see it coming in that seriousness.  I let that be for now.

"AS I WRITE THIS no one seems to notice Ron scowling at these words as they spill out, as he must take it in as he can, and has not chance to study this further as it must be posted and then dropped as a question, due to the fact that MICHAEL OF NEBADON is ready to state for the record that you Ron must be controlled now but allowed to roam where you can and you just stated you need an anchor and do not care for that ind of freedom entirely, and how odd, but you need to place your head in security and faith and that is honorable beyond words.  You did it in military and you did it at 2709 and you did it now and that is extra ordinary  and  that is as you state, "that is how I feel better, Father."   Be assured this entitlement does not end now as FATHER Himself now credits Nebadon for instilling this odd nature of a critter gone mad with mind to see how the place outside works.  Be assured it works well, and this to your students here:

WE ARE NOW ASSUMING ALL ARE LISTENING;  The Dec 3 meeting tomorrow is already underway with these disclosures to Ron, and he  does well to hear them well too:  Dec 3, is our way of ending the license on URANTIA, to maim and kill at will, and this time the entire war lords on Urantia will have their fill of  the disgust people feel for their fear mongering to the populations.  They will learn the bitter lessons all learn when time runs out on their projects that requires killing and looting, and that goes for protesters too.  Those protests in Hong Kong are radical people without much to say soon.  That is all I dare say.

"Finally, we are placing you Ron in charge of a few projects I dare say are right up your alley and it is up to MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK to lord i over you to get them done well, and that is to discharge your duties in this place as well as other places to be assigned.  Thank you.  THE UNIVERSAL FATHER."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK = "Ron as usual we had it to you voer something I never broach because it is impossible to innocently ask that question from our level.  You see it as a broach of activity into time? [Yes, and all levels of experience too indirectly or directly as I do not know where one becomes the other either,]  Good.  Now i know your mind better than you do.  You are Melchizedek through and through and I see it working out beautifully when that training can start once more as we are sure one or two other of you can do this too and Ron looks squarely at Clency and we agree of all things, as he pretends nothing but you see deeply.  We watch that character now. . . ."

CLENCY'S ADJUSTER  - "Ron you hear clency in ways we do not.  What do your hear? [Tightly drawn perception beyond the requirement of temporary interest and fully disclosed in his heart to understand fully how he might become more than he is without going into bouts of language and emotions.  He is a cool, dry, intellect, with immense capacity to see in but shys away from it because of interference from his domestic side of things.  It is the case of a man who knows more than he thinks he does,  At the very least he is much like me and all that pushed me forward too.]

"I speak as the Adjuster of Clency now:   He is full of pep but is sure he is too ill to continue much longer.  Just as you do for yourself Ron.  He carries huge reserves of energy inside of him, but must abide a domestic situation that is harsh to deliver anything to it besides deciding who does what in that household all the time.  It is noisy and bruising to Clency, and  to his wife who cares that he gets his rest. Not long ago he had to go to the hospital and it was life threatening as he had happen what your biological father had happen, and that was the main aorta the delivers blood to the seat area burst due to too much pressure on it for years as everyone who experiences that, dies eventually of a broken blood vessels within those area of tedious motions.

"We are sure Clency survived thanks to the quick thinking of his wife and they got him to the hospital in time to prevent fainting and so on.  You Ron are in the same danger these days and you make ti out you must walk sometimes just to clear the pooling of blood in your abdomen.  That is true and today you did very well to avoid it at all and save yourself quite a lot concern from all of us that you too lose lots of blood due to over extension in a chair before a computer screen to take all of this down.  So be it!  This is RATHER OF ALL and we tell all this:  Clency you fail too often for the wrong reasons and you need better cheer than you have now.  Dec 3, will see to much and much more than we can speak to now.  Good day to all! FATHER. k"


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Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God The Supreme
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Quote of Father in Reply #7 above :

„. . . I am reconfiguring, not God the Supreme, but all three Deities at once. That requires a change in our space levels (OSL's), and that is not easy to see, but that requires OSL 4 to reduce the size of its absolutm sub station as you called it Ron . . .”

Can one know more today?