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Present status of Urantia and its Revelatory and Mission Purposes
 January 10, 2020
York, PA noon local time
•        Machiventa Melchizedek
•        Gabriel of Salvington
•        The Consummator of Unvierse Destiny
•        The Creator Son of Nebadon/Mother Spirit


“WE ARE MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK: I present myself before this communication results for you to advise you to carefully read this. It explains what I did not know myself: the UNIVERSAL FATHER is fully funding the reclamation of URANITA, finally!

“It is not stated so succinctly in these transmissions, but the ANCIENTS OF DAYS just reported to me that Ron has fully seen to this announcement easily and well and they are not going to belabor it anymore and will release all data necessary to make the reclamation of URANTIA happen! I conclude this speech with a hearty thank you to FATHER for making it so clear to a human who actually listens carefully towhat is said and understands why something is being said that way.

“To Sue Whiley:

“You are now out from under the gun to work this message concerning what Urantia is to do if the core goes up in smoke and blasts URANTIA out of the sky as a human planet. It is so close ot an explosion we all worry about what to do about it if it goes off. Now it is being attended to by Paradise for a change and that is a for sure settlement of the issues for Urantia, at least for now.


“I conclude with this:

  Ron you are fine today and keep it going now as the trial you held all last night and today is over as I have cleared a lot of it away for good. We are being freed of the supreme completely and that makes some of our statements below not useful. Clear them later Ron. We speak to some of this later with you Sue. K”

 I am fully vetted Ron. “This is Michael and we go off into the wild blue yonder to keep us on the path to righteous changes for URANTIA finally. We wpeak easily now for Ron was under heavy sedation until about ten minues ago to keep his mind from reeling under the supreme which he dislikes so much. We proceed to the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY statements below.



“I am the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY and not Number Six but Number 12, the last one to be evident for this Universe of Universes. Be assured you know far more than any man I know of regarding that design and you are very happy to sit on it until there is some other revelation to direct you better as to its nature and compliment to places such as Father’s Infinity. Be assured your friend JACK 0802AB is fully found on your concerns there too as he asked as well as long time ago and got side tracked into a life of thought otherwise. You do not mind being put off because you know it disturbs Father you know that angle at all but he seesy ou handle it responsibly and that is worth noting as you are one of the few who stands well in that direction because you are so aware of how we view knowing such. But keep it clear for now.

“Further stated, we are now providing an over view of what is to happen to Urantia now that the Magsiterial Sons consider everything at a stalemate as you do too. It is amazing this all comes together in one swoop because I am convinced you Ron run a show of your own somewhere and I do not know ya boi.

“The trial has to do with you and the Deity Absolute who is so sure you know what you are doing, he watches the statements you make to be sure you two are on the same path and sometimes page. Be assured that is quite rare and you enjoy the statements from the Deity Absolute that keep your feet to the fire. It is this:

“URANTIA is ready to dive into the mists of oblivion as a planet.

“URANTIA is ready to be removed from the life force planets that matter for reasons of State and never revelaed on URANTIA before. The Hollywood Psychic you admire is off the record for the time being having lost his lampoon style when accosted by spirit that does not appreciate his input. You are unfamiliar with that as t here is no response from the program director over his sudden inability to hear anything and that is yours never to speak to as there is nothing you can do about such a development over really an insane program of human interest. That said, spirit is now re evaluating the entire idea of psychic working, and that must be taken down carefully, asy ou are aware of so many kinds of working to be sure it is okay.

“That said we are now amassing two new views of Urantia never thought about before. One, is to use Urantia as a new station for new services never offered to anyone in human planetary history.

“That has to do with psychic thought and memory which you excel at. The other is to provide love affairs illicit now for all in order to determine the range of what is going on on Urantia to make so many places accept gay life suddenly in the middle of a blizzard of hate for gay life. Something has to give and you have no love for any of it at all. For that reason you are to be kept out of trouble by serving in high places with spirit (us) and with government perhaps leader someday. To do that you must survive this immediate era and you are in your death throes already. How that gets managed out of existence is not known to the CONSUMMATOR but to all who msut deal with the life plasm you represent fully without contamination. Your life form is excellent but out of date only because of your early birth date to deal wit hthis kind of contingency.


“Now we add this to your Transcendental explanation. The idea of a planet having a soul is excellent, as that is a projection of the idea of saving pattern concepts yes, but it must include the idea that planets have a destiny of their own and that they fulfill directly without the soul concept being fully or more usefully involved. You did not mean to imply the planet becomes the soul at all (no), but I think the idea allows the concept to survive to replicate if necessary.] You have it but did not say it because you were not pressed and you say it now beautifully. How you get this so easy you explain is that it is a natural or logical conclusion in mind to say that if a soul concept of a material entity exists then it contains the concept but not the experiential life of that concept. How you get that is from the Urantia Book and we do not disagree with that ever. K.”



