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Pre’Msha - Congratulations
« on: October 14, 2016, 05:14:46 PM »
Pre’Msha - Congratulations - 14-Oct-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Pre’Msha
Subject:  Congratulations
14-Oct-16 3:47 PM  EST   19:47 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

[Beloved you are my personal goal and aspiration, my will is to do the will of my Father in Havona and by the act of my personal will I choose to attune to the clear circuit you provide for me my Beloved and invite through you any transmitter to indwell this body and mind as themselves through the Mind of Christ granted unto me, as they enter as themselves and sit within me to allow their words to flow to the keyboard through the vessel of this body.]

[Transmitter note:  “Pre’Msha” the group name of Thought Adjusters that works for the Magisterial Mission through their humans as Pre'Msha.]

“Thank you Newstarsaphire, we are here to congratulate all Urantia Serara Forum members who have successfully attuned to their Thought Adjusters and Fathers Will for this time and place, to seek truth, beauty and goodness on behalf of the Universe and all that has been instated for these Missions to Urantia.  Behold a new day surely dawns in the hearts and minds and physical realities of every being that will so choose the will of the Father.  

“Where else can time and space so coincide with spirit and flesh to manifest the Heart of God to all of His creation?  Here we see with new clarity the sure and uncompromised materialization of truth, beauty and goodness, tenderly blanketed upon all humanity.  Only the Father’s Heart could so fully and completely bring about such a transition from darkness into the fullness of Light.  Hear His words to you through His unmistakable presence within and sanctify your purpose of wholeness through the alignment of your hearts and minds and soul-quest of perfection attainment, as you are called to His bosom.  

“Far and away this is the most precious and difficult juncture to turn the tide of the past into the dawning of the future.  The very vestiges of all that is not the Heart of Father are even now withering at their very roots and passing from existence as the Light of His Love saturates all things and beings that have chosen to either bathe in its life-giving essence or be withered by the sanctity of its truth.

“Right yourself in your alignment and benefit from the life-giving essence of His presence through all of His emissaries here now to promulgate His Will and work in loving unison with all of those mortals who choose His Light.  Be as beacons through whom His Light shines as you merge with this new dawning and feel the seeds of Life take hold and burst forth in the wake of this new day where Love shall prevail.

“We your Thought Adjusters, Pre’Msha, celebrate with you as together we enter this new era.”


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