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Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« on: December 02, 2019, 01:31:59 PM »
Hi fellow travelers!  My name is Sonya and I've been a licensed therapist for 26 years.  I first attempted to read the UB in the 70's but it was over my head at the time and I wasn't ready for it.  However, I have returned to read it and have almost completed my 1st read through.  

I wanted to join this forum so that I can feed my knowledge, build my relationship with Spirit, God and Jesus/Michael of Neb and increase my awareness of what's going on in our world so that I can be of greater service to others.  Suffice it to say that I'm blown away by the content of what's happening not only in our world but in the big universe after reading through some of the content of this forum.  

After working in mental health and being a Social Worker who was assigned high profile cases of abuse, torture and infanticide of children due to my clinical background, I thought I had done my share of "fighting the good fight."  As I mentioned to Ron in my initial email, you cannot fight the devil and come out unscathed.  I have been scorched and have burns. Doing that along with working with psychopaths, sociopaths and narcissists has truly damaged my soul and heart.  I now find myself very tired at 65 both spiritually and physically.  So when I read about how Ron has to fight physical attacks daily I get upset about it and think to myself, "do I want to go through all of that now again?"  And the answer is no, I don't feel strong enough.  I'm old and tired and my bed is my favorite place to be.

In my naivety, and likely due to having been raised under the Christian Bible doctrine that hasn't changed in 2000+ years, I had presumed that life in heaven, or the heavens was grand and stable.  It was peaceful full of loving creatures who cared about each other and lived in harmony all worshipping God the Father, Jesus and being filled with the Holy Spirit.  In my view, hell truly was on earth.

I completely accept that I'm a newbie but I do have an unusual amount of skill and knowledge in identifying evil pathology on a physical level (as identified through human behavior.)  I have testified in over 400 court hearings on child abuse and also in a civil commitment hearing when I worked at a prison and recommended an inmate not be released due to his risk to reoffend and molest other children.  So the study of psychopathology is something I have excelled at…and don't get me started talking about Trump the criminal psychopath and how he has damaged our world or my head will explode!  YIKES! LOL!  

My observation is this:  It seems that the heavens have not managed or created a system to identify,  adjudicate and control miscreant behavior in a timely manner, consequently it is able to create misery, pain and chaos.  The Lucifer rebellion still after so many millennium has strains of existence and manifestation even now.  The Lucifer rebellion is one way to name "narcissistic pathology" which is a more global term that I think accurately reflects  the "It's all about me problem" that exists in the heavens as well as on earth.  This does make sense when you know that God grants all soul creatures free will so that we have to choose our actions.  I feel like I need to have a staffing and make a treatment plan for the heavens for Pete's sake!  There are traits and "tells" that identify pathology.  Let's not go to sleep at the wheel God!

What is shocking to me is to read about God the Supreme having imploded and the concomitant effects upon the universe.  Now I read that Salvington was under attack and even Michael of Neb has to evacuate for his safety and that Urantia has no government operating on it thanks to the war with the Supreme and the callous reaction of God the Ultimate who still badgers Urantia and the Melchizedek Corp and that Havona Creative Spirit is allowed to interfere on Urantia.

This all sounds like an episode of Game of Thrones!  It strikes me that the heavens need an army of soldiers and detectives to weed out such issues so that there is peace in heaven.  That being said, I also read that the Gods want Ron to experience trials to prepare him for higher things and continue to allow him to suffer torture from malevolent beings.  Really?  Isn't hell on earth enough?

I don't know.  Perhaps I'm speaking from a place of fatigue after having been a soldier for truth and having fought evil for decades but it's depressing and leaves me with a heavy heart.  I don't know what I can do to help Ron and others here on the forum to give you all strength to fight and honestly, I'm a bit afraid of being attacked.  This is all above my paygrade.  I'm fighting to reinvent myself and build a private practice which has been stalled due to outside forces (I'm thinking I've been under attack too).  

