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Teacher: Aronolac, Michael of Nebadon, Midwayer, Adjuster, transmitter
Subject: Faith & The Ideal
Category: Making Contact with Your Adjuster
T/R: Josiah, Missoula Montana
6 Aug 2016,  0:10 Z

[Transmitter: As a result of this T/R session saying this was TM Eyes Only, I have decided to include the whole thing. In no way do I post this lightly; I do what the T/R says. Now that I have said that, some of this material (any which carries no name) was co-created; and is primarily NOT indented. And it is interspersed all throughout. And this co-creation can cause some of the I/You pronoun consistency to be off. Anything with a name before it was NOT co-created.  Those entries are from who it is stated they belong to and IS generally indented. I am not sure the method whereby it was co-created, I have no idea how or what it means, but I know that this is what I must do and so it is what I will do.]

This T/R began via the methods I used to experience when communicating, unknowingly, with my adjuster from when I was younger. What we used to do: talk about what’s on your mind.

If we are to cling to the ideals of divinity; then, by necessity, we must assert we know things about Deity. This is how Jesus lived & it is the hardest thing for mortals of the material realms to understand as regards their spiritual progress. This being ‘how he lived’ it is one of the more important aspects of what you can glean from learning about how Jesus lived his life. This is the essential step which brings man through the passions of his ignorance and his pain, by his own will & his own faith, to the heights of Divinity Consciousness itself. Jesus always asserted his comprehension of the ideals of Divinity through the many qualities of Deity he carried in his precepts, illustrated in his daily living and expressed in his teachings and in his questions.

If I believe the ideal of His perfection and I believe in the ideal of His fatherhood then I must trust in His methodology. Even if I am angry with Him, as I often find that I am, I must calm down enough to bring my problems with him up to him. And talk those problems over with him. The strict and consistent adherence to these two ideals requires the realization of the third Ideal of Sonship with God. And this is also why we must realize (make real) that Ideal of Sonship by faith. Otherwise we do not believe that he has the answers and thus we are not calm and relaxed enough to go within and find the answers.

[Note from transmitter: I have been ignoring this problem I have with how I perceive the way The Father deals with those who are not his children. I have simply swept it under the rug, not to mention it, in an attempt to trust Him and his overcare. When I am not able to ignore it anymore I find myself in lament to the Father.]

    Flo: Trust is not ignoring the problem, it is believing there is no problem. But you cannot find within your mind a resolution wherein you might be capable of believing there is no problem, and this is the effective catalyst for coming to the center, to the God within.

    Transmitter (my lament to The Father): Father how can I trust that there is no problem when it is obviously true that my brothers would choose, out of spite, to not follow you? And that even if they were not spiteful, they understand that Faith is not based on evidence; therefore, to them, it is the least dependable form of assertion. And thus, they would choose, out of the mechanics of logic, that to entertain anything by faith is a corrupt mode of existence. The very mode of existence you require of your children and which The Father requires for realizing Sonship with Him. How can I trust that there is no problem?

    Flo: You are the solution! This is what purpose you serve, and not alone, in posting on the mission forums: to show others, who are where you came from, how you got here with the material you produce. This material will be helpful once the announcement breaks and many, who are not right with God, or in their philosophy of the universe, will be in dire straits and need a more material pathway to their adjuster.

How to start in stillness: Start with your problems. Expectation of contact is simply not necessary. Just see what you are given in beginning to speak as you vent your problems in earnest. In doing so, you find yourself talking with God. Not too long after, you find yourself worshiping God, since, after you talk your problems over with him and consider his advice, you see the aptness, relevance and perfection of such advice. And within the delivery of that advice you see such care, love and lack of retaliating judgment that it is simply hard not to express a certain amount of gratitude built up from the experience.

    Transmitter: How can having faith be beneficial when you can get things so wrong? I am reminded of Abraham’s insistence that “the God of Salem had given him victory over his enemies”. Is it wrong to use God as a license to kill? Then how can faith be correct when it erroneously leads to the fostering of such incorrect conceptual licenses?

    Flo: Because faith is how you might enter the Kingdom. Faith is required because without such faith an erring child would be unresponsive to spirit leading having no capacity to exhibit patience and calm to enter stillness and receive the direct communication; Fatherly advice.

    Transmitter: Subject?
       Aronolac: Faith & The Ideal

      Transmitter: Category?
       Aronolac: Making Contact with Your Adjuster

    Transmitter: Who helped me with this? Aronolac, your adjuster.
[Note from transmitter:  Maybe this was supposed to be “Aronolac ‘and’ your adjuster”. I was informed that this is actually Ron’s adjuster and that he often goes out far and wide “to teach and be heard by those who are learning to transmit.” This is also true of Pre’Msha which I have had the pleasure of transmitting a couple times, much to his frustration I imagine.]

    Transmitter: Spelling? A-R-O-N-O-L-A-C

    Transmitter: Is this Eyes only?
       Flo: Yes, my son.

     Transmitter[In doubt I ask again]: Aronolac, is this Eyes Only?
       Aronolac: It is TM Eyes only.

I have a different kind of contact. My type of contact is better served while I am doing things; actively digesting mind phenomena.

       Aronolac: It is a feature of where you are most relaxed. But this form of contact is limited in its topics since it must be facilitated by what is on your mind or before your eyes. It is not capable of receiving a message when the message is ready. The sleeping method, although it is tedious and difficult and at this point not that profitable it is still better because it is not limited in this same manner. But we do these different contacts again to boost the confidence in contact and especially your confidence in our (midwayers, guardian Angels, Adjusters etc.) concerned, proficient and sympathetic overcare. As this helps you to manage your anxiety better in so much as you can enter the stillness. Recall that the reason you have trust in any of the qualities of Deity is so that you can calm yourself, center and go within.

    Transmitter: Thank you for taking the time to help me.

    Midwayer: We meant what it said (referring to something they had used to show me they were physically there with me; at one point even grabbing and holding my hand. And in being there to comfort me, they were responding to my expression of dismay and distress in that moment). You are our brother.

       Transmitter: It has just never meant anything before. (referring to my own brothers)

       Midwayer: But hasn’t it? (memories of my own brothers’ patience, love and self-forgetfulness come to mind) Life is hard, we know this of a certainty but it is nothing more than you can handle. And when you forget you can, we are here to take you by the hand and show you the way.

    Michael of Nebadon: That is quite ennobling.

    Transmitter: What do you mean by that?

    Michael of Nebadon: That it is a fact there is a whole Universe of Universes that care about you means you must be something quite special to maintain such a prestigious respect. You are as honored as any could be. You are a Son of God.

    Transmitter: Thank you Lord! I will need to take this in and think it over.

    Aronolac: It is okay my son, that is what you –should- do.

    Transmitter: Thank you midwayers and angels and all who have assisted me these last many hours.


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Josiah,  what a wonderful and loving encounter with your guides and teachers and Michael and Nebadonia.   It so demonstrates the immense love and patience that all in the Universe have for each of us, and how the Universes are designed to help and guide us.   Your work, as is all of the work and diligence of the many learning and  developing T/R's, is an inspiration for all of us....LarryG 


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Dear Josiah it was a joy to see you in the Zoom call and share with the group. For those who don't know about this you can contact Donna Lynn or Daniel A. and I'm sure they will explain it to you, Dorian will love to participate.  About the post about Faith and how to transmit I found it very interesting and will like to see if your Adjuster, Aronalac or Father Michael or Mother continue helping you to relax so that you can transmit.  God Bless and I will be reading to see what can I learn for my own development as well as for others that I know have the same situation. esther