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Naim Oliveira

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« on: June 18, 2019, 08:27:05 PM »
Hello my name is Naim Oliveira, I'm 23 years old and I'm studying philosophy in São Paulo Capital (Brazil), after completing my philosophy course, I intend to study economics. I have Arab origins from Libya to Brazil in 1930, I have several Jewish friends, including rabbis who study Kabbalah, I knew the Urantia book through lectures here in São Paulo.

I always had a well-formed idea in my head about a new order of god for Urantia. Somehow my idea of a new order of god to Urantia converges to a magisterial mission?

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Re: Hello
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2019, 12:46:07 AM »
Welcome Naim Oliveira to the forum and my vows because you can keep yourself as dynamic and clear in your statements as you have arrived, with forcefulness. A big hug

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Re: Hello
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2019, 08:09:48 PM »
Hello to all of you, my new and welcomed community.  I hardly know how I got with you here, nor what I will do now that I am here.  Before July of this year I had heard the word “Urantia “ only one time.  I happened to call a friend I have been out of touch with for three years.  When she spoke of her discovery of the Urantia book, i immediately knew it was for me, having been discouraged so many times with my church experience, and currently being in grief about my inability to find my place to serve at Church as well as receive, I began to read TUB.  I was immediately plunged into a cognitive dissonance, almost disconnect.  Since May 2017, I have developed such a close relationship with the Son, Jesus Christ, and with the Holy Spirit that to be introduced to him as Christ Michael was quite disconcerting to me. Experientially, I had come to know and love what was the Eternal Christ, not someone who seemed subordinate to him.  To perceive the Holy Spirit as the Thought Adjuster was not as difficult, because I had developed the relationship in the same way as it seemed one would with a “thought adjuster.”
I pressed through these mental baggage, knowing my trust in the Father would resolve that.  Reading in the Urantia book and on the Serara Forum daily has taught me a great deal, most of which I don’t yet understand.  But I trust that the Father would continue with me and resolve what comes up for me.  Trust, be patient, and wait for it is my response. 
But how will I serve? I do not yet have an answer, but I will be led.  I am moving into a senior citizen’s home in January and will offer my home as a place to study TUB with others.
Ever since a serious car accident 4 years ago in which I wasn’t expected to live, I have held up the question about it’s meaning and what God wants in my life.  Life before 9/21/15 is insignificant for me now and I have had a difficult struggle to do and be what God wants.  I remain committed to what is God’s desire but everything I’ve done leads only to further confusion about what is my life.  One hindrance is my lost health.  I went From 3 medicines to 20 in 2 years and still do not know myself as did before the accident in September 2015.  Remarkably I’ve not deteriorated into depression or hopelessness.  I still maintain equilibrium and live expecting God to guide me until I get well or clarity comes.  I want and will LIVE until I die, but I so look forward to my morontial career
So this is what’s important in my introduction of myself.  I’m in transition majorly, to what I don’t know.  Though I will seldom speak up on the Forum, I do maintain a presence with you and caring for each of you who opens themselves,  especially toward Ron and a few others who are struggling to maintain physical and or mental health in order to serve.  Glad to be with you.

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Re: Hello
« Reply #3 on: September 16, 2019, 09:39:44 PM »

Dear Naim Oliveira. Welcome to the Serara Forum. It is great to know that you are of Arab origin and with Hebrew friends here in Brazil, in São Paulo. Yes, regardless of the race, people, origin, or nation where we were born and lived, we are all brothers in spirit.

Dear Katurenne It's great that you performed here at the Serara Forum and told us a little about yourself. I noticed that even not participating much in the Serara Forum, you read the news. I, too, sometimes just read the messages, but when I have a little more free time I participate in some way when I feel that I need to write some message. Feel equally welcome to participate more and more.

A big brotherly hug.



Querida Naim Oliveira. Seja muito bem-vinda no Fórum Serara. É muito bom saber que tem origem árabe e com amigos hebreus aqui no Brasil, na cidade de São Paulo. Sim, independentemente da raça, povo, origem, ou nação aonde nascemos e moramos, somos todos irmãos em espírito.

Querida Katurenne. É muito bom que se apresentou aqui no Fórum Serara e contou um pouco de si para todos nós. Eu notei que mesmo não participando muito no Fórum Serara, você lê as  notícias. Eu, também, às vezes apenas leio as mensagens, mas quando eu tenho um pouco mais de tempo livre eu participo de alguma forma, quando eu sinto que precisava escrever alguma mensagem. Sinta-se, igualmente, muito bem vinda para participar cada vez mais.

Um grande abraço fraternal.

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