Hey folks, life is hard here on the big Urantia planet eh?  It also seems like it's not a bed of roses in heaven either.  Fighting pathology and selfishness seems to be a trait that exists in the universes that we will continue to do until we reach Finaliter status.

Thanks for letting me ramble on with the debate and thoughts I have in my head.  I welcome all feedback and send you all blessings and peace.  Boy, we sure need it!


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2019, 02:01:32 PM »
Welcome, Sonya!
You bring a wealth of knowledge and experience with you and your willingness to share it
with us will be greatly appreciated, I am sure.


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2019, 04:23:14 PM »
Hi, Sonya. Welcome to the forum. Based on your history of studying and analyzing human behavior/dynamics, I think you will bring a different perspective to the forum -- more grounded. We share not only a similar location (the West Coast -- I'm in Portland) but also some consternation for the lack of a "safer haven" for us mortals to look forward to after our sojourn here because of conflict between individuals one would think would have risen above typical human discord.  

I look forward to reading your thoughts on the many subjects on the forum. You won't necessarily see me as I am more an observer than participant; however, I'm around.

Thanks again for joining the forum and sharing your insights.


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2019, 06:38:54 PM »
Hello ARocketGal, Sonya!!! Welcome to the Forum where this journey is such an experience to treasure. It is such a pleasure to hear your story and your journey so far, what a nice “newbie” but I think you have been more along with us for some time now and have caught on well what is transpiring and recognising so much with all that you have been exposed to in your field of work. This too is invaluable as to human nature and to the evil intent within those who are so inclined to think or to insist on a certain pattern of behaviour. I find it so horrid as to how one can be so bent in such a way of harm to others. Did not any one teach these ones the Ten Commandments? Did not they have a conscience? Did not they have some remorse for the wrongs they commit or continue to commit on others as well as themselves? It is a wonder how much more are there that are so blind? What happened to the parenting of these ones? I was brought up in a very religious upbringing mostly with an evangelical Jesus-Died-for-Us streak as my dad was a preacher in his anglican church and wanted to evangelize the gospel as he found it. I did learn the Ten Commandments and the Jesus way and learnt much more on the sides as I grew up that gave me so much to treasure as the guidelines to how to behave as oneself with others. The Golden Rule is the one guiding value in upholding life and the living. To do and choose other than that and to continue to insist on evil, turns into iniquity and that becomes a death unto its own.

I have been thinking about the two things we are to meet to choose: Eternal Life or Extinction. It is something that has bit into me to think about how this works even as high as an experiential deity and how and why Extinction is for the lower cases and yet is not entirely carried through for a high deity who becomes a “Residual Supreme”. It puzzles me as to where the experiences go when the Experiential Deity absorbs those who are dissolved through the process of Extinction. And yet where does it all go when the God the Supreme is extinct? Extinction now becomes something of a mystery as to what happens to all that was absorbed and is as if “It Is No More”? Does the Havona Supreme carry this responsibility? 

