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« on: October 14, 2018, 07:32:36 PM »
773) "Death"

Teacher: The Universal Father and Uverto.
Theme: "Death"
T / R: René Durán.
October 14 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Greetings to all I have the pleasure of sharing with all a transmission that I hope you like, despite being a synthesis that many already know somewhere in the world, but unknown to others, I tried to take the message as faithful as possible as dictated by the Father.

Here I leave the beginning.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father in an interesting state of accounts for the followers of the Scribe.

  "I am your Universal Father creating a topic of general interest.

  A long, very long break ..

With a deep silence.


 "Death is a state of transactions of values, in which, when the operation is finished, only the values remain, whether they are good or bad, in the last instance it is the Father through his Delegates who is the Minister through his Ministers, servants to the public style in which always it is in the first place of attention 'to the soul' of the detached body.

  "I am your Universal Father giving a chair that in a before, has already been given in a great deal of detail, through his Brother Researcher, Philosopher, Philanthropist and Master of Major Mysteries, the Kalki Avatara of the fifth Aryan Race: Samael Aun Weor, who today rests from his hard work for decades of Eons of time in favor of suffering humanity.

  "I am your Universal Father in a moment of humanitarian crisis, keep in mind my words that today, as before, through my scribes, the shortness of existence has been announced and that the Detention Centers are full of new guests who from the events are coming by millions.

  "I am your Universal Father who, through this Lighthouse, communicates your truths, keep in mind the brevity of existence that is lived with sobriety, with sovereignty, gives the student the safe and successful step to the next stage in morontia.

  "This is your Universal Father leaving the scene.

Per minute

 Uverto- "This is your Father Uverto, taking the baton of discernment, once you have taken the path of probatory promotion you begin to reap triumphs, without a descent, unless it is by your own decision, or failures in learning that are With this we mean that even at the gates of the Absolute of Samael Aun Weor, there are flaws, which the Spirit must consciously relearn.

The Universal Father- "This is the Universal Father again, at the invitation of your dear Fathers, be confident in these lines without going into much detail, we try to be consistent in the writings of The Urantia Book, now in disarray, by the updates that are made to its volumes.

  "This is your Universal Father leaving the scene.

Minutes later..

The Universal Father- "Do not be surprised at my comings and goings, but The Scribe is already accustomed to these occasions. We in the Worlds of the Infinite Spirit handle with sobriety the waves of ascenders of the different planets that are present outside of the normal.

  "I am your Universal Father in a long and extensive theme for the benefit of the souls that are incorporated to their reading of the travelers that as last destination have to reach my breast in The Island of Paradise, on a long trip full of disappointments in a moment, but with eternal bliss when they are back on reaching the state of FINALITERS.

  "I am your Universal Father leaving the scene."



773)"La Muerte"

Maestro:El Padre Universal y Uverto.
Tema:"La Muerte"
T/R:René Durán.
Octubre 14 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Saludos a todos tengo el gusto de compartir con todos una transmisión que espero sea de su agrado, a pesar de ser una síntesis que muchos ya conocen en alguna parte del mundo, pero desconocida para otros,  he tratado de llevar el mensaje lo mas fiel posible a lo dictado por el Padre.

Aquí les dejo el inicio.

El Padre Universal-"Yo soy tu Padre Universal en un estado de cuentas interesante para los seguidores del Escriba.

  "Yo soy tu Padre Universal creando un tema de interés general.

  Una pausa larga, muy larga..

Con un silencio profundo.

 "La muerte"

 "La muerte es un estado de transacciones de valores en que terminada la operación sólo quedan los valores; sean buenos o malos, en última instancia es el Padre a través de sus delegados quien es el Oficiador a través de sus Ministros. Es una miríada de servidores al estilo público en el que siempre se encuentra en el primer lugar de atención 'al alma' del desprendido cuerpo.

  "Yo soy tu Padre Universal dando una cátedra que en un antes, ya se ha dado en un lujo de detalles, a través de su Hermano Investigador, Filósofo, Filántropo y Maestro de Misterios Mayores, el Kalki Avatara de la quinta Raza Aria:Samael Aun Weor; quien hoy descansa de su arduo trabajo por décadas de Eones de tiempo en favor de la humanidad doliente.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal en un momento de crisis humanitaria, tengan presente mis palabras que hoy como antes  a través de mis escribas se les ha anunciado la brevedad de la existencia y que los Centros de Detenciones se encuentran abarrotados de los nuevos huéspedes que a partir de los acontecimientos están llegando por millones.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal que a través de este Faro les comunica sus verdades. Tengan presente la brevedad de la existencia que es vivida con sobriedad, con soberanía, le brinda al estudiante el paso seguro y con éxito al siguiente estrado en la morontialidad.

  "Este es tu Padre Universal dejando la escena.

Por minutos

 Uverto-"Este es tu Padre Uverto, tomando la batuta del discernimiento; una vez que haz tomado el camino del ascenso probatorio empiezas a cosechar triunfos, sin un descenso, al menos que sea por tu propia decisión, o fallos en el aprendizaje que sean reaprendidos. Con esto queremos decir, que aún a las puertas del Absoluto de Samael Aun Weor, hay fallas,  que el Espíritu conscientemente debe reaprender.

El Padre Universal-"Este es el Padre Universal nuevamente, bajo la invitación de tus queridos Padres, sean confidentes en estas líneas sin entrar mucho en detalle, tratamos de ser consistentes en las escrituras de El Libro de Urantia, actualmente en desorden, por las actualizaciones que se hacen a sus volúmenes.

  "Este es tu Padre Universal dejando la escena.

Minutos después..

El Padre Universal-"No os sorprendáis de mis idas y venidas, pero El Escriba ya está acostumbrado de estas ocasiones. Nosotros en los Mundos del Espíritu Infinito manejamos con sobriedad a las oleadas de ascendentes de los distintos planetas que se hacen presente afuera de lo normal.

  " Yo soy tu Padre Universal en un tema largo y extenso para beneficio de las almas que se van incorporando a su lectura de los viajeros que como último destino tienen de llegar hasta mi seno en La Isla de Paraíso, en un viaje largo lleno de sinsabores en un momento, pero con la dicha eterna cuando están de regreso al alcanzar el estado de FINALITER.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal dejando la escena".



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Re: "Death"
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2018, 11:45:22 PM »
Rene, you need a day or two rest again.  Let me tell you what I think you have tied into in the above message.  You are looking at the trial of a man who died recently and he is reporting to you what he feels.  I am not familiar at all with this band width you picked up and cannot say much, but I am familiar with tuning into a recently passed mortal quite by accident one day years ago.  IT happens when our minds are fluttering.  That means the mind is jumping rapidly up one frequency and then down into much lower frequencies.

To do a normal transmission the mind is generally asked to search a frequency band of about 1,500 khz.  You I think tied into about 600 khz.  That is the band width you can hear the recently departed if the mind can hear it at all.  Apparently you do hear it sometimes and I advise you to let it alone for awhile anyhow.  Take a day or couple of days to let the mind stop fluttering.  The mind flutters when it gets too tired to stabilize what frequency it finds as you press it to find a transmission voice.

I hope this makes sense to you for I also know you do not study often but if you ever study a bandwidth, seek information from the 1500 khz range and do not worry about that setting because the brain in you normally searches that frequency range to transmit anyhow.  Take about 48 hours rest and it should come back to you well enough. 


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is exactly right Rene.  You are tired from too much celebrating.  Be assured you will get off the right transmission frequency if you are tired and flushed with the excitement of finding something you wanted for a very long time.  I am Michael and stay off the transmissions for at least 48 hours please to bring the mind back.  Michael of Nebadon."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Rene A Duran

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Re: "Death"
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2018, 12:43:33 PM »
Thank you Dear Ron and Father Michael. I will do as directed.
I was tired that evening after work and at midnight that transmission happened.
 Love you  for coming to the rescue