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Teresa Curtis introduction
« on: May 14, 2016, 10:39:47 AM »
 Hi guys,
I wanted to answer a post that I did a couple of days ago and I realize that I had never given any of you my background and posted in the newcomers column. So I decided to do both at once.

My life and career have been so eclectic that my friends call me a “techie airy fairy.” I am a highly successful businesswoman specializing in finance and asset protection. I hold degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science and Comparative Religions.  I also have been a seeker all my life, and spent years in the personal growth seminar industry, in spiritual healing and in physical healing. I heal others physically, emotionally and financially so it was an extreme shock to me when I got a cancer diagnosis. After all, I eat healthy, I don’t smoke or drink and I work on myself to follow Jesus teaching about my fellow man.

Because I had dealt with so many other people in their healing crisis I realized immediately that there was something that I had done or held onto that was causing the problem and I also realized that because I have a multitude of friends and acquaintances in the alternative healing industry that I could get rid of it. I have gotten rid of it, I am totally free of cancer. Please understand that while I love all of the suggestions and support many of you have offered, I do not need it. My life is not about having cancer, or being a cancer survivor, but about health.

Since I firmly believe that everything in life is a lesson or a blessing, I then proceeded to take stock of what was it that I needed to learn from this incident. Michael and my thought adjuster reminded me that I had given my life over to Michael back in the late 80s. Even though I had remembered that and had done some receiving a transmissions, I was still holding back. I was treating my spiritual life like I was treating my health, mostly organic but doing a to of ‘cheating’ because it didn’t matter that much. I was holding back from the embarrassment of telling people how much I love God and have dedicated my life now to the father. I was holding back from making a commitment to eat healthy not only for myself but also for the keeping clean the temple that my body is that house is my thought adjuster.

These are the things I was trying to get across when I posted the other day. Please do not think of me as someone who has cancer because I do not anymore. Please think of me as a willing servant of the Father who has finally truly committed herself to do the Fathers will.
And thank all of you for the warm welcome and support that I have received from you. I truly feel accepted into a family. And thank you Ron, for all you do.
Teresa Curtis

Ron Besser

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Re: Teresa Curtis introduction
« Reply #1 on: May 14, 2016, 11:36:57 AM »
Teresa Curtis,

I congratulate you on your means of self healing and support; however, while we are placing our cards on the table in your intro, learn the following diagnosis from the chief doctor on Salvington, so that you may evaluate further.  If I held this back, I would evade the truth for you and you are so highly organized in mind and body, you can take it.  Here is a spiritual assessement of your health for you today, the 14th of May, 2016.

DR. MENDOZA Analysis of TC's health:
You, dear one, have no cancer.  You never did have cancer!  The truth is that the doctor who provided you with the diagnosis was out of his mind trying to determine how you got sick in the first place, and how you managed to show symptoms of cancer he felt were tell-tale signs of a breast malignancy that was in finality not serious but worrisome.  That is the way the medical profession works on Urantia, and mostly because they do not have the facts in mind.

[Ron here, Teresa.  I stopped the transmission to advise you that this intro of yours should really be placed in the Curative Category near the end of the forum software organization.  I suggest we move it there as this has a diagnosis everyone should hear about and it will be better understood under the Curative category.]

Dr. Mendoza continues:

In looking at your procedural processes done in the past twelve months, it is uncanny that the doctor you used never once gives you chemo.  We note that the processes used were never that harsh and that they resulted in an improvement in the suspected condition.  Therefore, we offer the following to improve your health more.

1) Drink coffee in moderation.  Keep it down to no more than 3 (three) cups a day, and preferably 2 (two);

2) Provide yourself with more recreation; notably you have little but persist with a few workout type methods now and then;

3) Drink herbal tea more, especially camomile; that tea contains a Tudor-like remedy used by Henry VIII, and that was to soften the bladder tissues for ease of elimination;

4) Keep your heart better conditioned by using Kleenex instead of TP; what you are doing is inhaling small bits of paper dust not available on the Kleenex product, and it gets into the heart tissue and causes you to flutter now and then;

5) Eat grapes more.  Ton has times of the year he cannot live without them, and you should not either, as grapes, especially the little red seedless ones contain hexitolic membranes not understood on Urantia, and these membranes cure diabetes in the making.  You do not have diabetes, but you are at the age it could erupt.  Keep it at bay with a handful of these kind of grapes every day for years if you can stand it.

6) Buy yourself a small loaf of bread and let it sizzle in the sun when you unwrap it for use.  Take the loaf out of the bag or wrapper, and put it on a window sill for about twenty minutes in the bright sunshine.  That burns the yeast out of the bread and keeps it fresh longer-- about a week longer than usual.

7) Eat more spinach.  You are not crazy about it we know.  Spinach is to the digestive tract what corn cobs are to squirrels - undigestible, but the roughage is needed to keep you toned up more than other greens can do for you.  Ron will never buy spinach and will not eat it unless it comes with something he doesn't about.  In his case spinach is not of use as he has a bowel designed to digest peas and carrots for the same purpose.  It depends on each individual what works best for roughage.  For Teresa, the roughage is best used as spinach.

8 -  Ron has suggested this all be moved to the curative category, and I agree with him.  However I also Ron leave it here too, and let it be found by all sorts of people.  Your cancer diagnosis was incorrect, but your attention to health saved you from something much worse, and that is Parkinson's Disease!  Parkinson's Disease often is the result of malnutrition and over stimulated thyroid gland and you have both constantly.  Parkinson's Disease is not all hereditary, and when malnutrition is understood, much of what is called Parkinson's Disease will disappear on Urantia.  You, Teresa, were on the verge of substitution heart medicine for curative formulas for cancer, and your doctor saved your life by not treating as a full blown cancer diagnosis.

This is Dr, Mendoza, and Michael of Nehadon has the following to report to you:

Michael of Nebadon - We usually quote ourselves all over the place, and I am instructing Ron to stop it unless we ask for it for our own reasons.  In this case Ron has removed the quotes to be in keeping with my standard there.  Ron has issued standards for typing a page of transmissions, but I also admonish some of you who make it hard to read by not spacing withing long paragraphs.  We will establish a transmission rule that a paragraph, unless otherwise indicated, should not contain more than ten sentences.  I also point out to you Keerthi, that no one is capable of following your career without a lot more detail, and that you should write out a resume if you have not done so already.  Ron seems to think you have.  You should send a detailed resume to Ron pronto as we evaluate the need for personnel by what comes over his email consultations with many people.  Further we stress that your health is stable and you are quite healthy for your age group, and that you need to understand that when you produce a diagnosis we examine it and determine the truth.  In this case you were overwrought and spoke of problems that were more psychosomatic than actual.  Watch out for this tendency of personality to over examine a condition and report it  to people that could cause you harm without you knowing it.  If and when you come under our care, as Ron is now cared for, health issues will evaporate and we are glad to do that for those who are accepted into our program for work in the Missions.  Good day.


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: Teresa Curtis introduction
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2016, 05:22:00 PM »
Thank you so much Dr. Mendoza for all of the advice. I actually didn't bother you because I knew the diagnosis was either incorrect or they got it all out because it was on polyps that were removed from my uterus.  As I said I also had other treatments as well. 
 But I am so thankful for your suggestions because I was unaware that the possibility of Parkinson's disease existed and I also was unaware of the small red grapes to stop the diabetes from happening. 
 But most of all thank you for taking the time to respond even without my asking. I look forward to a long and healthy life  and I appreciate your kindness.
Teresa Curtis