So I will reiterate these thoughts that is in discussion in the thread [General Discussion: Re: You Do Not Understand: The Missing Revelation! God the Supreme], but here I wish to welcome you as one of us in this journey of understanding the way of the Father as we live life in the ‘here and now’ in the wobbly retarded earth we call our home that is now becoming such a fussed over place to get “righted” in thinking. Talk about “thinking”!  There is so much we are yet to catch up on and dwell on as we feel we are at times lost at sea and then just as we see and yell “land ho!” there is still a long way to go, we have not even scratched the surface yet. Lately, I have felt as you in saying its seems like another episode of Game of Thrones, but hey, the saga never ends with Eternal Life we all know about in The Urantia Book!! GOT is a well contrived story of gross backstabbing and murder and so on that so much has happened in our ancient history that it makes GOT look like a walk in the park! What we live with in our present “House that Jack Built” [our modern civilisation] is a virus that has become so insidious that it drives us insane. If we did not have the Ten Commandments or the Golden Rule we would be all gone by now just by sheer tribal warfare. Somehow in the midst of the Jack House the good seed is sown by the Good Sower and is taking root in the good soil that makes for good production of heart and mind to do better than the harsh ways of tribalism and brutality. Our modern civilisation is still an old Jack House with a twist to do more tribalism and brutality in a manner through the stock markets, the monetary system and the rule of overbearing and taxing governments to boot. This has not changed since the times of Roman rule and so we go on to endure the never ending saga of who gets to sit on the Iron Throne!?! It then becomes an Ego trip does it not? Well, it remains to be seen. However, this we know is the Father’s creation and we are in it and behold His way for us. What has happened, happened and we live with it in our journey going forward, we hold all this to be true as it shaped us and brought us to this part of the journey, the knowledge, the experience and our Adjuster within will hold this in memory for us as we are now held with the Father who is the Universe Controller and Upholder, even when some things are lost and gone, He is the Omniscient one who is, in His infinity of being, can and will do what we can not. There is something we can think on and to dwell much on is the three words that must sink in and take root in our minds to fathom on how he SIMPLY “IS” in all things EXISTENTIAL AND ABSOLUTE.

Enjoy the journey of Eternity dear friend and all of you who are on it too!


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2019, 07:33:09 PM »
Well, Sonya, they are all barking up your tree and I must see that is the charisma of mind that is solid rock-logical.  You are more than just attractive to me, and these members who answered you already attest to it.  Do not fear or be put off though we are all murderers and have not yet been caught.

A translation note to you.  Sue believes in GOT.  But that is really short hand  for GOTsha AND IT IS A DEEP ONE. 

I also see you type without errors.  That gets demerits from me who cannot write at all without twisting meaning and letters pathetically to the point that Webster likens me to the pathological do-guider in his oratory.  Now that such is out of my system, mammal Besser welcomes you to the club.

Do you know how much we have needed you?

We need to understand what got lost in our formative years that we had to read the Urantia Book in the concluding years of our natural lives.  I for one was in civil engineering and testified my self in courts of pedigree may you never have to bother with.  I also served on the Board of Directors for one one them in Armonk, New York. and for another, I did their finances in Valhalla (NY, I kid you not), for three offices and I was never trained for them.  When offered and ordered to do so, I said you have to be kidding!

And funny thing now, that is just what you said looking over this spread and the history this carries with it.

I partcularly wish to point out something to you which I assume you already know.  Dr. Sadler who produced the Contact Commission that produce the Urantia Book, was, with is wife, heart surgeon Lena Sadler and the psychologist with training with her husband before the august Freud, first in France, and then in Great Britain briefly, til they departed in 1907 for New York and then to Le Grange, Illinois.  They produced the Urantia Book with others and you are reading the final part probably.

Now Sonya here is another for you.  Dr. Helen Schucman.  Do you know her?  She produced the ACIM, as head of the Princeton psychology department in the early 1970's, and scribed A Course in Miracles.  I suspect you would really like that book.  It is a course written like I do, through direct transmission from the divine ones, and it contains instructions on how to emotionally remove the stain of guilt from persons who hate life and love God.  Would that get close to your concentric circles and last bastion of inner defense?

