Author Topic: Machiventa on the Matters of the Heart and on the Work of Teachers  (Read 1118 times)

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Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: The Teachings of the Matters of the Heart and of our Work with you as your Teachers
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/1/2020 5.22pm (AEST)

“First of all, I want to speak to a few things before I get going with what I have to tell you what I intended here. Let me remind you that we have a problem with the Monmatia sun and that is being cared for by the Power Directors who do the task of overcare in many areas of created universe of time and space. What Ron has shared in this matter is deeply conceptual and requires your attention to dwell on what is being open to you to absorb. The other matter to also to think well on is the matter of our work with you in how best to go forward to reveal to the common man the things that can and will appeal to them as it matters to their well being and future life with the Spirit of God. Your work in the areas of transmission and in audio presentation as well as typed ones as such as this is here is to present to our guest as well as members a way to reach out as many to realise our business is the calling of you all to hear the Father within. This is the main part of our teaching and our intention to do that which is the gospel of calling in man to His Creator. 

“Now with those matters I raise, let me now talk about what I intend to speak to as it deals with the matters that man is familiar with in his growth as a human on this planet. Most would be aware of the concept of the Trinity, that is, in short the oneness of the Father, the Son and the Spirit and also of the eternal life that Jesus oftentimes referred to in his gospel with his disciples in his days as he walked in Palestine. Our work is to draw men to the Father and to his offer of life eternal with Him. It is with this that I and Jesus and the many teachers who volunteer who toil over to emphasise that is still the main thrust of the teaching theme in the initial phases of the teaching mission. It is for this reason, I, Machiventa Melchizedek, Van the Steadfast, Amadon and the many ones who are titled as “Ones Without Name and Number”. There are more others to fill the task, but for now it is to be here with you in a more relatable way to do the reaching out to you to bring you closer to the Father that abides in you. Know that the Father is omni-present, omni-iscient and omni-potent for the truth is in you to know that you are more than you are as a mortal being. You are in fact a spirit being of light and life when you are seeing the greater part of you is eternal with the I Am.

“This is to be for you to understand, we are here with you as one with the Father and we behold the truth that is very much deeply within you to know you are truly loved beyond what is an earthly treasure. Your real treasure still awaits you and it is eternal and grand. The Father has so much more for you to explore and to know more of Him and His way. You who are born of the earth are yet to realise the great journey that is in store for you and awaits for you to enter it and walk it with the Father who is very much with you. Be assured you are not alone. As long as you are indwelt with the abiding Spirit of the Father, and provided you are willing to abide in Him, your journey grows ever greater the moment you are awaken to the greater reality that you are a child of the universe. This is what I and other teachers who come to you to awaken you who read this and be inspired by our presence among you. Much is to transpire on your planet as it will have so many changes, but with so many changes you are so accustomed to it that you know with change comes many new challenges and discoveries. Your life takes on a more flavoursome adventure as you learn new concepts and realities. This is our task among you to help you to realise your potential and beyond. There is a greater part of you yet to be awakened and that takes time for it to come to you when you are ready to receive it.

“I am Machiventa Melchizedek, as your teacher and guide on this planet and I am here to help you, my dear ones, who are often seeking and require such insights to see beyond your very selves as you are very much likely to do. Because you are of the Infinite and the Infinite you will go. Such is the Circle of Infinity that what comes from the Father will return to Him. You all have your earthly father and mother who tend for you and so it is with the Infinite Father who cares for you that you also can ask of HIm in prayer all that you need. He is not far from you dear ones. As Jesus has taught you to seek and you will find, to ask and it will be given you and to knock on the door and it will be answered to you and so I ask that you continue to persist, to seek, to ask, to inquire from your very heart to the Father who very much enjoys those who do so.  I leave it there for you to dwell on the matters of your heart to take the time in prayer won’t you to seek HIm, to ask of Him and to give HIm thanks, the Father of All who is ever with us all in our walk with HIm. May my thoughts and prayers be with you too as are yours with the Father. May you be well and be of good cheer to one another. Good day.”


T/R note: Thank you Machiventa Melchizedek for this very touching and meaningful way to know your, and other teacher’s, work with us, I wish to thank the Father for so much care and patience with all of us as we learn and grow to become more than we are. Thank you. Sue.

