Author Topic: AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA 12 JAN 2020 CONFERENCE CALL  (Read 521 times)

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« on: January 13, 2020, 07:14:59 AM »
We are putting up the USA LIGHTLINE TAPE  FOR 12 JANUARY 2020

This is admittedly the second tape made that day because the first tape hit a York crash and we had to start over, and frankly the first tape is of little use.

JACK0802AB here:  "Ron is hitting the fight with the Supreme here this morning and let it fly again.  He is hot happy to report he is facing a judicial action by the Supreme not as Ron declared the supreme without status there.  True, but the supreme does not know that and is biting nails.  Ron you need to clear the air well with MICHAEL next.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - god the supreme and small letters is what i want printed this time, is losing the battle royal easily with Ron and he lets him know it.  No one is going to get around the supreme except maybe Ron who loathes the behavior of that miscreant Deity.  Be assured Ron your hatred of the supreme is mutual here and we make it clear he has nothing to do whatever with anything you must put up to get the work done and out.  You alone are making this TEACHING MISSION a good one right off the bat and you insist all should participate but you will have a very lonely trail of woe to ask for any help from the old teaching mission people.  Gerdean trained them well and there they sit stuck to the old way of turf and surf without any thought for Father.  In any case the supreme is over again on Urantia and fully intended to cut you out today but lost the entire matter once again by you getting busy real early and forcing issues that must be addressed at once.  K"\

Ron -  Enjoy this tape.  I have yet to listen to it myself due to be over run by requirements to keep clear of the supreme which I use the small "s" on until directed to capitalize again.  The reasons are good and even wise to let him die out but that is a far larger issues than I can deal with in my lowly place on Urantia.  

Best wishes to all . . . .

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania