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Dear Ron, Bulletin 8 is thick and heavy information to my brain - mind-blowing, so to speak - that I will have to read again, but now I would love to understand that after God the Supreme has eliminated himself from Havona is he still continues to function all over the Super Universe other than Nebadon? You haven’t mentioned God the Ultimate and their association in this matter, and that would be my next question. On what basis or subject God the Ultimate came in agreement with God the Supreme?
Quote: All of that has been thrown into questions by the events of September 26. 2019, and then the presumption by God the Supreme, he had already fully explained why he had to ascend in place of the Universal Father on Urantia and in Nebadon, and to other affiliated Local Universes not named here, to the great cost to human lives everywhere and without pity.
Until now, I have not find the article with this explanation yet. Can you, or someone who knows, please quote or refer to where he explained this? It is obvious that from his point of view Michael of Nebadon and Ronald Besser are in rebellion against his will, but his actions speak louder then words. If Paradise Father, in agreement with both of you, has ordered the Supreme out of Nebadon only that is very alarming, for how could be expected that God the Supreme would rule properly in other sectors of the Universe? Why would not Father enter into judgment based on the facts already demonstrated, instead of further investigating his actions and motives in times past millions of years ago, while those who were partakers of the past rebellion have been judged and depersonalized already? I cannot help it but think repeatedly that if the satanic rebellion was stopped at its root, today we would not have to live out the consequences for ages. Since it had no precedence to the aftermath of such huge rebellion in the Universe before, it is understandable that Michael of Nebadon’s loving and patient nature and character and Divine Mercy attempted to reconcile the rebellion peacefully and patiently before judgment, even at the cost of His seventh bestowal mission. (I am sure He knew the end awaited Him in the person of Jesus, before He came to earth.) However, having the experience of the result of waiting more then it might have been reasonable if He could foresee the long-term consequences of the rebellion, why would Father wait another day (!!! that is a little over seven minutes to a thousand year on Urantia !!! again a WHOLE MILLENIA or two!!! ) to adjudicate the actions of God the Supreme? Of course, I wish he would repent and return to the way of Love, for Love is All that IS.  
This worries me more than the pole shift, for no matter what happens next, if we survive or not, here or on the mansion worlds we will be in the presence of the Lord. (I am not stating that survival does not matter, for we all seek to fulfill destiny while in the flesh and it would be awful to leave unfinished business behind, but I am stating that the pole shift does not endanger our eternal survival.) I am very concerned however that the tragedy that the Supreme Being represents and brought upon himself and the whole Universe will have consequences for many millennium, and that is the probable infection of more persons with sin (moral decay, willful act of rebellion against the Father’s Will). Since we have learned to hate sin more then death, we have been through the experience to sense sin and uproot it willfully before it conceives (even if not always succeed, we surely hate our sin and cannot wait to advance behind it (e.i.: negativity, criticism, bad attitudes, anger, love of mammon, fear of loss, etc.)) that only makes us seek the Father's Will all the more in reverential fear of tte Lord, which the Supreme (as author of the Bible?) described as the Beginning of Wisdom). But the quick recognition of sin does not apply to inexperienced souls and beings, for sin first have to manifest in order to be recognizable. So as Adam and Eve (and other Adam-Eve couples on other planets) had to suffer defeat with ALL the good intention of their hearts, yet not recognizing such an obvious sin as adulatory, unloyalty and betrayal that Eve knew to keep secret for a whole year or more! Wow! We know how sin takes us through the mind state of confusion and willful rejection (utter darkness) of facing off the Truth (light) until it manifests by being exposed to the Light. I hope I make some sense to you here.    
Urantia book paper 14 states that sin has never been in Havona. Is this not true anymore?
Quote: (155.3) 14:2.9 Neither has sin appeared in any creature who has entered Havona as a pilgrim. There has never been an instance of misconduct by any creature of any group of personalities ever created in, or admitted to, the central Havona universe. So perfect and so divine are the methods and means of selection in the universes of time that never in the records of Havona has an error occurred; no mistakes have ever been made; no ascendant soul has ever been prematurely admitted to the central universe.
Reading other posts I also came to understand that there was a fresh attack against your health and life on December 8 and 9. I pray that hurting you would be stopped immediately and permanently. Again, I would love to understand why the God the Supreme [and God the Ultimate?] cannot be stopped, or AT LEAST their servants from getting into your presence? How can that be?  
Thank you and wish you all the best. May God bless you with vibrant health.

