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« on: January 12, 2020, 10:58:19 AM »
We are running a deficit on ideas again.  We need to change our posture and our thoughts to change gears again as well.
We are switching the idea of an immediate MAGISTERIAL MISSION to and IMMEDIATE TEACHING MISSION!

We now have to take the old idea of working independently to now having to work in STUDENT GROUPS.  We now are going to have to start supporting the idea that the world is going to become a classroom more than ever.  We pray we learn to do this as we learn what is asked of us in the new Teaching Mission.

Our MEANS OF DISCOVERY AND CONTACT AND DISSEMINATION is through the classroom telephone.  LIGHTLINE will carry this until a more symbolic way is given to us to do Teaching Mission classrooms.  LIGHTLINE IS A CLASSROOM now.

For that reason i ask this:

Will you establish a Lightline for your country?

As a host you have to lead and transmit to hold weekly sessions come hell or high water.  They must become afixture if only to be running on a regular schedule and to familiarize yourselves with your countrymen and women who work or come to you to meet that schedule.  Emergency conditions will persist and these LIGHTLINE segments can save lives.  And in your own language.

If you do not transmit yet, find a comrade to help out.  The important thing is to establish the service and a call to place to you for the sound of help and Teacher availability.  More will be told to you as we gear up for this new Teaching Mission.

I am asking persons who work with this web site who are citizens of your country, to please consider how you might help to do this.  Lightline is not just a place to hear chatter and banter over what is happening, but it can contain warnings to heed for your own area particularly when inundation is possible.  Western Europe from the Balkans down to southern France will see sea levels crest in high tides soon that flow over your harbor constraints easily,

Low Countries and Municipalities
Western Russia (I realize the State is fussy about establishing these things so you must do as you must to stay well done)

Great Britain

We need to especially address Hispanic Lightline but that is very difficult under the circumstances.

Any other suggestions are welcome, and do speak to these things here as we need to vet this whole idea better.  Let me know.

Ron as a Worried ADMIN

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "finally i have a woodchuck chattering away at a group of people who do nothing unless they are forced to.  Do not become moribund in this attempt and give it some thought.  Ron faces endless problems and must be made well but we are now sure he is so valuable we cannot do otherwise but preserve this work in order to be well heard.  He is already training a total stranger how to transmit and that man learned in 24 hours how to transmit a Melchizedek!   Be assured you all can do it with our help!  But do it.

"This: Dr. Mendoza is speaking now:

"We now have a cholera epidemic looming in Kenya over the idea of losing so much blood in skirmishes over elections, that we must report it is going to hit near you Nalikaa.  Others who use the Lightline or the web site must understand that their lives are at risk without understanding how epidemic diseases move so easily in Africa:  your social standards are much more gregarious than in the West, and as such you must be aware there are no more good reasons to kiss or hug so closely anymore you break the skin in some cases.  Be assured cholera is horrible and to stay away from mosquitoes and jiggers and any biting insect right now as cholera is looming dangerously close again in Kenya in particular.

"Second, the call for LIGHTLINE services to be established in Africa has not been made mostly because Ron has no idea what services you have there.  You have these services available if you would go on line with your computers and search for "telephone conference calling :  many of them offer a free cost to sign up.  Fully understood, nature will not wait for you to learn exactly what you want.  You need to establish and start working it.  Ron will make the support for your work visible on the web site so all you have to do is establish your schedule.  Other than that Urantia must hold onto what it can while it can.  You have been and are warned this will not be a pretty picture soon.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I wish you a good day. K."

We need your input.  Please respond. 


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2020, 12:43:52 PM »

We need your input.  Please respond.  



I was thinking about this, practically all day long, how to make it happen broadly whatever God's Mission.

I rarely get sad, but I was a little sad this morning, and I was seeking an answer to my sadness.

I asked an answer for my Thought Adjuster.

The following answer came to my mind:

My sadness is that people are not engaged in this project so important to our planet, which is spiritual recovery.

Then, as a solution, came the answer, an idea, that whenever possible, it is very important that whatever God's Mission is supported by its own television channel.

The television channel is the main channel of mass communication that can reach a huge amount of population and therefore the engagement to projects can become more effective and faster.

On the other hand, a television channel of its own is important, as another television channel, for example, can edit a recorded interview and air only the version of interest of the television station, which often does not coincide with the interest of publicity. of any news, information or entertainment from whatever God's Mission may be installed today or in the future.

Yes, everything has the right time. But I believe this idea of one's own television channel is a future goal to achieve.


No, I'm not talking about church and "yes" I'm talking about religious organization. No, I am not talking about establishing a religious service, that is, a fixed routine of prayers.

What I am talking about is bringing together people and economic resources in a legally constituted religious organization according to the laws of each country.

Religious organization when a group of people come together for a common purpose.

In Brazil it is relatively easy to set up a religious organization because of the extreme religious freedom it has in Brazil and I was thinking about it.

In the past Van and Amadon prepare for the arrival of Adam and Eve.

In my view, it is time for members and visitors to create religious organizations now to serve as the basis for a Magisterial Mission when it happens.

Again, stressing and remembering the concept as a group of people sharing their services in order to get resources for the Magisterial Mission for when the Magisterial Mission arrives on our planet.

And one of the main goals for this religious organization, then, will be to get a television channel to do its own programming.

I also remember that in many countries, such as Brazil, religious organizations have tax exemptions that help a lot to achieve the objectives of the religious organization's statute.

I was thinking of doing a search for religious organization statutes as a model and doing a statute for a religious organization named Magisterial Mission and putting this statute here in the Serara Forum to see if there is agreement with the articles of the Statute.

