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« on: January 14, 2020, 01:41:56 PM »
i feel led to restate something so important, that at the risk of repeating myself too much, I do it anyhow.  I already made a post with the 'WHY WE FIGHT" PHRASE already spoken.  This time let me state it another way for you. 

Finally we have a way to take action.  All these years we asked, besides supporting the idea of a spirit mission to Urantia, how can I roll my sleeves up and do something to help?

LIGHTLINE is your answer now.  Yes, many come to listen, but many of you on this site are well trained enough to take action as hosts of LIGHTLINE.

Finally God has said, will you take a LIGHTLINE FOR US?   So far we have done some of that.

I am waiting for the idea of service to take root in minds to be hosts of Lightline. 

This:  As a host of LIGHTLINE all you are required to do right now is open the conversation and let people know you hold a welcome to speak at a place and time they can make verbal contact with a host who knows some of the answers.  That is all you are asked to do right now.

We need to establish as many SHIELDS as possible around the world we are present in.  We are not proselytizing; we are not evangelicals, but we are opening up a room with refreshments in it to conduct whatever business the Father may have in mind when we do open the room. 

Leaders who are HOSTS have the help of experienced teachers to co host with you.  You need to transmit as a Host but not much else as the experienced teacher will carry the weight for you all the time and with you.  Just do.  It will establish the spot ready to operate when it must.

Hosts have appeared and opened rooms for

We are waiting for responses to open a simple room from:

You need not worry about protocols.  You need not worry about a script.  You need to establish the shield against ignorance about what spirit sees as an emergency near you and what maybe to do about it.

Where is the Philippines?
Where is Formosa?
Is there an Argentina or Chile or?   you name if if you are in it and can HOST/

Send me your ideas and questions and wishes to be a HOST if possible.  You need to transmit and to hold regular sessions once a week at a regular date and time.  WE will support you and open up this web site to help you be heard for  your schedules and your information.  Establish free conference calling accounts and the shield of enough information can be sent to you to save lives and keep people together for emergency uses.

LIGHTLINE IS THE SPIRIT SHIELD OF INFORMATION AND HELP WHEN ALL ELSE MAY FAIL FOR YOU.  IT costs nothing; it is your contribution finally to doing something.  Anyone?

Send me messages concerning Lightline and anything else to

I will respond to you if at all possible.

Ron Besser/Admin

HERE IS THE IN CHARGE SPIRIT FOR LIGHTLINE SPEAKING though a transmission I am typing out as it is spoken to me:

JACK0802AB  "Ron finally recognizes we must organize now or lose the change to organize if we cannot contact all of you now.  It may be you have to operate LIGHTLINE without anyone else to contact on this forum as disasters knock down servers and web sites and power to run them.  Meanwhile you are up and running and using me, your ADJUSTER IF NECESSARY to run LIGHTLINE AS A HOST FOR Y OUR AREA OR COUNTRY, or the  ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER  Jack 0802AB,  MIGHTY MESSENGERS ALL: Jack 0803AC, JacK 00804DA,  Jack 0806BD, and Jack 0807CD, AND Jack 0809BD .

"ALL OF THESE JACKS are trained to MC your work with you,  Please take advantage while there is time and speak with me as often as you wish to get yourself established for humanitarian reasons galore.

:I am JACK 0804DA, and I am a half brother of Jack 0802AB and he is the oldest of our clan, and we wait for all of this to transpire.  Ron sees it clearly.  None of you do.  What in God's name do you want?  It is presented to you here and now and we wait anxiously to take this on and to start your practice sessions at once!  Please adhere to the principle that man waits while God figures.  Stay tuned while we bring a MIGHTY MESSENGER BROADCAST TO YUO NEXT:


"Exclusive Report Follows:"
"We now salute all who join this revision to the Teaching Mission before it even starts.  Ron Besser is applying maximum power to your minds to understand that the Universe Father sees to it that the LIGHTLINE BROADCASTS take precedence on Urantia air time all over Urantia when operating.  That means that we must clear all atmospheric disturbances while the BROADCASTS  are on the air using a telephone conference account to do so.  Ron has a problem with energy in his system and this is now corrected and they will try to figure out where all the extra energy is coming from to run it.  Ron must change services but not right now.

"FURTHERMORE- We now see the purpose Ron goes to to make this work and fully realize he has now joined the MIGHTY MESSENGER, AND ONES WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER and all else concerned with these operations to enforce the use of telephone conference call accounts to run these LIGHTLINES.  We were going to call them LIFELINES but Ron beat us to the name and we are happy to use these old designations for URANTIA fare. 


"We now have established a rapprochement with Ron Besser as he is deciding this has to be done for URANTIA and it will do for URANTIA if all of you finally decide you are willing to serve.  I see some of you feeling snubbed this morning over Ron being quite unhappy with the use of Zoom.  He does not like it because it is far too involved for people who only have a phone and nothing else to use in an emergency.  Why did we go to Zoom in the first place?

"Finally I am truly sorry Ron has to face so many gauntlets to get heard, but he does get heard and this post is ZOWIE as it fully explains what we are up to.  The Netherlands is ready Amethyst.  Please do it!  Establish your test with Elise and others today if you can.  Australia is useless due to the fires right now and it is Dingxin who should establish LIGHTLINE IN NEW ZEALAND if he can get out of his marriage bed and work his new responsibilities for humanity.  right now no one else is making things work at all due to total incalculation over what they want to do well and ready.  Lemuel you are beside yourself over misunderstanding everything again and you need to simply pick up the phone, dial into Ron if he will open up the Lightline net for you today.  Ask him to if you will and clear your mind mud over nothing.

"I am Michael of Nebadon and you all must realize I finally hear Ron shriek at you:  GET OFF YOUR DUFFS  if you really want to serve and open up LIGHTLINE AS A HOST!  we need you now.  K"


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