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SonsofGod--You ask such pertinent and good questions.  Just as your post was coming in, I was writing in my notes a list of things I know and a list of things I don't know, trying to find some pattern or clue to all of this.  I feel like Alice who fell down the rabbit hole and all of reality is askew, and like an obsessed detective that cannot get THE clue that is missing to get the case solved.

I am so glad you wrote this post.  I will re-read it for any clues that can help crack this case, but alas having only a human brain, I do not know if this is doable for us on the human level, especially when you consider that Machiventa Melkizedek and Michael are struggling with this as well.

Another statement that caught my attention was that most of Nebadon was still loyal to the Supreme, even though Michael was not. (I could not find it, but I know I read it it in last day or so).  How is this possible if Michael is the SOVEREIGN Creator of Nebadon?  

I feel that we humans are at the mercy of time and decisions made by those on high.  
Your reference about sin having never entered the Central Universe of Havona is also quite thought provoking.

Also I want to echo your statement that says our eternal survival far, far, outweighs out temporal physical survival.  Forever and always may God's Will be done, no matter how many twists and turns it takes.  May God be with us always through our trials.
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To all

Perhaps the best solution to any impasse between personalities is to have a common response with the return, the reaffirmation of faith, and total submission to God the Father.

If all the personalities who believe in God, Father, do this, I believe that the impasses will be overcome, as the time will come for consensus in favor of God, Father.

In times of crisis the search for solutions is necessary. Spiritual circuits will be gradually restored, but the main reflection for all is in submission to God the Father.

God the Father knows us primarily through the Thought Adjuster that is within us evolutionary humans of time and space and who believe in God.

God the Father knows all our requests and prayers, especially the most important ones. Yes, we should also do our part, for example, with work and study, but leaving the final answer to our destiny, to God the Father.

Thank God, Father, for all the good around us. We strive to overcome difficulties and try to advance spiritually. These are personal responses to be reflected upon.

For collective reflection, however, the synthesis of this message, in my view, is the search and refuge in God the Father. God the Father who is love.

I feel I needed to write these more words.

With much love to all,



A todos

Talvez, a melhor solução para eventual impasse entre as personalidades é ter uma resposta comum com o retorno, a reafirmação da fé e a submissão total a Deus, Pai.

Se todas as personalidades que acreditam em Deus, Pai fizerem isto, eu acredito que os impasses serão superados, pois vai chegar o momento de consenso em favor de Deus, Pai.

Em momentos de crise é necessário a busca de soluções. Os circuitos espirituais serão aos poucos restabelecidos, mas a principal reflexão para todos está na submissão a Deus, Pai.

Deus, Pai, nos conhece, principalmente, através do Ajustador do Pensamento que está em  nós seres humanos evolucionários do tempo e do espaço e que acreditamos em Deus.

Deus, Pai conhece todos nossos pedidos e orações, principalmente, os mais importantes. Sim, devemos, também, fazer nossa parte, por exemplo, com trabalho e estudo, mas deixando a resposta final para nosso destino, para  Deus, Pai.

Agradecer a Deus, Pai, por tudo de bom que existe ao nosso redor. Buscarmos nos esforçar para superar as dificuldades e tentarmos avançar espiritualmente. Isto são respostas pessoais para serem refletidas.

Para reflexão coletiva, no entanto, a síntese desta mensagem, em minha visão, é a busca e o refúgio em Deus, Pai. Deus, Pai que é amor.