“We disagree not Ron and you are lucky to hear that at all as I must be careful with you in that you hear so well and link so well tot he ideas in the fifth epochal revelation, yet you suggest the book be set aside for the SER. That is understood so no error is now spoken to on how your future lives as ascenders play out. That is so important to you, you feel it should be revised?”


RON: My comments on epochal revelation corrections so far. I fully agree that the FER can be preserved very well if it is demoted to half the size it is now and reprinted without the errors of the Supreme and various concept attendant to it, The Jesus Papers in the SER are doubled in size the FER has them. The first part of the Boook Papers One through Paper 31, except the concept of the Seven Master Spirits and the story of the Finaliter Corps, have to be revised.


Need serious attention to redefine how they provide supreme ideals without the supreme..

If you call SUPREME, the prefection of materia lexperience and let it go at that, Once can call the Spirits, Supreme. Any othe thing to call them and the concept of the supreme must be re identified.


Need serious revision.

Anything having to do with Light and life as that is a Supreme program mostly only has to be redacted. Look at Paper 55 as being a total disaster no longer truthfully spoken to.


Anything having to do with EVOLUTION must be conceptually restated as the Supreme Being controlled the concept of evolution but did not make evolution other than to change some environments to make them more livable for evolution. Part III, the History of Urantia about Evolution can stand

104 through 118 no longer pertain to the Gread Universe at all. They need removed or relisted as something else.

And that is just a cursory review of the 1955 Urantia Book and much deeper study has to be done to decide what to extract from the FER and to publish it as a secondary work shortly is probable.



The 1955 edition of the Urantia Book is worthy for many things to review but mostly the material needs to be extracted from that revelation. Ron calls it the OLD TESTAMENT and it is. What is true must be reprinted as a separate or collorary volume to the sixth epochal revelation (SER), and then dropped along side of the SER for final evaluation as just how this ne revelation is to be sent to Urantia for use. I am undecided and most of us are but Ron plays these games with us too and sees it essential to reproduce in modified form and that is not his to do but ours as we must modify those papers we do extract as well. Those Papers on evoltion from the Melchizedeks can stand as is as can the entire of the Lucifer rebellion as already printed. What should hot stand is the idea that the ANCIENTS OF DAYS now hold sway over all Periodic or Epochal revelation, and that is due to the fact that the Planetary Prince on Urantia is now part of the Paradise Trinity and you are catchin the fact Ron that is not persuasive to detach the Ancients of Days. As far as you are concerned Ron, it is the decision of either any of the existential Deities or the Deity absolute itself, that can modify the ANCIENTS OF DAYS ways of operating with epochal revelation on Urantia. Gabriel here:


GABRIEL SPEAKS - ‘I see your point Ron as you view the ANCIENTS OF DAYS peculiarly able to decide those things from long practice an they ahve the wisdom of God to declare what is possible to reveal well and what is not. They are the experts and as such you view them the natural arbiters to make revelation on Urantia if there is any planet left to receive epochal revleation any more. K”


THE ANCIENTS OF DAYS = “You hear Andromedeus say something too Ron, but let it go for the moment. We the ANCIENTS OFDAYS guard out reasons to do revelation carefully for reasons of State unknown to you but you seem to have a hefty dose already under your belt to understand we are the experts. You are not wrong the Master Spirit might be able to arbitrate what should be revealed but they are not bothering that side of things ever. For reasons of state we also believe you to be the best revealor we ever met to do this work for us and that is not your prerogative but your personal enjoyment and you let it stand alone for you do not feel competent entirely to make the deicsions involved in all of that kind of degree of revelation. We agree and it is safe for now. Be assure the moment of truth now avails itself to you from us and that is to allow you much leeway but carefully stated just what should be told through you. I am the FATHER OF THE ANCINETS OF DAYS review of these subjects, and you do so well we allow it with Mantutia any time he wants to work it that way.


“I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE - “We now must face the truth for you Ron:

1 - Your life on Urantia is truncated for good no longer and you will be revived according to how they do those things in a material universe;


2 - You Ron no longer hold the highest decree of work on URANTI as that is JACK 0802AB and that is only because he is bigger. Be assured he holds the degree you seek and that is One Without Name and Nukber all day beside you as that is the ORDER that must prevail on Urantia. Why? That ORDER deals with the contingency of universe aide to be sure human development is useful and does not trail off into oblivion as you see some do with work for the Spirits of All, and when that occurs we jump on a bus and get there fast enough. You are never a problem as you are so well grounded in the fifth epochal revelation, errors and all, but you also carry a huge contingency of right things to do versus unwise things to do and we see it develop with Lightline in particular.