Dr. Schuchman passed in 1981, and I have a divine connection to her as she works on books as such on the mansion worlds, and says to you (I transmit) :you my dear Sonya, are right up Ron's alley, and he so enjoys your rock solid intellect, he gets googy writing to you.  My work was never as a clinical psychologist, but as a terminator for know-it-all students I could hardly stand at the time.  In my deceased activities on the mansion worlds, the Creator Son has two caveats for ex - psychologists:  a) learn what true psychology is;  b) eat well while you do it because your hunger will grow when we see what a really good psychologist can do for man.   i am Dr. Schucman up here too, as we earn degrees as you do down there, and Ron is studying to be a Doctor and is under the driect influence of Dr. Mendoza, the Chief Surgeon of Nebadon.  He also holds several doctorates in psychology and neural science investigations too.  Ron is a chief study because he was harmed by an inadmissible drug to the legs hwich cause the knee caps to penetrate the substrate of the narrow bone muscle at the back.  They later diagnoses the problem as endemic polio but could not get the cell definition they needed.  He is also co author with Ron on the ADIS epidemic and Ron has in his possession the serum that kills the ADIS virus but refuses to publish it unless the entire book on AIDS and Autism and Altzheimers can be published as is.  In any case Sonya Dewitt, the entire matter is still open as to just what you are to do with that clinic."

[Ron here Sonya.  Dr. Schucman just transferred me to the Creator Son to speak to his view of your proposed clinic as he sees it . . . ]

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "That clinic is your life dream and it can happen.  You need to concentrate on the hill factor too.  That means your greatest resistance is not you but people with whom you go into competition with.  Allay their fears by casually letting them know there is no competition because you are retired and wish a new case only once in a while to keep yourself sharp and caring.  It will work miracles to get you going Sonya. "

Ron here:  In any case Sonya, my most welcome to you and your good mind in areas we all need to hear what you think of this world and this travail we have in spirit to rid ourselves of this unusual and truly extraordinary situation absolutely no one ever thought was in the cards to happen!   Ron  .
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #5 on: December 02, 2019, 11:10:53 PM »
A big THANK YOU to all who have responded.  I appreciate that you have taken time out of your busy schedules to say a few words.  This is certainly a time of change on all spheres of existence.  It's hard to keep your focus when there is so much turmoil, anger, hate, pain and injustice in the world.  Those of us who value life and the spirit of God are challenged to keep our chins up with so much suffering on the news.  So I appreciate it when we can lift each other up.
Ron you cracked me up several times in your response!  I must say that humor is one of the most positive attributes we can bring to ourselves and others.  Being PC all of the time is painful and I always question those who don't show their humanity and frustration through sarcasm.  I also appreciated the thoughts and insights you all posed.
We need to understand what got lost in our formative years that we had to read the Urantia Book in the concluding years of our natural lives.  
I would offer some psychological insight on the following question you posed Ron.  It's a good one and I've asked myself about it. Humans don't develop the ability for full logical, rational thought until age 12.  Then we go through adolescence and the need to rebel (aka individuate from our primary role models/parents.)  We transition our attachment to other teens which explains the absurd and downright stupid and dangerous behavior that they engage in.  They pull away from adult leadership and try to develop their own "voice" however silly or misguided it is.  They need to find themselves and do so by getting pink mohawks and hanging with other disaffected teens who usually have less rational thought development due to using & experimenting with drugs which stops development then and there.  
We know from clinical research that drug/alcohol addiction stops emotional development.  I would argue that is also paralyzes moral development when addictions develop.  Addicts engage in crime so that they can obtain their drug of choice.  Hence sociopathic behavior develops and becomes a lifestyle.  Many end up homeless, sick, diseased, in prison or dead.  For those of us who survive this perilous phase we try to find some degree of self actualization through a career path or through creating a family.  In other words we just get to darn busy to think about Spirituality.  We leave it to a Sunday morning thing and get on with our chores for the weekend.  Throughout our lives we are always called to God as we know through our Thought Adjusters who try to lead us to the right path.  But honestly, I think we are just to busy.  I would add that our current culture is making it even harder with all the distractions of social media, climate change, and politics from hell.
I studied under Fredrick Hudson PhD who wrote a book "The Adult Years" and who started the Fielding Institute in Santa Barbara.  (A PhD program for Psychology.)  He posited that adults go through major life changes every decade.  We know this from our experience as adults as well.  It's really common sense.  We have different needs as 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70+ year olds.  Our life experience informs us and we have a much broader and wise view on existence.  So in his view, Spirituality really doesn't become a defining issue until we have passed through our family and career development.  It isn't until the kids fly from the nest and we near retirement that our focus and needs shift.
Abraham Maslow also discussed how we have a "hierarchy of needs" and that until we meet this hierarchy we cannot rise to the next higher level of functioning.  

