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Re: Introduction
« Reply #30 on: July 08, 2016, 05:30:00 PM »
Thanks sweet potato     
                     Terry J.

Ron Besser

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Re: Introduction
« Reply #31 on: July 08, 2016, 11:16:43 PM »
Hi Terry Louise Jackson,

I welcome you to the discussion forum and hope it provides you years of delight and information, that for now at least, you cannot find elsewhere.

Your Admin is a reader long enough to have witnessed some of the early coming together of people concerning the Urantia Book and the meetings that ensued.  Bill Sadler, Jr., was long gone by the time I arrived on the scene but I was familiar with his joining the Oklahoma group and the First Society of Oklahoma being founded with his help.  I have met Berkeley Elliot on several occassions and of course I regret their passing before I could find out all that was exciting about their work in Oklahoma.

For readers of this forum, please check out the newspaper reports concerning the OKC group in the middle to late 1950's after the Urantia Book was published at the following link.  Brings back a lot of memories to me.

Now it is not impossible that you Terry Jackson hail from a different group, please let me know if that is the case or is this THE OKC reported in the link above?

Oklahoma has always played an important part in the revelation.  Not only the Urantia Book was found there almost as soon as it came off the press in 1955, but Oklahomaites of other persuasions concerning the work of our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, upon the completion of the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion, allowed a splinter group in Oklahoma to form a Mission surrounding the announcement of the adjudication of the Rebellion, but even persuaded a couple of them to preview the new Urantia Book then in formulation in 1993-1994.  There remains today at leash a half dozen transcripts listed under Oklahoma in

That new Urantia Book was aided by five other groups, two of which lasted briefly, one in Oklahoma City, and another distant in the western panhandle of the State of Oklahoma.  The other three groups disbanded quickly upon recognition they could not handle the information being pressed into their meetings by the Salvington Government. This is hardly known history and the OKC Urantia Group turned its nose up at the shenanigans of the splinter group near them, but among the members of that splinter group was Byron Belitsos, publisher of Origin Press.

Terry, if I may call you by your first name, I assume you deal directly with the current Urantia Book and honor those like Berkeley Elliott who became so well known with her interest in many things.  I heard from Berkeley Elliott from the mansion worlds where she now resides, and she has a project to defer meetings of new Urantia Book readers until the Adam and Eve schools can prepare the minds of in the flesh humans to deal with the supernal realities of an enhanced revelation.  As you know the new Urantia Book is completed on high recently and consists of six volumes, with Volume V fully dedicated to the Life of Jesus of Nazareth alone.  I am making this announcement to the rest of you that Volume V of the Life of Jesus, will be translated into Mandarin by the Magisterial Mission and distributed first to China as soon as it is approved and printed later this year as is currently planned.

OKC, if we have the group correctly understood is a First Society of Oklahoma as directed by the Sadler team in 1958 I believe.  In that partisan group in Oklahoma were two other officers we hear from too from the mansion worlds.  I have transmitted Berkeley Elliott and Robert Burton, a founder of the First Society is at my elbow to greet the OKC, if we are sure it is the same as founded in the late 1950's.

Robert Burton speaks: “I am from mansion world four (4), and I speak to your group which I am sure is the one who I helped to found in those early years of the Urantia Book.  We founded the Society with ten people and that was a requirement in those days.  No new Society has been founded since 1959 or 60.  The California Society (UBLA July 26, 1957 -- First Urantia Society of Los Angeles installed. (The established group in Los Angeles had vied with Chicago readership groups consisting of members of the Forum to be the first Brotherhood Society installed, but was unsuccessful.)

(Here is a link to the Fellowship’s history page - it is good reading - Ron)

“I am now residing on mansion world four and have had numerous calls on our wire phones up on the mansion world to speak with various transmitters such as Ron is, but only Ron is authorized to open calls to mansion worlds above three up to mansion world five., He does not have clearance for mansion world six or only partially on mansion world seven.  I wish to make only one remark to you Ms. Jackson, and that is to say you are one of the few left on Urantia that can still make a call from your living room to my place on the mansion worlds as you are the only one who has temerity to speak about the revelation as being incomplete with plenty of room for more.  I leave for now.”

I encourage you Terry to let us know how things are in the OKC if only for our information. I am delighted to see you come out of the weeds of lurkdom and welcome you fully to what transpires here.  Good day and thanks for the post.  

Ron Besser  
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania