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« on: December 01, 2019, 02:26:37 pm »
Teacher : Father Fragment                     T/R : Wenebojo               Date :12/01/2019                                     Greetings,.. like the snow that fall on your earthly plain from above during this month of December. We too make our list on how to grace you in the coming years from the heavenly realms. That being said, from your very window in time or viewpoint you might notice the snowflakes falling that seem to appear all the same, True ? But on closer inspection you would notice that not one snowflake is alike in its intricate pattern. So too are you a unique aspect of The Father Himself.                                                                                                                                          Watching the snow fall from the sky with a little imagination, try to picture these snowflakes or God's very creations that you all are from The Father's perspective, if you can ? As He looks out across His vast creation and sees all His children grace these experiential planets with His Love in forms like yourself, so beautiful, each endowed with it's own unique personality cut from the very fabric of your Creator to His creations. So fragile each endowed with it's own personality. Some made to grace these worlds for the long haul, while others a short visit, seeming to melt in your very hand if you tried to hang onto them. Blessings indeed they are. These loved ones like yourself, chosen to be seen but not heard, to be loved but never hated, to be cared for but never a burden on any time or place.                                                                                                                     You too share a likeness to these flakes of snow, for a little while longer you also grace this plain of existence with your Father's essence, His humor, His caring nature, His love of family. With the changes a coming, be it time or seasons you too will change. Melting into or joining that which is changeless, the true love and ultimate beingness of your Creator, God. Yes the Father Himself . And you thought differently ? He created you by His thought. That is where you are always and in all-ways from His point of view. Enjoy, His perspective instead. That is what it is here for, You ?    K
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Give Me your attention. Listen to what I have to say My son, My Will to you is the best experience you will ever live through here on this sphere and after your mortal death. Seek Me and you shall find Me within you. Live according to MY Will and ever lasting peace shall never leave your heart and mind. It shall be your satisfaction even in the face of adversity. You shall desire nothing else apart from finding joy in doing My Will. You shall stand firm.
Listen and pay attention to the feeling that emanates from your heart and the thought impressions that I impress upon you at the moment. As you practise listening and being still  it shall be easier for you to differentiate your  thoughts from Mine accompanied by the feeling from your heart of an overall feeling of love and service to others.
If in doubt, ask? And I shall answer your call for help which in turn shall boost your confidence and trust in Me for we are One. Therefore, there is no excuse for not asking anything from Me, your FATHER, for I already know your thoughts and needs at the moment for  that is  good exercise your freewill that you are blessed with.
By this you learn not to fight your own battles but instead choose to fully entrust ME to guide and lead yo You shall have My Blessings to face the task at hand, difficult or easy, because whether you succeed or not is not your problem thus becoming unattached to the end result.
Learn to trust me always and with that let us end this talk  .Thank you.
Thank you Father.