Again it's common sense.  If you don't have a roof over your head or food in your belly (please I prefer meat and potatoes or some Mexican food) we don't concern ourselves with employment, health, love, relationships etc.
So this all leads me to postulate that we were not developed enough until later in life to be able to integrate the depth of information and scope of complexity that the UB offers.  The cosmology is so vast and nearly incomprehensible that without a strong drive to push through all of the heavy, deep, complex polysyllabic words and concepts, we run out of patience.  That was true for me.  I couldn't muddle through all of the UB's dense concepts at that age.  I wanted to dance and have fun!  However, now the density is truly inspiring at this point in my life.  The UB stretches our minds so much more than the Bible does.  Look at how simplistic it is relative terms!  Biblical concepts are locked in, unchanging and are to never be questioned for the last 2000 years.  Hell they still can't accept women as priests.  The Catholic's now have their weekly services published in book form a year in advance!  Having a "Living word" that changes and evolves is much more challenging and complex.  In all honesty it makes faith even more difficult and perhaps that's the point.  
So we are here on this forum to learn more and have the capability, flexibility and depth of trust in the promises of God that we can handle uncertainty.  That doesn't mean we won't bitch about how hard it is though!  I certainly do.  I won't sugarcoat pain and suffering.  I've seen how devastating it is and how it then infects those around us and future generations.  It must be addressed and channeled for the good of all.  That's why I offered a treatment plan for the Gods above!  LOL!
I am interested in what the outcome of the big meeting in the sky is tomorrow.  I'll be sure to look forward to hearing what happened.
Blessings to you all!
Stay happy, keep laughing and rest up for tomorrow is another day that will have more challenges.


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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #6 on: December 03, 2019, 12:34:37 AM »
Hi Sue, thanks for the post.  You asked a couple of great questions.  
I find it so horrid as to how one can be so bent in such a way of harm to others. Did not any one teach these ones the Ten Commandments? Did not they have a conscience? Did not they have some remorse for the wrongs they commit or continue to commit on others as well as themselves? It is a wonder how much more are there that are so blind? What happened to the parenting of these ones?
Sue you made some great points.  You identified something that is very important that I would like to elaborate on.  I read in one of Ron's TRs that there are about 20% of the population that do not have souls that will not survive the impending cataclysms.  Indeed that lines up with empirical science estimates of how many psychopaths there are which totals 1% of the total population and sociopaths about 4%.  Also, 21 percent of CEOs are psychopaths. Only 21 percent? The data has confirmed all of our suspicions: one in five chief executives are psychopaths. At least, that's what was found by a recent study of 261 senior corporate professionals in the United States.
According to Dutton, the ten careers that have the highest proportion of psychopaths are:
·        CEO.
·        Lawyer.
·        Media (TV/radio)
·        Salesperson.
·        Surgeon.
·        Journalist.
·        Police officer.
·        Clergy.

