Author Topic: Pre’Msha; The Inner Life; 8/21/16; Josiah; MT, U.S.  (Read 1117 times)

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Pre’Msha; The Inner Life; 8/21/16; Josiah; MT, U.S.
« on: August 21, 2016, 07:13:50 PM »
Teacher: Pre’Msha
Subject: The Inner Life
Category: Contact with the Adjuster
T/R: Josiah Hinkle, Missoula Montana
21 Aug 2016,

 Pre’Msha: Welcome here today my son. We are pleased you have made  arrangements in your schedule to come talk with us. Today’s message

 [Note from transmitter: I started to doubt since all the messages seem to start this way and I heard]

 Pre’Msha: Well we were about to just get into it, so? [In a tone like: what do you expect?]

Josiah, Write this down: Today’s message will be about transforming the inner life. In this lesson today we will cover such things as the purpose of choice.

 The concept of the inner life is given substance in the validity of personal experience. The inner life is contingent upon your progressive advancement in coordinating with the indwelling Spirit of The Father. Your mastery of this coordination will bring about a reconstruction of the inner life.

 You can say that: The father’s will in your hearts is best used to coordinate with His Will in your mind. This coordination is the sharing of the inner life with your Adjuster. You foster this grace by acknowledging the choice to do what the animal wants or to do what the Divine Spirit in you Wills. Your cooperation, your submission, is in the hands of choice.

 There is no passion you cannot overcome by using the power of the mind to connect with the Will of The Spirit. When you sit in error, the first step is to realize that 'choice' is still before you. When you sit in your anger or you entertain those thoughts which bring tears to your eyes you make no effort to consider those Divine leadings in mind which connect you back with the Will of The Spirit.

 God is here for you. But you must first recognize that it is your choice. If you do not recognize your choice you cannot choose to follow after Him. When you begin to make the right choice, you will follow and He will Guide. You will attempt to monitor your situation so as to reveal every choice which comes to you. When you are aware of the choice you can the better step back and make it with an informed perspective. This quality of coordination is characteristic of divinity, as best humans might be able to exhibit it.

 [Note from transmitter: I began to doubt the message and heard]

 Pre’Msha: You are doing well my son. The importance of this lesion today is to understand that this choice is the basis of your coordination with your indwelling fragment of The Father. It is of paramount and supreme importance that you recognize when the choice has presented itself to you. Today’s lesson is important because without realizing the choice is foundational to sharing the inner life, one will lose focus of how easy it truly is to coordinate with The Father’s will, despite all of the difficulty of mastering your self-control.

 Transmitter: Subject?

 Pre’Msha: The Inner Life

 Transmitter: Teacher?

 Pre’Msha: Pre’Msha

 Transmitter: Category?

 Pre’Msha: Contact with the Adjuster

 Transmitter: Is this TM Eyes Only?

 Pre’Msha: No my son.