Eu sinto que precisava escrever mais estas palavras.

Com muito amor a todos,

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Yes, I was taken back with the Havona statement and the subject of sin.  I rather question it this way:  was the only sin the Supreme blowing himself up?  Or is that forgivable sabotage? 
When I can get myself better done today than I currently am, I have produced Bulletin 9 that examines just what the Supreme being did and who he was.  I had to rely on the Consummators of Universe Destiny, the Deity Absolute, plus what I learned from the Magisterial Son Rayson.  I also provide you some new vocabulary to deal with the evolution theory on Urantia and how to name what the Supreme did using those terms.  It should clear a lot of your questions up by SonsofGod.

I am also informed that  Bulletin 10 has to be done tonight as we have a surprise coming shortly regarding the SER.  Steven Gitz, sorry to ask this in the public forum, but do you have the time to place Bulletin 8 out to that email list?  Go ahead if you do.  Bulletin 9 needs to go too but I really have to put it into shape yet.

Concluding this response, Amethyst, I see you working so hard on this.  I am beat up and therefore just a tad heated over what the Supreme achieves at all that is worthwhile.  First, God the Supreme on Urantia is RESiDIUAL only and Bulletin 9 discusses how our biology makes that possible.  SonsofGod, Nebadon is NOT free of the Supreme and never will be unless the Father decrees it over for time in all phases.  Bulletin 9 addresses this but not as fully as the answer requires an I should add to 9 yet.

Amethyst, the Deity Absolute indicates to brush up on the Paper that discusses not the Supreme, but God the Sevenfold and then God the Ultimate so you know the relationship of the Supreme to the Ultimate and to God the Sevenfold.  They are not identical.

For all who read this:  God the Ultimate existed before God the Supreme.  That is because th Ultimate precedes the Supreme in order to establish transcendency of the Ultimate-Father over top of the time constructions to control time from becoming eternal without the Paradise Trinity causing time to be subsidiary to the Universal Father fully.  It is urgent if understanding is to occur that all readers understand there is no fat in the Urantia Book, and the information is supplied too well but not dug into enough ever, including myself. 

Qeustions to ask yourself on transcendency are:  Why does the Father permeate all circuits in time although we never hear him in them? 

Where does the Eternal Son abide in the absonite?  Now I hate that term because it never suggests what it means by its sound.  What the absonite is is to be bale to learn without have to take a class to know it.  That is timeless learning.  Still it makes no sense to me as I learn always with someone telling me to do to get it.  That is sequence and absonity is learning without sequence.  Still do not know?  Either do I  But we can talk about it as an object that the Father sees to alone if the Ultimate is too young to do it for Himself.  God the Supreme was far too young to do what he did to our Local Unvierses without being remanded into custody but that is not in Havona, that is on Paradise proper under the care of an Eternal Son who has a key to keep him with the Eternal Son.  Why am I so smart to know this?

Easy, the Eternal Son just told me so etc etc etc etc  . . . .

By implication then, we need to ask if the transcendency over time was fully established before the Supreme was promoted out of the original Havona circuit he occupies since eternity?  Heavy, but implied.  Do you know what things you already know are transcendency?
That's it.  More later.  RON

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Things are moving so fast or I'm slow coming to grips with whats going on. Just when I'm ready to post something another post pops up with explanations and answers of which I haven't read yet.

I have a couple of questions:

We're dealing with a being so powerful He rules all Superuniverses. Can or will the FATHER of ALL remove the fuse spirit of the Supreme from you?