‘For that reason, we must use a better statement to indicate that your work ron settles out over those corporations you did keep and that is a good and wise move to make, and then let the entire matter be rearranged with the Deities when they get here for the full operation of a Magisterial Mission that will enliven even the most staid of religions who need a good lesson on how to do the work of the FATHER OF ALL.

“For that reason we stand down now as the FATHER HIMSELF SPEAKS:


FATHER Of ALL- “I speak judicisouly now and that is for you Ron in particular. You dislike being the subject of these transmissions, but as you told everyone one day here, you are the canary in the mine and they need to watch you to see where things go. Well this is a watch they need to see. You are being promoted to a position of conserable worth to spirit in order to give all to people who know nothing but can hear well and taht is coming shortly. You need to hear this:

FATHER OF ALL: “URANTIA is ready to obey soon as it cannot keep falling behind at such a prodigious rate. You know Ron there is no one available to help you out so you need to hire the talent and that is not possible today but coming. Your Urantia Book for the SER variety is nust about ready again and you listed a number oif truant Papers and there are at least six more than that which need revised or replaced.
Fully advised the Urantia Papers all need updates and that is why they must be extracted and re written, and Mantutia says he never did that before but this is so unusual we have a full corp of people to start on it at once we are sure what to do with this work for the FER. I leave it all at that for now.”
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Re: Present Status of Urantia and its Revelatory and Mission Purposes
« Reply #1 on: January 20, 2020, 07:53:00 am »

This is the updated version of the earlier post above this window.  Here is MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK for you to hear;

"Today I MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK am making available two new teachers.  They are LinEl, and Tarkas.

TARKAS SPEAKS = "I am also ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER, and Ron spoke with me a couple of days ago, and then we just let things stand until today.  My role is to assist JACK0802AB and 0803AC and 0807DA to begin the Teaching Mission at once.

"Today we must start with a good news measure for all of you.  It is this:

"We are  TEAM MEMBER GROUP and by that everything we do is not through a TEAM oriented means and people who cannot play as as team will be placed on probation until they can be more fully included. 

"That said, Ron has enforced the idea of a TEAM very much these past few days and he needs your support but none is forthcoming for reasons of STATE here.  We now are removing our silence and starting to work on this much better.  Ron needs more than support and will get it shortly.  But he is also upset not but ready to move on in spite of difficulties in some of you apparently incapable of signing on with Lightline correspondence sites and schedules.  Amethyst you are failing in all attempts to use a simple device and you are failing because you are not happy with all you have to do to get it moving.  We lament your passing so to speak.  Further we have you Clency struggling to keep it going.  We wish you continued success.  Brazil and Julio Steinmetz you are lost and must start over at some point.  And so it goes as that leaves USA LIGHTLINE up and running with a robust leader and presentations bar none.

"As a result of this melee, we are producing the following for all of you to follow:

"LIGHTLINE productions are now authorized by the celestial body and no longer directed into place by Ron who finds the entire matter academic with all of you failing to ever comprehend we have a new PROGRAM to introduce to all of you today and later.  FRANCE LIGHTLINE is appalling in Clency not being able to adequately connect as Host.  He needs to find a better use of the ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER, JACK0802AB  and 0803AC and so on.  why this problem is suddenly erupting it is not known.  We stand by to help until this can web worked out.

"USA LIGHTLINE is the one working well and should be the model for the rest of you.  BRAZIL LIGHTLINE is doomed until we have a host who can actually work the levers of communication better.  We wish BRAZIL well until that is accomplished.

"NETHERLANDS LIGHTLINE is to work fine once we replace Amethyst as she no longer is credible.  And so it goes. 

"I am TARKAS, ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER AS WELL, and my colleagues JACK0802AB is here with these remarks to all of you now:

"Ron has FUSED again and did so in about an hour after signing of USA LIGHTLINE on the phone Sunday.   All of a sudden he was put out into a deep sleep into his computer chair, and  then led to lie down for a few hours with very painful headache and ringing in the ears so loud he could not hear himself think.  He still feels ringing and residual pain but is up and at it very early this morning in spite of excruciating pain in the body parts..  All of  this to alert you that several of you who are feeling symptoms as Sue and Wendy are and Amethyst did until yesterday did, are undergoing a refusion, FUSION, once more.  That is to provide the work of the Planetary Prince with people he can use on his Staff for the work of the existing MAGISTERIAL SONS, now resident on the planet.