They make up about 1% of the general population and up to 25% of male offenders in prisons.  They have no conscience and no moral compass whatsoever.  Their brains are not normal.  They are literally wired differently but since we don't have Xray vision, we can't see that.  
Sociopaths: About 4 percent of the general population.
Things they have in common:
·        Both suffer from antisocial personality disorder.
·        Both lack empathy.
·        Both demonstrate complete disregard to social rules and behavioral standards.
·        Both fail to feel any remorse or guilt.
·        Both can be violent.
Differences between psychopaths and sociopaths:
·        While the origin of psychopathic condition is in psychopath’s innate biological condition, sociopathy is usually a result of environment and upbringing. According to Minnesota study of twins reared apart, psychopathy is an inherited condition in as many as 60 percent of cases. As for sociopathy, research shows that there is significant correlation between early institutionalization and sociopathic behavior in later life.
·        A psychopath is likely to be well-educated and have a good career while a sociopath is often unable to keep a stable job.
·        Psychopaths usually display controlled behavior while sociopaths are often impulsive and angry.  Visualize a CEO, lawyer, politician vs a gang banger.
·        Psychopaths are highly manipulative and deceitful whereas sociopaths are typically more spontaneous.
·        A typical psychopath is completely unable to form any personal attachments while a sociopath may get attached to a particular person or group/gang.
·        A psychopath will usually take calculated risks (e.g., fraud schemes) and minimize evidence while a sociopath tends to leave clues and evidence because of spontaneous and impulsive nature of their crimes.
So Sue, the answer to your question is Yes!  They have no moral compass, no compassion, no conscience and give a rat's hat about how their behavior affects others.  It's all about what I want, when I want it.  Who has it now doesn’t matter.  It’s mine, give it to me!  It's my needs and no others that matters.  
There is a growing body of science and research on this population.  Their brains are literally wired differently.  Their frontal lobes do not react like a normal person.  I think we need to have these same f-MRI's brain scan all Presidential candidates, CEO's, Bankers, Judges and Clergy.

There is one method we all should use to determine if someone is safe.  I've taught my Clinicians to use the "hairs on the back of my neck" test.  That is, if you get the creeps or heebie jeebies, there is a good reason for it.  The amygdala (reptile brain in the human) can sense when a predator is near. Pay attention when it speaks to you.  Don't minimize it or make excuses for the person like...oh they don't really mean that.
So biology is one factor.  Another factor is environmental.  It's abuse and neglect. If a child is not raised in a safe, loving and nurturing environment, they are not trained or socialized to be sensitive to those feelings. Again, those feelings get in the way of "getting what I want, when I want." Consequently, that part of the brain doesn't develop but HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DO SO.  Psychopaths will NEVER GROW OR CHANGE.  It's literally impossible.  They do not have the brain capacity to do so.

There's a lot more I could blab on about but you probably want to watch TV!

Thanks for listening and reading.  Hopefully it was informative on some level.  Sorry Ron, no grammatical errors.  I'm kinda anal about that due to all of the legal documentation I've had to produce in my career.  Now it's a habit.  Don't let it chap your hide though!  LOL there is nothing else that is remotely this orderly about me...well, I do like to organize my socks by color. 

Blessings to you all.

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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
« Reply #7 on: December 03, 2019, 02:02:22 AM »
I greatly appreciate your lecture and your examples/graphics.  You see this is my stuff and I ask you this:

Where do you think we stand in misery over threats of annihilation by:
1 - our government.  is this an instigator for sociopaths?
2 - by our environment.  what classification of mental aberration is most affected in this classification.

I also hear spirit talking up a storm over that wonder last post above.  I watch people carefully.  I had at least five Urantia Groups to teach, and it was to my advantage to observe sociopath behavior as a way to monitor teaching success.

I throw this back to you:  Like using the sun;s gravity to swing around to give extra speed to a rocket ship, I think I have found that if one can lock on subliminal sociopathic behavior perking around the table, one can really make good points and memorable points to them and the rest of the class by taking that behavior and turning it on for a full version.  They become alive and vital and are super open to pursuing details.  Do you think that when using this method of keen observation of students, one can turn out above average class graduation with B;s and maybe a smattering of A's to those we tend to dismiss as slow  or disinterested learners?