RON HERE - Decisions today are being taken to address that very situation and I am advised it is to be done.  WE are all in a dire emergency situation as of today, and that is because the battle lines are now drawn between the MAGISTERIAL SONS to clear Urantia of all Supreme influences, including his ability to fuse minds on Urantia.  I dare not enter into the scope of those deliberations because I am just too junior to take part at all.  However, the Supreme-Ultimate attempted a fusion with me early this morning, and caused such a dislocation in my body they had to abandon the effort entirely, and as a result have further harmed my ability to have vision or see at all.  I am nearly blind now and asking for help to forestall total blindness and crippled leg muscles.  This is directly the result of attempting to fuse me and control the results and my Adjuster had to detach because of it and has been restored just recently today.  The ability for the Supreme, by my example alone, to fuse individuals on Urantia is removed shortly for everyone on Urantia, including you Weydevu. 

You use the term genetically several times such as:
    A. Humanity on Urantia is incapable to genetically embrace the rebellion as stated on Urantia that all things cohere in God the Supreme. The Supreme believes it has full sanctity in becoming the leader of all spiritual development on Urantia,

as it is Paradise that is controlling the use of God the Supreme on Urantia, but that controlling is in direct violation of the genetic disposition of those born on Urantia,

Serara and Monjoronson, now no longer refute the Supreme, but seriously question how the Supreme operates on many planets in this system of Local Universes, that have no humans capable of returning the spirit favors of God the Supreme, due to genetic dispositions left to grow in place of te Supreme after the Lucifer rebellion refuted the entire of humanity as a viable spirit force or material entity to be cut down as weeds along the roadside.

Could you explain please?

I see where you become ill with the proton issues how will that affect the general population?

RON HERE - "You have to take my word on this:  The Magisterial Sons are not longer counting on me or any human on Urantia right now to help difuse the attempt by God the Supreme to resolve its presence on Urantia, but fusing with billions of minds on Urantia, to guarantee his ownership of Urantia spiritually.  The Magisterial Sons agree with my views in Bulletin 8 which you refer to here.  However, I am a mere speck and have no spiritual standing ever in these matters, and that is my Thought Adjuster warning me to keep out of it for now.  I am too ill to know what they are doing, but they are refuting the Supreme their way as I am my way and we might meet later to talk about it somehow.  The battles is a rebellion aimed at gathering all of us on Urantia into the side of the rebellion the Supreme represents, and I for one see not point to a Supreme who cannot control anything including his temper over issues he is not grown up about to take on as a ruler.  Thank you.

I remember reading 'The Return of Rebel Angels', this angel that was reciting this story said that some of the angels that  went into rebellion  heard a mysterious voice, a soft sweet voice within them from deep space they didn't know who it was or where it came from, it had me curious to know also. Now after several years I'm thinking it was God the Supreme.  

RON HERE - "You must understand Weydevu, we are not in full receipt of revelation to fully comprehned how God is so fully in control of even the smallest dust dot.  He is never out of control but seldom exercises the degree of control he can exhibit.  Be assured that angel in that story heard not the Supreme. but the Supreme-Ultimate-Absolute, which has never been revealed for obvious reasons--  it is just a name to you and no one on an earth level will ever understand the condition that exists to call upon such an entity. They tell me because i have to pass on reasons for why some things are told and other things are never told, and today is one of those days I get to hear things I rather not know in all probability.

Your Weydevu are an extraordinary thinker when you apply yourself.  I myself have to apply myself so daily and it earns me confidence enough to ask questions like you do, except I get direct Voice of God answers and you have not developed that Voice just yet, and may never do so due to the health of your body parts that show signs already of weakening to cause you discomfort such as your adrenal system (kidneys).  I get how you deal life a little and you have to understand that what is unfair and prejudiced is not for you or against you but simply because of genetic dispositions within the Supreme that never let up and never give anyone a break unless the Supreme is somehow defeated by a loving Paradise Father.  I stand with you in your bravery and kindness and thought, and you must never forgive those who trespass against you easily, as they have harmed you too and that will be changed when we gather on the mansion worlds for us and have a good old time remembering the terrible old days with the Supreme on Urantia.


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Weydevu, just to remind you,  Look at yourpost above as I answered you there.  thanks
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