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LinEl: Teaching Mission Teacher of Old Drops In - He Fused Teaching!

T/R: Old-time student of LinEl's at a distance
Taken at York, PA at midnight start of May 16, 2016

Subject: LinEl, one time mortal from Panoptia who started the old teaching mission off in 1992-93 and actually fused while teaching his group in Corvallis, Oregon.  That group listened to LinEl at length for sixteen weeks when suddenly one night his Thought Adjuster took him while he was lecturing.  The transcript of the event is linked for you below.

This is LinEl, and I am happy to meet you again Ron!  I am back for a few minutes and then I must go on to others who wait for me to speak to them again.  This is for a group reforming in Bethesda, Israel.  They are going to be like fire compared to what we had years ago and I wanted others to know that I am opening them up to you, Ron!  Our work in Israel is for all who speak English and I want you to know we have a great deal of work ahead of us to modify that board.  You have gotten the short end of the stick every time at the corporation and they will be removed.  You are receiving me from Uversa.

In about two weeks’ time those feet will feel much better.  You have received no compensation whatsoever and they are looking at your household needs and see you are modest and keep yourself well in spite of your modesty.  In three weeks you will have your money, I promise, and you must look at your keyboard now as it goes down fast with your Word.  I am Michael and I find this tiring so here is LinEl.  

This is LinEl, and I want you all to know that I am a brain trust for Ron Besser’s work with the Most Highs.  The Most Highs know that Ron can deliver a stirring speech when he feels strongly motivated, and he spoke that speech to a mock session with the House of Representatives for practice days ago.  He is very tired from all the testing and gets things mixed up so we do not press him right now.  In four weeks we think there will be testing for all transmitters to see what their limits are.  Ron tested out at 12 hours for continued transmitting and threw in the towel and slept from midnight to the next noon to three PM and later to overcome the headache he received doing it.  He even took the time during that 12 hours of continuous transmitting to direct posts to all of you including Part II of II Parts from Loyalatia.  

I am LinEl, and I am an original teacher in the old Teaching Mission with some all of you know.  Ron was among the first to recognize we needed archive messages and we thought him a little dumb to do it with me, but Ron was right on, because he caught me fusing and it was the first time in the history of the planet any message ever referred to fusion with an Adjuster and description and it is still archived under my name (LinEl, and is so labeled)  I asked Ron to dig it out and post it so you can read it as it happened.

[Here is the link to the transcript with LinEl and Adjuster fusion]

LinEl – Ron wanted to know if I carried this transcript around in my wallet with me with Ron’s picture in it?  I said know but I will keep the transcript.   . . . .

Anyhow, I am delighted to quote again with Ron what happened that night as I was teaching.  I ran from my domicile to the group meeting that night to teach them a lesson prepared by Machiventa Melchizedek.  When I got there I discovered I left behind a syllabus I use to know where I was in the series of lectures to be presented.  That night was crazy, as they all were most curious as to why I was late and why I have to carry so much paper viewing it from my side of things.  When I got to the class they wondered where I was, and as I started to banter with them, I felt a woozy feeling Ron has so often described, and that is the pressure in the brain when an Adjuster transposes his power to the body of the individual fusing.  Now Ron is 100 percent fused on Urantia, but he is only fused about 90 percent on Edentia.  The reason he is 90 percent fused on Edentia, is they require a human to be present in the personality circuit to abstain from fusion until the Archangel of Record to certify it has taken place and to respond from the Father what the actual universe name is of that individual and that he may use it when he obtains to spirit in form.  In any case, Ron has fused 100 percent on Urantia; 90% on Edentia, and only 5% on Paradise.  None of you on this forum have anything like this in your individual cases.

I am LinEl, and I want to teach you all something very soon about how to teach people who just cannot get what you are talking about.  Your work with Ron has taught you, or most of you who know this is for real, how to obey a commander who is kind and generous, and ready to fight for you.  He has never roughed any of you up except close to it and has pulled material off the forum when it threatened to get to that point.  I am excepting myself when I say that Urantia is a place to figure out emergency contingencies and you Ron are individually delighted to hear this and we place it on your dais in a few days as the first Teaching Mission Lesson of the new era.

Michael the LinEl Interrupter – I had to stop this lesson because it got into things I do not want Ron to know at all, and that is for his own good.  Preparing for the opening of the Teaching Mission at the end of this May, will be tough for so many yet remember the excitement of the original Teaching Mission with all the teachers starting new groups everywhere in the United States.  Other countries did not participate and we need all countries to participate so long as they speak English or translate it well enough to get the Lessons being presented.  LinEl will be here to start us off and so will Machiventa Melchizedek, Mantutia Melchizedek, and a few others who were part of the opening of the last Teaching Mission (Ron: I hear, Will!  She will be there too!).  I also believe we will have Welmek, and he is loaded for bear for Ron’s interruptible humor when it happens.  I am Michael of Nebadon and this is the first happiness Ron has had all day.

This is Michael, and I leave this transmission with the following proverb: “God is great; God is good; and God gets everybody well, but good is for the poor in spirit if they can count to three: Their Father; Their Son, and Their Spirit.  All three count to one, Our Father in Heaven.  Good day.
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Thank you and congratulations dear brother LinEl. You are part of our role models and our expecting to be like you gives us wings to reach that goal, that of fusing with our Adjusters. Ron, congratulations to you too, 100% fusion on Urantia, 90 % on Edentia and 5% on Paradise, you deserve it, you've fought the right battle of faith and your reward is a gift for us and motivates us to keep going.

I've decided on my own to hunt for Paradise news to put it at the disposal of the many, and believe me Ron, nothing produced through you will escape me, I am greedy in matters of Paradise and universal news and training and instructions. I'll screen the skies to see what is transpiring day and night. I will shake the ground to see its inputs and outputs. I'll keep cool and listen to the small voice within, I'll escape the limits of my body and envision what is behind the screen.

There will be no limit if we have to grasp enough experience on earth before departure. Congratulations to you Ron, your being fused is an endless blessing for us, as via you, higher teachings are flowing and keep falling on our heads day and night, we are blessed through you Ron and we are your joy in turn, you're happy because we're here to hear Father's and Michael's recommendations.

Thank you LinEl, thank you Ron for always going about the Big Boss' Business.

I'm grateful to you, o Father, thanks for giving us such a soldier.
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Thank you for the Classroom of the Spirit.