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Visual meeting with TA and Jesus
« on: August 18, 2016, 07:10:53 PM »
1. Trip 1, 2 days ago.
I was asleep and I saw my soul praising his Adjuster with open hands, my soul opened wide his hands and asked TA to walk up to him to embrace him. My soul was singing and singing and singing: "Come over here TA, and embrace your child, please Father, I need you..."

And some long minutes later, I saw my Adjuster coming to embrace my soul, I saw from the head to the chest and I woke up. There were three persons involved in this vision, myself in bed as a human being, my soul who was singing and praising my Adjuster and the Adjuster coming to embrace my soul.

I had this vision two days ago and hesitated to post it, but some may be interested in it.

Trip 2: Last night. Jesus was already in the flesh and had to make a lecture on a campus, He was dressed in a grey suit and about 1.80m tall. I took the floor before the audience: "Dear Students, here is Jesus Christ, the One some of you have been waiting to see for a very a long. The Master Himself is here before you, I will not speak in his place, Christ Michael, you've got the floor."

Surprise, hesitation and astonishment were first seen on faces and little by little, girl students walked up one by one to hug their Love and Lord Jesus. He received countless hugs and finally male students joined the move and soon Michael was surrounded by a growing crowd in the Amphitheater.

Michael couldn't speak, He could only produce smiles after smiles over and over again. The Celestial Handsome Man was standing there, before his human children and extremely happy to be welcome by his indigo sons and daughters.

I assalé, hereby certify that this vision was experienced yesterday and is posted to serve it right to the benefit of the many.

Christ Michael, thanks for making this possible. Here I am Local Father, use my soul to go about Your Divine Paradise Parents and Associates.

I love You dear Precious Michael of Mine.

Your boy Assalé

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