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Teacher – Meloloc, TA & Father
Subject – “I am your Father and I reside within”
Category – Faith
T/R - JamesD
Location - NZ
Date and Time –  22 Aug 2016, 10:40PM Z

Note – The following came from my re-doubled efforts for TR, by the added discipline of a strict scheduled time with prior short quiet time. My quiet time prayer was paraphrased from the ‘gem’ provided earlier today (my yesterday)–
“Here I am Father, an empty vessel, open and listening. Your will be done.”
from “What is True Religion?”, Meloloc via Daniel Alderfer, 22 August 2016.

Are there any who would have me take a message?

“James this is Meloloc,
Today extraordinary things will occur. Just be watchful and take all in your stride.
Much of this will be subtle to you but with awareness you will see.”

[messages became mixed and indecisive. I thought it was my lack of concentration so I halted all, thinking I would need to ‘reset’.]

“Be thee aware of Me, not of others. Take Me to heart and hear My words. Whilst your thoughts wander I am always here to guide you. I am your Father and I reside within. By your side I will always be as you go about. Take heed of all that I say to you.

You seek to have Me lead you but you have much to learn to allow this to occur. You have developed the mindset of being a novice of your Father’s Love.

Take time to listen to Me. I am not just a small thing with you, I am universal. I am your personal friend, intimate associate in yearning and I am all that there is. You are Me and I am in you.
Be ye faithful to me in your search, for I am all that there is to be found.”

J: Father your words are so clear to me.

“It it so as I am in you, and always available to you when you decide to remember thus.
Be not afraid of any situation you encounter. Any evaluation you make will be subjective, with objectivity subtly learnt by freely handing yourself over to Me.”

“In My creation of you I determined that you will be with Me. Only you can decide otherwise. I am infinitely powerful and loving. From My Love I gave you free will.
The excitement of a cosmic adventure and meaningful work in My creations excites you. You feel the immense joy due to the immense attraction towards Me.”

“So in these few minutes you have experienced that which was described in the opening words, which then seemed harmless to you, and you thought a message spiraling into nothingness through too many mixed words. In that you found my words, loud and strong. Retain this experience as it can be so again whenever you decide.”

“I am your Father touching you through that fragment of Me within.”

[J: I sense ending of message here but not goodbye - not a leaving of the presence]

[PS – post edit, just before posting, noted and acknowledged strong low pitch tone in right ear area which overrode usual high pitched head tone]
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Father, Meloloc , TA and James: I loved the message and it gives me a lot of Hope and Faith that All of us can receive messages from our Father in us. Thanks and I'll continue to try with much more Faith and discipline.  I felt like He was talking to me and Want to know more.  Blessings. esther