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Re: Machiventa on the Matters of the Heart and on the Work of Teachers
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2020, 04:33:32 am »
January 10, 2020, Samara local time is 13.10.
Hi Prozonov. We will continue our communication.
It's good that you immediately responded to my call. This means that you have not lost the ability to accept, like some on this site.
I want to tell you about the problems with studying The Urantia Book. Ron says we need to wait for a new revelation, as the Book has many inaccuracies and distortions. Others insist that while there is no new revelation, the old has not been canceled.
In my opinion, it is necessary to approach here selectively. I would not advise studying the first part of the book. But as for the question of the adjusters of consciousness, the life of Jesus, the activities of Van and Adam, it is necessary to study. The same applies to the history of Urantia, the birth of civilization. Nobody is going to cancel the Book. I think if some fundamental changes to the knowledge that you got will have to be made, you will perfectly cope with them and find out the truth or information that is available to you in the sixth epochal revelation. But it is not on the planet yet. Unfortunately, it may simply not be in time for the beginning of planetary changes. And the simplest answer to studying revelation is to learn from Jesus. His whole life is a textbook on the path to the kingdom of heaven. He is the way, the truth and the life.
Good luck to you in the coming days and weeks.
That was your teacher.
- Thank you dear teacher.
10 января 2020, Самара местное время 13.10.
Привет Прозонов. Продолжим наше общение.
Хорошо, что ты сразу откликнулся на мой вызов. Значит способность принимать ты не потерял, как некоторые на этом сайте.
Хочу тебе сказать о проблемах с изучением Книги Урантии. Рон говорит, что надо дождаться нового откровения, так как в Книге много неточностей и искажений. Другие настаивают, что пока нового откровения нет, старое никто не отменял.
На мой взгляд, подходить здесь надо избирательно. Я бы не советовал изучать первую часть книги. Но что касается  вопроса о настройщиках сознания, жизни Иисуса, деятельности Вана и Адама – изучать необходимо. Это же относится и к истории Урантии, зарождения цивилизации. Отменять Книгу никто не собирается. Думаю, если какие то принципиальные изменения в те знания, которые вы получили придется вносить, вы прекрасно с ними справитесь и познаете истину или информацию, доступную вам в шестом эпохальном откровении. Но его пока нет на планете. К сожалению, оно может просто не успеть к началу планетарных изменений. А самый простой ответ по поводу изучении откровения – учитесь у Иисуса. Вся его жизнь, это учебник пути к царствию небесному. Он есть путь, истина и жизнь.
Успехов вам в предстоящие дни и недели.
Это был твой учитель.
- Спасибо дорогой учитель.

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Re: Machiventa on the Matters of the Heart and on the Work of Teachers
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2020, 05:37:36 am »
Dear friends. After I sent the previous message to the site at 14.00. local time I heard an unusual signal. But not to the right and not to the left, but from above. I said that I was ready to accept. Here is the message:
We are asking you to publish our message.
We, creatures of another civilization, warn earthlings that a serious danger is coming for your further residence on the planet. The tectonic plates of the earth under the influence of a hot core will begin to move immediately after the reversal of the poles. It will happen very soon. All this will cause tremendous changes and huge human sacrifices. You, most of you, have only one way out to save your life, even if not the mortal shell - turn to the Creator, you call him God. Ask him for forgiveness, trust him with your fate, swear that his will will be your will and then your hearts will open and the Creator will take under the wing of repentant mortals. Publish if you have the opportunity.
There is nothing new in this message, but I am fulfilling this request.
Уважаемые друзья. После того, как я отправил на сайт предыдущее послание в 14.00. местного времени я услышал необычный сигнал. Но не справа и не слева, а сверху. Я сказал, что готов принимать. Вот это послание:
«Мы обращаемся к тебе с просьбой опубликовать наше послание.
Мы, существа другой цивилизации предупреждаем землян, что надвигается серьезная опасность для вашего дальнейшего проживания на планете. Тектонические плиты земли под действием раскаленного ядра начнут движение сразу после разворота полюсов. Это произойдет очень скоро. Все это вызовет колоссальные изменения и огромные человеческие жертвы. У вас, у большинства из вас есть только один выход сохранить свою жизнь, пусть даже не смертной оболочке – обратитесь к Создателю, вы его называете Богом. Попросите у него прощения, доверье ему свою судьбу, поклянитесь, что его воля буде вашей волей и тогда ваши сердца откроются и Создатель возьмет под крыло раскаявшихся смертных. Опубликуйте, если такая возможность у вас есть».
Ничего нового в этом послании нет, но я выполняю данную просьбу.