In Brazil, the next step, having the right address and status, is the minutes of the assembly of the religious organization, with the signature of a lawyer and registration with the competent notary.

If you are authorized, I believe you can open a religious organization here in Brazil for the Magisterial Mission.


The search for financial resources with donations, souvenirs, etc. and international exchange of these resources when a group from any country has an important project and needs help.

There are several ways to get resources including donations. So I believe it is valid to apply for grants for both local and international economic assistance for the Magisterial Mission in various countries.

Also comes the idea of making souvenirs with the brand "Magisterial Mission" in cups, t-shirts, key chains, etc., with the profit destined for the Magisterial Mission.

Now came another idea, joining efforts with other holistic groups that somehow seek the welfare of the human being, for example groups and companies that are acting alone but may be beneficial to the human being in matters of body health, of mind and soul. The idea came to me, regarding body and mind, which are yoga and meditation groups, as well as groups that use animal therapy for health, etc.

In Brazil, on the other hand, a special bank account is required to receive and transfer funds in another country. I am checking with my bank to see if I can open a checking account here in Brazil to receive donations for Magisterial Mission in my own country and abroad.

These are all ideas, to be reflected by the whole group.



Eu estava pensando nisto, praticamente o dia inteiro, ou seja, como fazer acontecer de forma ampla qualquer que seja a Missão de Deus.

Eu raramente fico triste, mas eu estava um pouco triste no dia de hoje de manhã, e eu estava buscando resposta para minha tristeza.

Eu pedi uma resposta para meu Ajustador do Pensamento.

Veio para minha mente a seguinte resposta:

Minha tristeza é pela falta de engajamento das pessoas neste projeto tão importante para nosso planeta, que é a recuperação espiritual.

Então, como solução, veio a resposta, uma ideia, de que quando for possível é muito importante que qualquer que for a Missão de Deus tenha apoio de um canal de televisão próprio.

O canal de televisão é o principal canal de comunição de massa ou seja que consegue alcançar uma quantidade de população imensa e por isto o engajamento aos projetos pode se tornar mais efetivo e rápido.

Por outro lado, é importante um canal de televisão próprio, pois outro canal de televisão, por exemplo, podem editar um entrevista gravada e colocar no ar apenas a versão de interesse da emissora de televisão, que muitas vezes não coincide com o interesse de divulgação de alguma notícia, informação ou entretenimento de qualquer que seja a Missão de Deus que for instalada hoje ou no futuro.

Sim, tudo tem o tempo certo. Mas eu acredito que esta ideia de um canal próprio de televisão é uma meta futura para ser alcançada.


Não, eu não estou falando em Igreja e "sim" eu estou falando em organização religiosa. Não, eu não estou falando em estabelecer um culto religioso, ou seja, uma rotina fixa de orações.

O que eu estou falando é em reunir pessoas e recursos econômicos em uma organização religiosa, legalmente constituída, de acordo com as leis de cada país.

Organização religiosa quando um grupo de pessoas se reunem com um fim comum.

No Brasil é relativamente fácil de criar uma organização religiosa, em razão da extrema liberdade religiosa que tem no Brasil e eu estava pensando nisto.

No passado Van e Amadon preparam para a chegada de Adão e Eva.

Na minha visão, já é o momento dos membros e visitantes criarem organização religiosa agora para servir como base para uma Missão Magisterial quando esta acontecer.

Novamente, frisando e relembrando o conceito como um grupo de pessoas compartilhando seus serviços com o fim de conseguir recursos para a Missão Magisterial para quando a Missão Magisterial chegar no nosso planeta.

E um dos principais metas para esta organização religiosa, então, será conseguir um canal de televisão para fazer sua própria programação.

Lembro ainda que em muitos países, como o Brasil, as organizações religiosas tem isenções tributárias que ajudam e muito para se conseguir os objetivos do estatuto da organização religiosa.

Eu estava pensando em fazer uma busca de estatutos de organização religiosa como modelo e fazer um estatuto de uma organização religiosa com o nome Missão Magisterial e colocar este estatuto aqui no Fórum Serara para verificar se existe concordância com os artigos do Estatuto.

No Brasil, o passo seguinte, tendo endereço certo e estatuto é uma ata da assembleia da organização religiosa, com assinatura de um advogado e registro no cartório competente.

Se for autorizado eu acredito que consiga abrir uma organização religiosa aqui no Brasil para a Missão Magisterial.


A busca de recursos financeiros com doações, souvenirs, etc. e o intercambio internacional destes recursos quando um grupo de algum país tiver um projeto importante e precisar de ajuda.

Existem várias maneiras de conseguir recursos entre elas as doações. Então, eu acredito que é válido a solicitação de doações para auxílio econômico tanto a nível local como  internacional  para a Missão Magisterial em vários países.

Também vem a ideia de fazer souvenirs com a marca "Missão Magisterial" em xícaras, camisetas, chaveiros, etc, sendo o lucro destinado a Missão Magisterial.

Veio agora outra ideia, juntar esforços com outros grupos holísticos que buscam de alguma maneira o bem-estar do ser humano, por exemplo, grupos e empresas que estão atuando sozinhos mas podem ser beneficos para o ser humano, em questões da saúde do corpo, da mente e da alma. Me veio a ideia, em relação ao corpo e a mente, que são os grupos de ioga e meditação, como também, grupos que usam a terapia com animais para saúde, etc.

Por outro lado, no Brasil, é necessário uma conta bancária especial para receber e transferir recursos em outro país. Estou verificando em meu banco se consigo abrir uma conta-corrente aqui no Brasil para receber doações para Missão Magisterial em meu próprio país e no exterior.

Tudo isto são ideias, para serem refletidas por todo o grupo.
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