Now mind you, I picked this up after my first UB group class with about six to ten people always in attendance.  If I said to Scott, how's the printer business lately?  Scott would just kind of grin and say, good enough but Poet )the bosses last name) couldn't do the printer sale right and we lost the sale.  Now I say to Scott, where did you get the idea HE lost the sale?  Scott said one time, because he doesn't know how to demonstrate how to clear jams when we show people the printers.  That turns me into a table fo contents, as for instance that night we were doing Bartholomew in the Jesus papers. and Bart was hard pressed to figure out how was at fault to keep Jesus running late day after day after day,  I asked Scott if he read the outline I prepared for tonight;s work, and he said yes, and I asked what he saw in it that reminded him of Poet.  He snorted a laugh and said, he was a jackass too!  Ah, I said, is there a way to make these kinds of people work better for everybody, and he said, they are just jackasses, and then forced me to pay attention to the rest of the class when he started to cry!
I won't go on with this example because there is too much detail, but he found out later he could emote beautifully to the class discussions when I asked him questions about his day.  Now that is crazy, but to me Scott was normal, but had to be handled like a child.  I saw maybe two other people in that  class, if I handled them like grown up children, we got along so much better.  Why are not priests and educators taught good psychology tools to learn that the sociopath is a child quite often and can be teased out of the development so the condition actually shrinks and may lay latent but is not showing in that class or with that particular teacher.
Then there was the woman who yelled at me and bawled I was picking on her.  Not much to tell, she was a real estate agent and very proud of her success. She came in mid  term so to speak, and one evening I asked her opinion about how the lesson was going for her?  She said to me, why do I ask.  Why do you ask me?  i said because you are new and I do not know you very well and was wondering how this way of teaching went for you.  She stood up on her hind feet and left me know I was out of line and she just wanted to hear the lesson and no real opinion.  Ten minutes later she got up and walked out.  She kep coming back too but honestly,  I never did figure that one out. 

In any case, nothing like a Urantia Group to get the old bones wondering why some of them were in the class at all.  No tests, no credit, but most were loyal and inscrutable unless one as a teacher learned the drill they lived with.  I also note this just as a general bit of education.  Most women who attended my studies were at least once divorced.  Now and then up to three.  Most men in my classes were young or passing into middle age, and they never smiled much except when there were some disruption around the table, like Scott crying, or the real estate lady packing up abruptly.

Most in my classes were hurting.  The kind of thing that drives people to religion.  I would guess that a great percent of oh mabe sixty students I have had are true neurotics too but I never pressed into those areas that trigger concerns except to figure out that when the women started going into their purses for Kleenex, I knew the bore factor was very high, and I would go off subject to see if the Kleenex parade slowed down.

I enjoyed your post.  Thank you.   Ron

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
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Welcome Sonya, welcome. My, my where have you been? I love reading your introduction and your article it was very provocative and informative. You seem well inform on TUB and our current situation here on this dark yet beautiful rock we live on. You are (I'm sure I'm speaking for many of us) a blessing to us all.

Thank you for explaining the difference between psychopath & sociopath. While I was watching my favorite pastime sitcom 'Frasier' a commercial pops up which makes me surf the channels.  In the course of two hours I watch 'Frasier'---'The First 48 Hours'--and --'Forensic Files'.  So from the information you gave us I now can identify 'The First 48 Hours' as
SOCIOPATHS and 'The Forensic Files' as PSYCHOPATHS. And from the program I watch last night sociopaths do show remorse at least most of them do yet they still get the MAX in terms of time. And from the two programs I watch of 'Forensic Files' the suspect showed no remorse and maintain their innocence even with the mountain of evidence against them.

Thank you so much for your input and hang on in there with us.



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Re: Seems like the Game of Thrones!
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Weydevue, I lament to tell you that this individual sent me an email the next day declaring herself too talkative and not really done well enough to continue, and tore down her account and is gone.  Sadly, I tried to stop her but she insists she has other or better things to do in her profession than to work here.  I agree with you, a nice change of pace to have her speak with us, but she feels unworthy or something like that and is gone by her own choice.  So you are a sociopath that hates commercialism too, well I am in that doctor's office with you.  Surfing is a great medicine by the way.   RON
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