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Blossoming of the Seed
« on: December 27, 2016, 10:49:04 PM »
Teacher: Planetary Supreme Urantia; Eternal Son

Subject: Blossoming of the Seed

27-Dec-16 9 PM EST

T/R: Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Where have all the flowers gone?”

N:  I have heard that before when I have sat to T/R. May I ask who is the originator of this thought?

“I am the maker of the flowers and the grower of the fields and the giver of planetary life on Urantia. I am your Planetary Supreme Urantia. You have indeed heard me previously speak this phrase to your mind and yet believed it to be a memory of a song you loved long ago. Is that song not a tale of the merry-go-round of Urantia history my dear? How sad this tale is and when will they truly ever learn?

“Not many days hence I will begin the journey I must take to become the Urantia I was meant to be and you will all take this journey with me in your own ways.

“My evolutionary creatures will experience their own changes, as I will mine, and we will all draw ever closer to our true destinies. A ‘late bloomer’ is a phrase sometimes used in speaking of physical maturity and its later than expected time of transition. Do not despair for me, do not despair for us, as bloom we shall and blossom we must, as the light of Father’s loving brilliance will draw us all to our maturity as surely as His love draws all things to their full potential.

“There have surely been times of physical and spiritual drought and much potential life seems to have been stolen or uprooted before their time but there are those hardy seeds that have remained, hidden, weathering the extremes of life and these seeds are sprouting and, having set their root system securely in truth, beauty and goodness, will weather the circumstances that must take place around them. These blossoms of love will persevere and push through the rubble of the crumbling of the old ways and always seek the light of life and reflect the beauty of their Creator in all they are. Truth, beauty and goodness is their sustenance and their fragrance and they are rooted and grounded in love, the love of the Father Spirit and the light of His shining.”

“I am the Eternal Son come to bring a word through this one this day of infamy on Urantia, where the seeking is found and the Word goes forth to accomplish its purposes upon the face of the evolutionary sphere called Urantia 606 of Nebadon. Grace and mercy have made their sway, justice is meted and measured, stay your courses.”


Lyrics of "Where Have all the flowers gone. "
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