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eyes only,
Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject: Merciful Recriminations
Category: Brotherhood of Man and citizenship of the universe
TR: Daniel, L V NV.
27 June 2016, 17:12 Z

.     Transmitter: Thank You our Father for the corrective time for Urantia, after having this long siege of dysfunction and evil reigning. Now just before the announcements of Jesus and Serara, is there a message or lesson for those You are training here in the many missions for Urantia?

.     'Meloloc: Yes Daniel there is. Today let’s write on the subject of recriminations.  Again as I often do, I use a word to build the body of the subject around as a method to centralize our thinking. Recriminations are critical comments or negative observations after the fact. We have a lot of recriminations about the behavior of Lucifer, Calagastia and all the other assistants and fellow travelers at that time, in the rebellion against Father Michael and Creative Spirit of Nebadon. In reality it was also rebellion against the Father Himself. Part of the lesson today is the aspect of this I would call unfair accusations. We tend to combine and level criticisms in a buck shot manner perhaps forgetting that the individuals involved were reacting to the rebellion in many different ways. There were many shades of gray in the actions of those in his camp, that in fairness must be noticed and addressed.

      It is the same in our life now. Heavy criticism against any one needs to be ameliorated by fairness, as no situation is totally cut and dried. When we are careful to do this we can notice positive aspects of any trouble we or someone else may have gotten themselves into. The reason this is important is that all can, [except for a very few, because of their unwillingness] come back to a place of full exoneration and incorporation in the family with as much good standing as the next.  Now we have millions of individuals in this exact process, very much wholeheartedly regretting the path, which they chose.  At the same time needing, very much, to be given the benefit of the doubt. To have mercy reign in all its glory, forgetting the past and looking to the future in a fresh breeze of unsullied opportunity.

.     In most circumstances it was a razors edge of decision that led to the fateful one in its consequences, with so much pro and con that there is lots of room to see that many aspects of their conduct still had praise worthy qualities. Thus we refuse to blanket accuse, but with as much empathetic willingness as we can muster, we overlook as much of the negative as possible. We never condone any wickedness but in the light of everything we look with clear judgement at reprehensible conduct. We are open to realize that mitigating circumstances in most cases require a merciful attitude. We realize also that our being in their shoes at that time may have had we, the oh so righteous, doing the exact same thing. Today we have, [and I am not talking of those the Father is removing with little fanfare as we speak] millions that may survive the coming tribulation, highly culpable for their conduct in Jacks, cruel, heartless, despicably oppressive rulership, and they will be our friends and neighbors.

.     We can be categorically down on them with harsh recriminations, or we can approach them with an olive branch, as we say, with a truly open mind to their full repentance, as the mercy of God does its work in their lives. This is a slow process, this surrendering of our will to the Father and I am sure each of us has plenty of fodder to remember our own path of fits and starts in this area. This lesson is for our fixing in our approach, to the way of The Fathers Family approach, and that is: a merciful, hopeful and open armed acceptance as we see small signs of rehabilitation taking place. Being wise as to how much trust they are worthy of, but on the other hand be very quick to extend as much of that trust as we can, on the evidence of progress.

.     Thank you all for your attention and consideration of these things said today. As We have highlighted before, your progress and expansion here in the Missions training grounds is joy and high encouragement to All, as your guides and teachers. In collaboration and happy friendship this is ‘Meloloc with a warm embrace for each! Domtia………..

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Daniel in Las Vegas, 970 618 1214, danielalderfer@hotmail.Com, While he was still a great way off his Father saw him and had compassion.


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Re: 'Meloloc, Mercyful Recreminations, 27 June 2016, Daniel, L V NV,
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This teaching reminded me of the an African tribe custom.


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Re: 'Meloloc, Mercyful Recreminations, 27 June 2016, Daniel, L V NV,
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Hi Daniel and Meloloc,
This is something we all need to hear, and digest! When Jesus was confronted with the women caught in adultery, what did he do and say? He didn't condone what she had done, but did condemn anyone not being able to be 'merciful'! What wonderful, loving wisdom issues from our father and all who would be like him! My humble gratitude for this magnificent lesson! 
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