"I am TARKAS AGAIN, and this time we spend a little time explaining just what is going on:

"Ron is your leader now and holds several degrees in promotion alone for our work.  He must learn humility in a sense to keep his organization talents from overwhelming us and that takes some doing as he presses always to get people involved.  The problem he now faces is that those of you who signed up are hitting obstacles you do not know how to over come.  He does and easily.  You do not and quit.  Amethyst that seems to be your choice today so far.  Clency you are almost there.  Julio must give it up as you are so totally lost in a world of  technology Ron cannot help you with.


"We are ready to start a brand new means to an end here on this web site.  Ron sees several just walk away in disgust over how to comprehend huge changes in concept and the availability of new people not.  WE have cut the registration off to prevent endless commercial applications from ruining the site with selling obnoxious goods.  In that we suggest he continue to do that.  In this we ask his forbearance:

"Run no more LIGHTLINE NOTICES AND TAKE THEM DOWN NOW Ron.  France Lightline leave in place and stop working the trial to keep the notices running for others to see.  We are sure they will reappear for you later but right now we must take these things down for good.  Brazil Lightline and Netherlands Lightline are done for now.  Keep this in mind Ron:  never start something without checking with us now.  K."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "This I see does not upset Ron, as he sees the difficulty so overwhelming to some they just quit.  Give them a break and let it re evolve as it might do later.  Now this:

"We are now removing some of you from the Planetary Prince Staff list as you are useless when push comes to shove.  White Stone never looks again and good riddance if that is the best that one can do.  Others are considering the same thing.  Lemuel is without a chance until he learns to do things for himself now and so on.  We leave these things open but cash out today as for now there is this to consider:

"Next year, that is 2021, is the golden jubilee for NEBADON and we intend to use part of the work on URANTIA to help celebrate it with us.  URANTIA is the Bestowal planet and Ron is well aware that makes Urantia extremely important to ME and Jesus and many others working here today.  For that reason we send Ron to the gallows not, and make him work his tail off  trying to keep all of  these contending interests in balance.  So far he has and all of you are most welcome to attend USA LIGHTLINE as that is the one which sets the standard for a good LIGHTLINE program.  Julio you need to recondition your entire approach.  Lemuel you fail to complete your work and wonder what to do next.  That is yours to work out as Ron cannot help what you cannot do yourself.  And so it goes for now.

"WE conclude that there is nothing further at the moment.  Good day."


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Re: Present Status of Urantia and its Revelatory and Mission Purposes
« Reply #2 on: January 21, 2020, 05:50:11 am »
Thank you Ron and Machiventa Melquisedeque for the private message sent to my email yesterday in the early afternoon, which I replied, thanking.

Yes, I felt that important news was being decided, including regarding Lightlline Brasil, which were postponed so that adjustments could be made in terms of the technology of the conference call, but mainly of guidelines on the conduct of Lightline so that it is in tune (harmonized) with the determinations of the planetary prince, and I fully agree with this.

I repeat that I understand and make myself available in all the determinations of the planetary prince Machiventa Melquisedeque to make all necessary adjustments.

Thus, if Lightline Brasil's restart is authorized later, I am available for this service.

On the other hand, I was advised to continue with transmissions and receptions, more frequently, and I will also follow this advice.


Obrigado Ron e a Machiventa Melquisedeque pela mensagem privativa enviada para o meu email ontem no começo da tarde, a qual eu respondi, agradecendo.

Sim, eu senti que notícias importantes estavam sendo decididas inclusive a respeito da Lightlline Brasil que foram adiadas para que ajustes sejam feitos a nível de tecnologia da conferência de telefonia, mas principalmente de orientações sobre a condução da Lightline para que esteja afinado (harmonizado) com as determinações do príncipe planetário, e eu concordo plenamente com isto.

Eu repito que eu entendo e me coloco a disposição em todas as determinações do princípe planetário Machiventa Melquisedeque  para fazer todos os ajustes necessários.

Assim, se mais tarde for autorizado o recomeço da Lightline Brasil, eu estou a disposição para este serviço.

Por outro lado, fui aconselhado para eu continuar também com as transmissões e recepções, de forma mais frequente, e irei seguir, também, este conselho.
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Re: Present Status of Urantia and its Revelatory and Mission Purposes
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2020, 08:38:06 am »
If I can help somehow on Brazilian lightline later I am up to help, even though I'm feeling more tired and without energy recently, at least I have a good camera and recording equipment and lots of experience as a Youtuber.